"—out going Comm. link—."

"—Incoming Comm. link—."



Okay, this is my first movie verse story EVER so please don't kill me if it's bad. But I have been working extremely hard to make it good so at least try to bear with me. But there is something I do have to point out…not all the credit for this story should go to me…an equal amount of credit should go to Phoenix13 and her stories "Scent of the Future" and "Romper Room" (Awesome stories by the way!), mollie3's story "Optimus' Sparkling" (Love that story too! ^_^) and optimus prime 007's story "Oops! What Do You Mean, Oops!" (OMG that story made me laugh and coo so much it wasn't funny!) to these three authors who if by a strange and miraculous turn of events are somehow reading this story then I just wish to say (clears throat) PLEASE DON'T BE PISSED AT ME FOR MAYBE 'BORROWING' SOME IDEAS! I was so inspired by your stories that I just HAD to write some of the material on my own! It was the only way I could make it good! :'( …please…please don't kill me. True, it will NEVER be as good as yours but hey at least I'm trying. P.S., I don't own any of the characters in this story except for my OC, other characters are legal property of Hasbro, DreamWorks and Paramount.

My Falling Star…

:::~ CHAPTER 1 ~:::…

A massive cloud bank was blowing in over the island of Diego Garcia. As of four years ago today, this place was nothing more than a US air force base used to protect the West coast. Now, it has become a center point for treaties still being made between the human race and a species of sentient machines from a planet know as Cybertron. The leader of these creatures (or this particular squadron anyway) is Optimus Prime. A massive and proud being that would at first appear to the untrained eye as coming off as God-like in any way possible. But even as people would show him more than enough respect and would ask his permission for almost everything, something still bothered him. You see, two years ago when he fought with his enemy Megatron and went off line for a short time, his team was without a leader and without the resurrection provided from The Matrix that Sam Witwicky so bravely brought to him and brought him back to life with, he would still be off-line today and the small flame that made up the Prime Legacy would have been extinguished forever.

It was these memories and others that troubled Prime's already overwhelmed processor. It had been two more years since that day in Egypt when he had defeated The Fallen and now life has been peaceful and just…for now. But Prime couldn't help but stand out on the tarmac now looking up at the darkened sky wondering when the next time their enemy will strike again.

IronHide wandered out onto the tarmac with Ratchet next to him both arguing; as usual.

IronHide turned and growled to the green CMO who just snickered and smiled.

"How is being the Autobot's CMO any more important than being a weapons specialist?"

Ratchet turned to him still snickering.

"It's simple IronHide…when something around me malfunctions, I try to fix it…when something around you malfunctions, you…blow it up."

The big black topkick growled and pointed his arm mounted cannons to the CMO. "What? I do not blow up everything that malfunctions around me!"

Ratchet chuckled and pointed back to the main hanger that they just walked out of. "What about the computer monitor you just—?"

IronHide quickly waved his hand and started to walk away growling. "Minor misunderstanding…"

Optimus, who was standing at the other side of the tarmac listened intently from a distance and laughed quietly at the two. Good old IronHide could always be expected to let his temper get the best of him and good old Ratchet could be expected to egg it on.

Optimus looked back to the skies laughing intently when the sound of heavy pads trotting up next to him caught him attention.

The Autobot commander turned his head to see his CMO standing next to him looking off into the distance before passing a glance to him.

"There's something troubling you, isn't there Prime?"

Prime released air through his intake valves and slowly dropped his massive shoulders.

"I was thinking about that day two years ago when I defeated The Fallen from turning this planet's sun into energon."

Ratchet turned away from Prime and stared off. "What's there to think about Prime? You defeated The Fallen, saved the humans and the Earth's general public still remains completely oblivious to our existence. What could possibly be troubling you?"

For a long time, the Autobot commander stood motionless as a rolling thunder spread across the evening sky. Small flashes of lightning pierced the sky and a light drizzle of rain started to fall. Human troops stationed outside began moving indoors as the rain began to fall heavier. Ratchet turned and started for the main hanger that served as the Autobot's living quarters when he turned back to his commander.

"Prime, are you coming or are you going to stay out here and get struck by lightning?"

He didn't answer. He merely stood like a stone statue. Completely oblivious to everyone and everything around him. Ratchet shook his head and caught up to IronHide who was just going in.

IronHide looked over the CMO's shoulder plate, then back at him. "Hey, what's with Prime…did his joints freeze up or somethin'?"

Ratchet shook his head looking back over his shoulder. "No, I don't know what's bothering him. But whatever it is, it's something fierce."

Ratchet shook his head and passed IronHide who slowly turned to fallow him inside.


As thunder continued to roll across the night sky, Prime's silhouette stood against the flashes of lightning that continued to streak thus lighting up the dark night. The cold rain dripped down across his lowered head and faceplates. With closed optics, images streaked through his memory core like the lightning all around him. Burning memories of Megatron's blade piercing his spark and the surging pain through his entire frame still haunted him.

Prime lifted a shaking hand and placed it on his chest plate where the blade had went through and looked away. The pain was still so fresh in his processer that it hurt to even think about it.

Then new memories came.

Memories of the afterlife.

Images of his fallen ancestors. The seven Primes that roamed this universe before him. And the image of disapproving and skeptical optics looking down on him.

He remembered the words that his fallen sire had said to him before he was brought back by the Matrix.

Optimus looked down and hissed the same words.

"By not insuring our future…you have failed."


the rain beaded down on the steel roof of the hanger…


a slow steady tempo…

the same to that of a human heart…

or maybe…

just maybe…

that of a Cybertronian's spark…




Later that night as the rain beat down on the roof of the Autobot hanger, Prime lay wide awake on is massive cement berth staring at the ceiling. Thoughts racing uncontrollably through his mind.

'What were my ancestors talking about when they said: "by not insuring our future…you have failed"?'

'Have I done something to displease them?'

'Or…is it because I haven't done something?'

'Could it be that I am destined to fulfill an act in my destiny that I have not yet achieved and because it hasn't been sought through my ancestors are displeased with me?'

Optimus groaned and rolled over on his side looking at everything in his room. The two blasters mounted on the wall, the Autobot-sized desk and chair in the corner, the storage units to the right of that and the cement Prime-sized lazy chair in the opposite corner. Other than those possessions along with his berth, Prime's room was considered bare compared to that of his comrades.

He rolled back over onto his back and let air escape through his intake valves before closing his dimming optics. As confused and heavy as his spark felt, he couldn't help but surrender to the overwhelming need for stasis that was crying out in his CPU. His massive frame and systems needed to recharge and laying here awake contemplating life and its problems was not helping.

Stretching out across his berth and folding his arms behind his head, he couldn't help but ask himself one last time before finally settling down enough to go into stasis.

"What did they mean when they said: by not insuring our future, you have failed?"


.:::~CHAPTER 2~:::….


Prime's optics flew open and began to wander the surrounding room. He sat up and continued to look around. No, everything was still in its right place when another loud crash again echoed through the hanger, and immediately afterwards was followed by two very familiar voices. The twins: Skids and Mudflap.

Prime groaned as he heaved himself off the berth and set his massive metal pads on the cold cement floor. He knew very well that loud crashing sounds fallowed by those two particular mech's voices never meant anything good.

He rose off the berth slowly looking toward the door. His joints and armor hinges creaked achingly as he dragged his huge mass across the vast room. Looking at the electronic clock mounted on the wall just above his desk, he had done a double-take and growled.

"Five thirty in morning? Are you fragging kidding me?"

Optimus hissed and straightened up before storming out of his room.

And if Prime's step was any indication to his mood for the morning, Skids and Mudflap were in deep slag.


Mudflap sat on the floor on his aft growling. "You dumb-ass you're not supposed to light the fuse before you dunk it in diesel!"

Skids sat on the opposite side on his back. He slowly sat up rubbing his head. "How was I supposed to know?"

Mudflap slowly got up and brushed the dirt off of his orange armor. "Well fuck man, I would've thought ya' would've learned after the first one!"

"What the frag are you two aft heads doing out here?"

Both twins turned to see an angry black mech with his arm-mounted cannons armed. Next to him an equally not as happy CMO and behind them, the triplet motorcycles; Arcee, Chromia and Flareup along with Jolt, Sideswipe and of course the beloved Bumblebee.

Sideswipe slowly rolled up to the two with arms crossed. "Primus guys, are you two TRYING to wake up every fricken bot in the building?"

Mudflap immediately pointed to Skids. "Well, it was his fuckin' idea! I thought it was stupid and would get us both in trouble but he said—!"

Skids then jumped off the floor into Mudflap's face. "My idea? What are you talking about? You were the one who said we should light some flares and put them in a barrel of diesel to see how loud they would get!"

Mudflap pushed Skids away abruptly. "Bull shit! It was not my fuckin' idea!"

Skids then pushed Mudflap back and an all out wrestling match had begun. Both rolled around on the floor beating the ever-living slag out of each other and the others just watched. Bumblebee stepped out of the way and was going to separate them when IronHide yelled.

"No Bumblebee, let them settle it between themselves…besides…I wanna see what Prime does to em'."

All present bots in the room passed uneasy glances to the black mech and then back to the twins on the floor.

Flareup looked up at Ratchet with worried optics. "Ratchet, do you think that they'll hurt each other?"

Ratchet shrugged watching the two roll around on the floor punching one another. "I don't know, and I really don't care. If they hurt one another, it's their own damn fault."


Suddenly all bots in the room including the two on the floor froze at the sight of an extremely angry Prime standing at the other side of the room. His engine idled loudly and his intake valves gasped air. Optics burned with rage and fists clenched with fury.

Jolt leaned over to Sideswipe and whispered. "He's pissed…isn't he?"

Not being able to take his optics off the advancing mech, Sideswipe slowly nodded. "Yep, he's pissed."

As Prime approached the group, it was like the parting of the Red Sea. Mechs and femmes alike moved to either side to make way for their fuming leader.

Optimus stood over the two on the floor like a massive ominous thunderhead ready to come down on them with an un-godly rage that no one has ever lived to see.

His optics burned down onto them and his vocalize growled. "I said, WHAT is going on in here?"

Slowly both Skids and Mudflap looked to one another. Then both quickly pointed to one another, both saying:


The face plates that made up Prime's mouth and lips tightened and his deep sapphire blue optics stared both mechs down as a low growl-like slowly began to seep from his massive chest plate.

IronHide turned to Ratchet grinning. "This is gonna be good…"


Both mechs were kicking and screaming as they were being dragged side by side across the sands of Diego Garcia's legendary beaches. The morning was dim as clouds still covered the horizon from the previous nights storms. Holding one stabilizing servo in each hand and almost holding them both above the ground without effort, Prime drug the two younglings along the ground straight for the beach mumbling and cursing to himself. And not so far behind, a group of robot spectators tagged along to watch.

Sideswipe turned to IronHide cringing. "You don't actually think he's gonna—?"

IronHide winced at the silver corvette grinning. "Oh I hope so, it's about time those two got what was coming to them!"

Sideswipe looked ahead and the raging Prime, then back at IronHide. "But, I don't ever remember him having this bad of a temper."

IronHide looked away still grinning. "Every mech has their breaking point."

Suddenly the whole group stopped and watched from a distance as Optimus stood on the beach with the water from the ocean lapping onto the tops of his pads with both mechs still in his grasp.

He looked down at them and growled lowly. "Maybe this will teach you two to under mind a bot's right to a full night's stasis."

Just then with two single whips of his massive arms, both mechs went flying into the cold Pacific ocean.

Prime snarled and walked away and again the group separated to let the well respected Prime through.

IronHide watched as Prime walked through and away back in the direction of the base. Then looked back at the group who all were watching him.

Chromia shrugged and giggled slightly. "So IronHide, what do you have to say about Prime's little…display?"

IronHide shrugged and grinned slightly. "Mmm, I give it a nine."


Major Lennox sat patiently out on the hood of an air force utility truck…waiting. Robert Epps, a fellow soldier and close friend joined him.

"Hey Will, what're you looking at?"

Jumping down from his stance on the truck, he rolled his shoulders. "One of the privates said that they saw Prime heading for the beach this morning."

Epps shrugged. "So, maybe he felt like going for a quick morning dip."

Lennox shook his head grinning. "No, I don't think it was him that went for the dip."

Leaning forward slightly, Epps narrowed his glance. "What are you talking about?"

Lennox laughed as he looked toward the beach. "Didn't you here those loud crashing sounds this morning?"

Epps nodded. "Well, yeah. But what does that have to do with—?"

Lennox laughed looking back at Epps. "Well, apparently the twins were up a little earlier than the rest of the Autobots and…well…the best way I can put it as is that those two woke Prime up from his beauty sleep."

Epps covered his mouth trying to hold in the laughter. "Oh shit! Are you telling me that they—?"

Will crossed his arms smiling to himself. "Yep…"

Epps leaned forward still fighting the urge to laugh. "And let me guess…Prime threw both of them in the ocean?"

Will looked up smiling ear to ear. "Yeah, you could say they got a little wet."

Epps slapped a knee laughing hard. "Damn if there's one thing I've learned in the past four years is that never mess with Prime before seven in the morning!"

Will nodded sharing a laugh, but soon sighed and cleared his throat. "Yeah, but you know what's going to happen don't you?"

Letting his laughter subside, Epps looked up. "No, what?"

Will passed a quick glance to the Autobot hanger then back at Epps. "By the twins waking him up too early this morning, he's going to be in a foul mood."

Epps shrugged. "So we just steer clear of him until he decides to take an afternoon nap, until then just leave him be."

Will slowly shook his head. "No, I don't think that'll be possible."

Epps looked up confused. "Why?"

Will shot a glance toward Epps and shook his head. "Epps, have you forgotten what today is?"

Epps looked up cocking his head. "Why, what's today?"

Lennox immediately face-palmed himself on the forehead and slowly dragged his hand down across his face. He passed a cold stare to his friend and shook his head.

"Don't you remember? Director Galloway is coming for that stupid yearly government inspection thing he does and that meeting that usually takes two hours! And you know as well as I do that Prime just loves it when Galloway comes."

Epps immediately cringed at the thought of a grumpy two story tall transforming semi truck with an ego-statistical, skeptical, and just downright JACK-ASS of a government director like Galloway. Epps shuddered at the thought of a massive metal hand slamming down on Galloway leaving nothing more but a red puddle and a few spare organs and bones. Epps immediately shook the images out of his mind as his attention was drawn elsewhere.


Slowly Prime walked into the communication center of N.E.S.T. were human soldier were going about their business. He stopped in the center space and watched as humans went different ways on the catwalk before him. Major William Lennox ascended up the stairs to the catwalk and smiled.

"Good morning Prime."

Optimus looked down at the major and nodded. "Good morning to you as well Major Lennox."

"Alright can we cut the pleasantry and get down to business? Some of us have to get back to Capitol Hill and have dinner with the President Obama and his family."

Lennox sighed and turned around trying to be polite. "Always a pleasure to see you as well Director."

Director Galloway stood with both hands behind his back watching the massive Prime intently. Prime returned the mutual stare. Today, he was no were near in the right mood for Galloway's…comments. But this meeting had been scheduled for this date for the past two months and therefore could not be avoided. He would just have to hold his temper and be as composed as he usually was.

It began the same way any confrontation between Galloway and the Autobots began; with him complaining about 'the Autobots are a risk to this government's national security' and how 'the Autobots agreed to share all intel but no advancements in weaponry' and as Galloway continued on his rant, it had come to the point from what Prime understood as Galloway was dismissing him as well as his soldiers and could even be referring to them as for the last two years since Egypt (which by the way the government was still trying to hide and clean up after) as being useless. But it was when Galloway was flat out dismissing Prime himself as he stood there that really stirred up trouble.

Lennox stepped forward and tried to speak on Optimus and the Autobot's behalf as being valuable allies and above extraordinary soldiers, but Galloway refused to hear the pleas of the Major. But it was when Prime had had enough that Galloway backed down off of his complaint rant.

Galloway was in the middle of saying that ever since the incident with the Decepticons in Egypt, it has been harder and harder to hide the Autobot's existence and if something is not done soon the president feels that they will become a liability. It was then that Optimus had enough.

"Now let me stop you there director Galloway…"

Galloway looked up at the massive red and blue Autobot leader as he leaned down closer.

"…If your president feels that we are indeed a liability, then perhaps the Autobot's abilities as a species would be suited better elsewhere. But… if it be the case that the Decepticons once again attack Earth, and we are not present to defend you because you asked us to leave…then do not hold us responsible if your species slowly descends into extinction."

Galloway slowly backed away in awe and shock. "Are you saying that you're going to purposely let the Decepticons kill off the human race?"

Optimus backed away holding a steady hand. "I never said that director…what I merely was implying is that we believe that the Decepticon's may yet have unfinished business here on your planet…what that business may be is yet unknown."

He then looked down to Galloway and stared coldly. "But inform your president that as long as we are wanted and not only needed, we will stay. But if wanted to leave…we will go."

Galloway remained silent. Optimus again rose to his full height and let air escape through his intake valves and then almost growled. "We are finished here."

Slowly Prime turned away and the massive steel doors opened as he exited the hanger out onto the tarmac.

Epps who had been standing on the opposite whistled and laughed. "Wow, Will…when you said he'd be grumpy today you weren't kidding!"

Will looked away from the dazed Galloway down off the catwalk at Epps who now was underneath it. "Hey, think of it this way…it could've been worse."

Epps looked up laughing. "How could it have been worse? Well, now that you mention it…"

Will laughed as Galloway walked up alongside and looked down as well.

"Why, what did you think was going to happen?"

Epps laughed and pointed to Galloway. "I honestly thought Prime was going to swat him like a fly…"

Galloway looked up and backed away from the ledge. Lennox looked at him with curiosity only to see his face go pale white.

Epps laughed and held up both hands. "I could just imagine it now…"

He then slapped both hands together. "SPLAT! Woops there goes Galloway."

Will looked over the ledge glaring. "Epps, stop it! You're making Galloway queasy!"


"So, is it true that Galloway blew a gasket in the hanger?"

IronHide turned to the CMO who was working in the medic bay.

He turned to topkick and shook his head. "No, he merely felt like he was going to blow a gasket, but he didn't ACTUALLY do it. Why, who told you that?"

IronHide shrugged. "I overheard Bumblebee and Jolt talking about it. Well, Bumblebee wasn't actually talking; he was more nodding and using his radio to make key points."

Ratchet groaned and shook his head. "I really need to get that kid's vocalizer fixed."

IronHide leaned up next to the medical berth and groaned. "But is it true that Prime got mad at Galloway and then stormed out?"

Ratchet shrugged as he continued to clean his tools. "From what I heard from Epps, is that he DID get mad but he didn't storm out, he merely walked out."

IronHide shook his head groaning. "That still isn't like Prime. As long as I've known him, he's never really gotten mad or at least not that quickly."

Ratchet looked up holding a saw in hand. "Well, I guess since you've known Prime longer you'd know wouldn't you?"

IronHide leaned back resting him thick black arms on the berth. "I've known Prime for as long as I can remember and never has he ever gotten as mad as he did this morning, and even if he did he usually cooled off in a mega cycle or two…it's never gone on for an entire solar cycle."

Ratchet groaned and nodded. "Knowing that along with his little display last night of not wanting to come in out of the rain has got me worried."

Ratchet set down the now clean saw and picked up his massive wrench; something that he would often use as a projectile weapon and had become feared among most bots at the base. "IronHide you've known him longer than most of us here. He trusts you."

IronHide sat up abruptly and growled. "You want me to go have a mech to mech talk with Prime?"

Ratchet pointed the wrench to IronHide and hissed. "He'll more than likely open up easier to you than he would to me you dumb-aft!"

IronHide held both hands up trying to avoid a possible flying wrench. "Okay, okay! I'll go talk to him… sheesh, I come in here looking for answers and next thing I know I'm hunting down answers from Prime for you!"

Ratchet wheeled the wrench over his head with one hand and pointed out the door with the other. "Just go!"

IronHide immediately shielded his head and streaked out the door. "I'm going! I'm going!"

As soon as IronHide was out of the room, Ratchet turned back to his tools and groaned. "Sometimes I wonder who's the real mech in their room is…IronHide or Chromia."

As the base went about its daily business, IronHide stalked around like a predator looking for its quarry. Even sneaking around corners to make sure that the coast was clear. This kind of behavior wasn't like him and he knew it. Usually he would stomp around strutting for everyone to see. But then again when he did that he usually was trying to get attention (mainly from Chromia). But now he was trying NOT to get noticed. Then as he peered around a corner, his prey came into view. Optimus was standing out on the tarmac the same way he was last night; both hands behind his back with his chest and shoulder sagging and just staring off into empty space.

Looking around IronHide checked to see if the coast was clear. Oddly enough it almost seemed like that other than Prime, there was not one single living thing present. This should make it fairly easy to talk to Prime alone. And then after that is all said and done one less thing from Ratchet. True, he wasn't afraid of Ratchet, he just didn't want wrenches impaling him in the back of the head when he wasn't looking.

IronHide puffed out his chest plate and approached.

Slowly he came to a halt next to his commander and looked out onto the horizon. He passed a glance to his leader and saw solemn optics.

Clearing his vocalizer he looked to Prime. "Hey Optimus, what're you looking at?"

Optimus turned his gaze from the landscape laid out before him to the black mech standing beside him knowing very well that whenever IronHide used his first name, it usually ment he wanted to talk about something serious.

Staring solemnly at IronHide, he raised a single optic ridge with curiosity and anticipation.

IronHide released air through his intake valves and shrugged knowing that when Prime looked at him like that, he knew very well that Prime knew that he wanted to talk. "Listen Prime, I'm not gonna beat around the hub cap here so I'm just gonna come out and say it; what's the problem?"

Prime turned away and glanced quickly through the corner of his optic. "What problem?"

IronHide turned away and scoffed in disgust. "Prime, I'm talking about the problem that's got you so worked up. The problem that made you stand out in the rain for an hour and a half last night and the same problem that obviously kept you awake last night."

Prime turned to IronHide in astonishment. "How did you know that I was up last night?"

IronHide shrugged and smiled. "Well, it's kind of obvious considering you were pissed this morning which obviously indicates you didn't recharge very well…that…and I heard you tossing and turning on your berth."

Prime looked away and groaned. "I was pissed as you put it, this morning because of the twin's behavior with wasting precious fuel."

IronHide raised an optic and smiled smugly. "And because they woke you up?"

Prime was quiet but eventually chuckled and nodded. "And because they woke me up."

Both IronHide and Prime laughed as they looked back to the landscape that made up the island. After a long silence IronHide looked back and smirked.

"That still doesn't explain why you just stood out there in the rain last night…I mean, come on…even Bumblebee had the sense to get in out of it."

Optimus looked away laughing quietly. "I was thinking."

IronHide cocked his head and looked the mech up and down. "Thinking? Thinking about what?"

Prime continued to look down for quite some time until IronHide rested a steady hand on his shoulder plate. He looked up and saw his friend watching him with worried optics.

"Prime, you can tell me what's bothering you…"

Prime looked away and sighed heavily through his intake valves.

"I've been thinking about that battle in Egypt two years ago…when I had defeated The Fallen."

IronHide shrugged. "What about it?"

Prime looked to IronHide and let his massive shoulders sag. "I've been thinking a lot about the very little memories I have about…"

IronHide shifted his stance and crossed his arms. "About what?"

Prime looked directly at IronHide and shrugged. "…about the afterlife."

IronHide slowly dropped both arms to his sides and cocked his head in awe. "You actually…remember your time you spent…offline?"

Optimus nodded as he slowly walked forward. "I remember little more than images and emotions, but I do remember one thing that they said to me before I came back."

IronHide trotted alongside and then cut in front. "Is that what's been bothering you all this time?"

Optimus again nodded.

IronHide looked away and then stepped aside as Optimus passed him. IronHide held up a hand. "Wait, what was it they said?"

Optimus stopped in mid-stride and slowly turned around to face his weapons specialist with uneasy optics. IronHide froze and couldn't help but feel a cold chill from his leader's glance.

"They said that by not insuring our future, I have failed."


Later that night again in the med bay, IronHide sat on the berth watching as Ratchet attempted to repair Bumblebee's voice synthesizer.

Ratchet shook his head and looked at IronHide from the corner of his optic. "So, he's upset because while he was off-line his ancestors told him he failed because he didn't…insure our future?"

IronHide shrugged and nodded. "That's about the size of it. But what I want to know is what that's supposed to mean."

Ratchet passed a glance to Bumblebee who was sitting there listening intently in fascination and awe. Ratchet growled and stuck a single digit in his face plate.

"Bumblebee if you speak of this conversation about Prime to anyone…ESPECIALLY Prime himself…then you won't have a voice synthesizer to speak of…understand?"

Bumblebee frantically nodded and made a zipper movement over his vocalizer. Ratchet nodded as he grabbed a screw driver and continued to work.

"IronHide, was there anything else he may have said?"

IronHide shrugged. "Well, if he did then I didn't catch it."

Ratchet looked back and closely examined Bumblebee's armor under the chin in the throat section.

IronHide leaned back and huffed. "What do you think that would mean Ratchet?"

Ratchet stood up looking at Bumblebee and then shrugged. "I don't have the slightest clue; it's something I would have to power down on."

IronHide lifted a hand to say something but remained silent. Ratchet turned around waiting for a remark but looked back to Bumblebee.

"Alright Bumblebee, you can go now."

Bumblebee nodded as he jumped down off the berth. Usually when Ratchet would say 'alright, you can go now'; that could roughly be translated as 'get out of my med bay or else' and at this point, Bumblebee knew better than to stick around and find out what the 'or else' was. Scurrying out of the med bay and around the corner, Bumblebee thought it be better to get in a few hours of target practice on IronHide's firing range instead of remaining in Ratchet's way and possibly running the risk of having a wrench thrown at the back of his head.

Meanwhile, as Bumblebee vacated the room IronHide turned back to Ratchet groaning and rubbing his optics.

"Why can't these 'out-of-body' experiences be a little clearer?"

Ratchet laughed as he put away the tools previously used on Bumblebee. "Well, think of it this way…if these kinds of things weren't confusing then the universe wouldn't be the way it is."

IronHide rose up off the berth letting his pads hit the floor. "Well, whatever…I guess it's something we'll just have to let go."

Ratchet turned around raising an optic. "What do ya' mean?"

IronHide turned around and shrugged. "Isn't this whole thing Prime's problem? 'Cause I don't ever remember this being our problem."

Being about to say something, Ratchet held up a defiant digit but paused and remained silent as his hand fell back to his waist. IronHide had a point, this WAS Prime's problem, not theirs…but what if this problem truly affected them in the long run?

Shrugging, Ratchet turned away from the black mech and grumbled.

"Get out of my med bay…"

For a moment IronHide was silent but soon shrugged and walked out. Ratchet watched as the bot left shut the door behind him. He then turned back to his work bench mumbling.

"Maybe Hide is right…maybe we shouldn't be worrying about Prime's problems."


Okay, I understand that I put Chapters 1 and 2 together but I hope you like it! Looks like the mighty red and blue flamed commander is having some issues. (Scratches head and has a deep thought) I wonder what will happen. (Grins mischievously). Next chapter Optimus gets a little surprise. Please comment and tell me what you think…I'm dying to hear from you! XD