Lucky Harry

Chapter One


Written by: Pyrgus

Beta'ed by: Stargatesg1fan1

§Word§ = Parseltongue (Alt+0167)

"Word" = Speech

"Bold" = Foreign language

'Thought' = thoughts


Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.


A/N: This is my first published fanfiction on FF. I appreciate constructive criticism but not flamers. The story will be Harry/Fleur but will most likely end up Harry/Fleur with various other females. I know the bold is a little annoying towards the end of the chapter but other than a couple of scenes, it's done.

There are sex scenes in the story but only on HPfanficarchive and ficsite. Those versions don't have bold or italics though.


Harry lay on the floor, trying to stifle his cry of pain as he heard his arm crack. Pain shot up his damaged appendage as tears started to leak out of his eyes. Harry's world took on a neon blue hue as the salty droplets ran down his cheeks. Through the immense agony, the young boy heard his cousin's piggish laughter and the sound of someone knocking on the door. At the same time, however, Harry felt a weird ringing in his ears, as if a pressure was released in his head at the same time that his arm flashed neon blue for a second. Harry had been injured and received broken bones before, but he had never had such a reaction as this; though he had never felt a bone shatter quite as finely as he did when his cousin had beaten him with the fire poker.


Harry saw his cousin's eyes widen, Dudley dropped the fire poker and ran to the front door of the house. Unfortunately for Harry, Dudley purposefully stepped on his throat in his hurry to get the door, effectively curbing the scream that was about to erupt from Harry's throat.

"Good evening," Harry heard a cultured French accented voice state from the direction of the front door. "My daughter and I were driving by and we happened to blow a tire, it also appears that our spare is flat as well. Could we please use your phone?"

Through the pain Harry gave a very quiet whimper hoping the man would hear him. Normally, it would not be heard by the average person standing outside the front door. Luckily for Harry though the man at the door was not the average person. Living a life of somewhat danger and support of his country's government, and just back from a tour in the 'military' where one's senses became acute if one wanted to live, the man heard a small whimper that definitely did not come from an animal.

"What was that?" Harry heard. He heard yelling then heard the fat weight of Dudley being shoved to the ground as the floor shook. Harry giggled slightly as he was somewhat delirious from the pain, thinking that only his uncle could make the house shake. He was interrupted from his thoughts by a warm yet firm voice.

"Are you alright son?" someone said. Harry looked up through his tears to see a man with brown hair and blue eyes.

Harry attempted to lift his arm, which was now blue and purple. "Arm hurts," Harry gasped through his bruised throat.

The man, having some knowledge of injuries, gently took the arm and felt around the area.

"It looks like it's broken. We need to get you to a hospital." The man then scooped Harry into his arms as gently as he could, but it was still enough to make pain shoot through Harry's body. Harry passed out from the pain just as he felt the sun on his face from the threshold of the front door.


"Beep… Beep… Beep…"

Was the first sound that Harry heard upon waking.

Before even opening his eyes, Harry carefully used his other senses to judge where he was; it wouldn't do to let Uncle Vernon know that he was awake if the big man was just waiting for the right instance to punish Harry. Sniffing allowed Harry to determine the room he was in was very clean and sterile. He could also hear some muffled talking in a language that he didn't understand. The small boy slowly opened his eyes to see that he was in a hospital room. The man from earlier was talking to another man who was wearing a long white coat.

"Hi!" a cute perky voice said from his other side. Harry turned to look at her. She was a beautiful girl a couple of years older than him with long blonde hair that had silver in it framing a cute face.

"I see my patient is awake," the man in the long white coat said as he seemed to be signing some paperwork and handing it back to the man who had saved Harry earlier. "My name is Doctor Fairbanks."

"What happened after I became incapacitated?" Harry asked quietly, his throat still hurting a bit to talk. His vocabulary was amazing for his age, only because when he was locked in his cupboard he had nothing other to do other than to read.

It wasn't like Dudley would actually be using the dictionary and other books his parents bought him.

"From what the police could tell when they inspected the house, your cousin broke your arm with a fire poker then stepped on your throat as he was running out of the room." The man said with a slight French accent. "My name is Jean Delacour. I'm the one who rescued you from your relatives."

"I'm Fleur," the girl said happily from the side of Harry's bed. The man smiled affectionately at his daughter's mannerisms.

"Wait, rescued?" asked a confused Harry. Both men adopted angry looks, which caused Harry to shrink away from them. The men immediately softened their faces when they saw his reaction to their anger.

Mr. Delacour gently rested his hand on Harry's shoulder and gave the boy a soft smile.

"Yes, rescued. The police found signs of abuse and a lot of blood in the cupboard under the stairs that had a mattress in it. They wouldn't have even bothered to look if it wasn't for one of the officer's belt getting stuck on the lock which broke as he pulled away." Mr. Delacour explained.

"What happens to me now?" Harry asked. He didn't want to go to an orphanage and from the information Mr. Delacour gave him, Harry doubted he was going back to the Dursleys.

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come home with Apolline, Fleur and I?" Mr. Delacour suggested with a smile. "It would be on a trial basis to see if we could be a family." Mr. Delacour added softly as he crouched down next to Harry and gently hugged the boy. Harry in turn broke down and cried into the man's shirt; releasing a good deal of the pain and agony that he had been in, as well as the release of the anxiety of not knowing about what was going on.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Harry repeated into the man's shirt, his voice stifled as he sniffled into the man's collar.

"Good, the Doctor said you're ready to leave and the forms were all signed giving us the ability to care for you for now. We just have to wait on Fleur's mama to get here and then we'll go home," Mr. Delacour informed Harry. "Oh, and please call me Jean. Being addressed as 'Mr. Delacour' makes we feel like I should be looking around for my father to reply."

Harry nodded happily at him. He turned to the girl that was still standing next to his bed. "Hi. I'm Harry."

"I know that silly" Fleur replied with a bubbly giggle. "We're going to have so much fun!" She continued.

Harry couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm.

"Looks like I have the right room," a new voice called out. The voice was definitely female, it was soft, warm, and held a musical quality to it. The woman had shoulder length silver blonde hair, green eyes along with a heart shaped face. To put it simply, she was gorgeous.

"It is ma Cherie," Jean said. "Harry, this is my wife Apolline. Apolline, this is Harry."

"It's nice to meet you Harry, call me Apolline. I'm sure you'll fit right into the family." Apolline told the boy warmly. She gave Harry a gentle hug and kissed him on both cheeks, making sure not to agitate his arm.

Harry blushed and returned the hug with a bit of a sniffle. He finally had a family.

"Hurry and get changed Harry. No one wants to stay in a hospital any longer than they have to. I'm not even hurt and I'm getting the chills." Apolline winked at him. Harry smiled at her and accepted the clothes she gave him.

They gave him his privacy as he changed, which took longer than usual because of the cast around his arm. After Harry was dressed, he saw that they were still waiting for him. He gave a small sigh of relief to himself, and smiled at the Delacour family.

"Hurry up Harry. We have an appointment with the optometrist for glasses, and then we have to buy you some new clothes. Apolline made the appointment on the way over here." Jean said. Harry nodded and smiled shyly at him. He had never had new things, even his glasses where from a garage sale.

"Hold my hand Harry," Apolline said. Harry took her hand and she drew him close to her. At first he stiffened at the contact before relaxing against her side.


"There's something you need to know Harry," Apollinetold her new charge softly. She was sitting in the backseat between Fleur and Harry so she could talk to both of them. She waited until she had his complete attention.

"Have you ever done something strange or something you can't explain?" she asked.

Harry thought hard about the question because he could see that the answer was important to her. He had done a couple of things that made Uncle Vernon beat him in the past, and there was one recent incident that he could remember, but didn't know if he should tell her.

"Whatever it is, you can tell me." Apolline soothed.

"I…" Harry said before swallowing. "I talked to a snake a couple of months ago and it talked back. It called me master." He cringed away from her as he was sure that they would think he was crazy and not want him anymore.

"That's impressive. It seems like you have a rare skill called Parseltongue. It's a magical skill that allows you to talk to snakes." Apolline explained calmly with a smile.

"Magical?" Harry asked.

"Yes, magic exists. Jean and you are wizards, while Fleur and I are witches." Apolline answered.

Harry nodded. It explained a lot, his uncle yelling about his 'freakishness' and trying to beat it out of him.

"Jean works at the French Ministry of Magic and just got back from doing a tour in our military. We live in France normally but we're in England for vacation," Apolline clarified the current status of her family for its newest possible member.

"We're going to take you to an Eye Healer, then to a mall for clothes shopping. I can see that those glasses are horrible," Apolline announced with a somewhat haughty snort.

Harry could see that she wasn't belittling him; it was just that both Fleur and her mother were dressed in the type of really expensive clothing that his aunt Petunia and her friends had always gossiped about.

"I'm going to cast some spells on you to disguise your face. I'll tell you why when we get home alright," Apolline explained. Harry nodded and he saw her withdraw a slender piece of wood. "This is my wand. I use it to cast spells." She tapped his head twice. She took out a mirror and showed him his new appearance. He had blonde hair and his scar seemed to be gone.

Harry nodded his head again, still absorbing what he was told. He felt someone grab his hand and saw that it was Fleur. She smiled shyly at him and he smiled back.


The Eye Healer was like nothing Harry had ever seen before, though Harry really hadn't 'seen' much before due to his bad vision. There were glasses of all kinds along the walls, even monocles and scuba masks.

"Honey, how did you get an appointment so soon?" Jean asked as he saw the packed room.

"I called and they said that they had an opening because someone had canceled earlier. We were lucky to get it." Apolline responded.

"Delacour," the female receptionist called out in a bored voice.

The Delacour family plus Harry made their way into one of the exam rooms where they were met by an aging old man.

"Hello. My name is Healer Winn. What can I do for you today?" Healer Winn said as the family sat down.

"Harry here needs some glasses," Apolline told the Eye Healer.

"Can I have contacts?" Harry asked. Apolline was about to say no that he didn't need magical contacts, when Harry gave her the puppy dog face, complete with trembling lip.

"Are you sure?" she asked. Harry nodded his head hard.

"I guess contacts," Apolline relented with obvious reluctance in her voice.

The Healer then took out a stick of wood and waved it in front of Harry's face. Apolline squeezed his hand and Harry stopped his first reaction to jump away.

"Alright, I can make the contacts now." Healer Winn informed the family.

"Thank you," Jean told the older man. The healer left the room for ten minutes and he returned with a pair of contacts.

"These will last you a lifetime and you won't ever have to take them out." Healer Winn explained to Harry. Healer Winn then helped Harry put the contacts into his eyes.

"Wow," Harry muttered. For the first time that he could remember, he could see perfectly. Healer Winn escorted them back to the waiting room after he was sure Harry was satisfied.

"Thank you," Apolline said as she paid the female receptionist.

The Delacour family and Harry made their way out of the office, talking loudly about where they were going shopping. They didn't hear what the Eye Healer muttered with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Good luck Harry Potter… I hope you like the gift when you turn eleven."


"Shopping time!" Apolline squealed out, to which Fleur mimicked her mother and squealed also. Harry hadn't ever been shopping before, but that squeal suddenly brought fear to him for an unknown reason.

"Don't worry Harry, I feel the same way." Jean whispered to him with a look of a man resigned to his fate.

"I heard that!" Apolline shouted.

"We should get dinner first," Jean suggested in hopes to stall the shopping.

"Good idea, how about McDonalds?" Apolline asked.

"I want a happy meal," Fleur said quickly.

"What do you want Harry?" Apolline asked.

"I've never been," Harry admitted softly.

Apolline narrowed her eyes before speaking.

"How about just the normal happy meal then?" she asked.

Harry nodded his head shyly.


After a surprisingly tasty happy meal, Harry found himself in the biggest building he had ever seen.

"Time to shop!" Apolline called out. She and Fleur then proceeded to drag Harry around the store like he was their own personal dress-up doll. After hours and hours of shopping, where Mr. Delacour simply looked at Harry with the sympathy of one who has shared misery, they had dressed Harry up in different outfits until he had a full wardrobe.

"Apolline, it's already seven. Fleur has school in the morning and we have to register Harry," Jean told his overzealous wife with exasperation in his tone.

Apolline's shoulders slumped at the end of her shopping but nodded.

"Alright, we can do another shopping trip sometime soon now that we have gotten the bare necessities," Apolline stated as she and Fleur led the men out of the store, the men absolutely buried in packages.

Both Harry and Jean felt a quiver of fear trickle down their backs at the thought that the packages they were carrying were merely 'the necessities.'


Harry was barely awake when he was set down in the guest bedroom at the Delacour house. He snuggled into the softest, warmest bed he had ever laid on, and fell asleep.

"Goodnight Harry," a voice whispered to him. He felt someone kiss his forehead and he mumbled a 'goodnight' back.

Five Years Later…

Harry woke up in the bed that had been his for the past four years. He sat up and rubbed his eyes to get the sleep out. He heard soft moans coming from his sister's room. He had heard her before so it was nothing new.

He was freaked out however, when his vision turned neon blue before the wall between his room and his sister's disappeared. His eyes widened at the sight of his older sister, stark naked. Harry had seen his sister naked many times, the thing that made his eyes widen was the fact that he could see her touching herself in certain areas. What shocked him further was that he heard his name on her lips.

Fleur didn't seem to notice Harry so he got up and walked to the wall. He reached his hand out and found that the wall was still there, it was just that he could see through it.

Harry sat back onto his bed and watched his sister. She had a body of a fifteen year old even though she was only thirteen. He himself looked like he was closer to thirteen than ten. The healers had told him that the more powerful the wizard, the sooner they went through puberty. He had started puberty almost two years ago.

Fleur didn't stop until it was time to get up for the day. Fleur got out of bed and got dressed. Harry watched her leave her room before he got dressed himself. He caught up to her at the stairs.

"Good morning Fleur," Harry greeted her in perfect French

She turned around, "Hello little brother…Happy birthday!"

"Little brother? I'm taller than you are," Harry complained with a bit of a grimace. And it was true, even with the three year age gap; Harry was inches taller than her.

"Anyway, I heard some interesting sounds coming from your room," Harry said casually as they both walked down the stairs together.

Harry watched for Fleur's reaction out of the corner of his eye.

Fleur stopped and started stammering while blushing.

"So what were you doing?" Harry asked even though he already knew. Apolline and Jean were very open about their sex life and answered any questions that he or Fleur had.

"N-nothing!" she cried out.

"Really? It didn't sound like nothing," Harry teased. Her blush intensified tenfold.

"Nothing," she said again.

"Seriously, Fleur." Harry said firmly, with an honest smile. She looked conflicted.

"Children!" a voice shouted from downstairs.

"After Mama and Papa go to work, I'll tell you alright?" she whispered with a blush. Harry nodded in agreement. Harry and Fleur walked into the kitchen to see Apolline placing food on four plates and Jean reading the paper.

"Lo' Mum," Harry said as he took his seat. While the Delacours' had never fully adopted Harry and only had guardianship of him, they considered him their son and them his parents.

"Hello, baby." Apolline replied while she bent down to take the biscuits out of the oven and her clothes seemed to disappear to Harry.

He knew that he was the only one that could see the sight of his adoptive mother bent over. He tried to tear his eyes away from the view and only did when Apolline stood back up.

"Well, I'm off," Jean announced.

He kissed his wife before kissing both Fleur and Harry on the head.

"Bye, Papa." Fleur called out.

"Alright children…I'm going to work also. Fleur, I'm getting off of work at four so we can go school shopping. Harry, you should get your letters today so we'll get your supplies also." Apolline said as she put the dishes in the sink.

"Okay," Harry and Fleur replied in practiced unison. Apolline rolled her eyes at their antics.

"So?" Harry prompted Fleur when he heard their mum leave.

Fleur blushed brightly. "I was masturbating."

Harry rolled his eyes at her. "Duh, of course you were. I've heard you before. I want to know about the certain name that came out of your mouth."

Fleur's face went pale. "I don't know what you're talking about." She tried to get up and go to her bedroom but Harry stopped her. He had a tight grip on her arm as he dragged her to the living room.

"Fleur, I already heard you. I just want you to talk to me. You have nothing to be ashamed of. We may love each other like we are siblings, but we aren't." Harry said softly. Fleur relaxed and Harry let her go. She took a deep breath.

"I was masturbating to thoughts of you. I like you. I didn't say anything because I thought you saw me as your sister and I don't know what Mama and Papa will say," Fleur whispered. Harry nodded at her. He drew her into a hug. He tilted her head up and kissed her deeply. They continued to kiss until breathing became a problem.

"I like you too. I didn't say anything because you never gave any indication that you liked me that way," Harry admitted sheepishly as he smiled at her in his arms.

"I hid it well. I also didn't know if you even liked girls that way yet," Fleur added.

"It's hard not to like girls that way when your mother and sister walk around in just their knickers," Harry deadpanned. "Plus, you know I entered puberty two years ago because of how powerful I am."

Fleur blushed, "I only walk around in front of you. If Papa is around then I put a shirt on," Fleur clarified. She brought her head back up to his and kissed him again. Harry pulled her over his lap so that she was straddling him face to face. He cupped her bum through the jeans she was wearing which made her moan into his mouth.

They froze against each other when they heard a gasp. They hoped they were both imagining things and didn't just hear a gasp. They turned their heads to see Apolline standing in the doorway with an open mouth.

"Fuck," Harry muttered in English.

"Language!" Apolline snapped. "Were you two just kissing?" Her face was stern.

"Yes," Harry whispered. No point to lying when they were caught in the act. Apolline looked stern before smiling.

"About time. I was wondering if you two were going to figure out your feelings for each other." Apolline informed the pair excitedly as she switched back to French. She sat in the chair facing the couch. Fleur climbed off of Harry's lap and sat next to him, but continued to hold his hand.

"What?" Harry asked. Fleur's expression was the same as his, shocked and confused.

"Did you really think that we would be mad? We knew that this might happen when we first took you in Harry. You were old enough to not develop a completely sibling like relationship. I, for one, am happy it happened. I would rather the son I know, trust and love to be with my daughter than some random boy that just wants to get in her pants." Apolline explained honestly as she sat back, relaxed in her chair.

Harry nodded, it made quite a bit of sense. He knew that Veela were more open about such things. He knew for a fact that his parents occasionally invited other women to their bed.

"So you're really okay with us?" Fleur asked hesitantly.

"Completely…though, if you make love, make sure you use the charm," answered Apolline making both Harry and Fleur blush crimson.

"We will mum," Harry said evenly. Apolline was impressed that he said that without his voice cracking.

"Well, I just came back to grab some paperwork." Apolline told the two as she picked up a folder from the table. "Bye children. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." She added with a saucy wink.

Harry snorted at the last part. Apolline gave him a dirty, yet playful, look before leaving through the door.

"So, now that I think about it. It's kind of good that she caught us. It made the whole telling thing so much easier." Harry said.

"Ground rules first," Fleur said. Harry sighed and nodded his head. "No sex. I'm still a virgin and I'm not ready to have sex even though my Veela side is screaming to. Just kissing and petting for now."

Harry stared at her, "You're a virgin?" Fleur looked offended.

"Of course I am! Do you think I'm some kind of slut?" she asked angrily.

"Of course not love. You're just really beautiful and a Veela. I know that being a Veela doesn't make you a slut but you said it yourself that your Veela side is screaming for you to have sex." Harry soothed as he caressed her face. Fleur's anger faded under his soft touches until she nodded.

"Now, where were we?" Harry asked playfully. He started to lean in when he heard a tapping on the glass. Groaning, he stood up and walked to the window. He opened it and took the letter from the owl.

"It's my Hogwarts letter," Harry informed Fleur. He sat back on the couch.

"Are you going then?" Fleur asked.

"I think so. My biological parents went there and I feel like I should too." Harry replied, biting his lip in thought.

"You know that we won't be able to see each other that much. It sucks that Beauxbatons is an all girls school," Fleur pouted. Harry kissed the pout away.

"I'll find a way," Harry assured her. "Now, if there are no more interruptions…" He playfully smirked before leaning forward and kissing Fleur hard, tentatively moving his hands to the front of her chest.


Harry sighed as he relaxed on Fleur's bed. She was at her desk doing some of her summer homework. In only two hours, he and Fleur had gone from step-siblings, to admitting their feelings, to dating each other.

The young wizard watched his veela witch as her hold on her aura slipped and she was surrounded by a silver hue. Harry was beginning to drool when a neon blue hue once again flashed across his vision. He shook his head in amazement because he knew he had just thrown off the affects of Fleur's Veela allure.

Harry turned on his 'X-vision' as he liked to call it and was rewarded with a sight that would make most men turn into idiots. He started to look through the walls into the other rooms. Growing bored with that, he looked at his own body. He could see through his skin and was looking at his own bones.

The young wizard's eyes widened when he looked at his right arm.

"Fleur…I'm going out for an hour or so, okay?" Harry said as he pulled on his shirt and finished buttoning up his pants.

"Where are you going?" Fleur asked, not evening looking up from her homework.

"Just walking around. I'll be back before you know it." Harry kissed her on the top of the head before leaving her room. He walked down the stairs and out of the house. Gathering his magic, he did something he had only read about.

With a barely audible pop, he apparated to the bathroom of the hospital the Delacours rescued him from.

"Doctor Fairbanks?" Harry asked as soon as he exited the bathroom and straight into the person he was looking for.

"Yes? Can I help you?" the doctor asked before pausing. "Harry? My, I haven't seen you in four years. How are you?"

"Good, the Delacours are an amazing family. I was wondering though if you had a copy of the x-ray that you took of my arm?" Harry asked. He wanted to confirm what he saw in his arm.

"Of course. Funny that, I have the folder right here," the doctor answered as he held up the aforementioned folder. "I was about to throw it out because it was a copy." Doctor Fairbanks explained before handing the folder to Harry.

"Thanks Doctor Fairbanks," Harry said, not believing his luck.

"Anytime Harry. I'm glad you found a good family." The doctor said before walking away.

Harry went back into the bathroom before apparating home. Without thinking about it, he appeared in Fleur's room, which made her shriek at the sudden intrusion.

"Harry!" Fleur cried out in shock.

"Yes?" Harry asked back as calmly as he could.

"How did you just do that?" she asked.

"I apparated," he answered calmly.

Fleur shook her head, "That wasn't apparating. You appeared in a swirl of bright blue." That stopped Harry, if he didn't apparate, then what did he do?

"Oh, well. Go back to your homework so we can have some more free time," Harry teased as he looked over her body. It had the desired effect as she blushed before restarting her essay.

"I'll be in my room so I don't distract you," Harry said to which Fleur absently nodded to him. She was fully struggling to fully concentrate on her work while he was in the room.

Harry held the x-ray up to the light and what he saw before with his own eyes was confirmed via technology. His arm had splintered in the perfect places to make five runes.

"The main rune is Luck. But there's four more runes connected to it. The top one means Stamina, the left is Longevity, and right is Power and Strength but what is the bottom one? It looks like the rune for Time but I know it's not." Harry muttered to himself in English as he looked at the x-ray.

"Is this why I'm so lucky all of the time? And why I seem to have so much power?" Harry asked himself. He was interrupted by a voice.

"Harry. What's that?" Fleur asked in French from Harry's doorway.

"X-ray of my arm from when I was six and came to live with you. Come here, what does this look like?" Harry asked as he pointed to the center rune.

"It looks like a Luck rune. Is this really your arm x-ray?" Fleur asked incredulously.

"Yeah, look how it's healed though. It looks like it was fused all at the same time. The only thing I can think of is that my magic sped up the healing and activated the runes." Harry speculated. He sighed and sat on his bed. Fleur sat next to him with her arms around him.

"I always wondered why you were so lucky. I just figured Fate was your bitch." Fleur joked. It broke the somber mood and got Harry to smile.

"Enough of weird magical accidents," Harry said as he pounced on her and threw her over his shoulder. "I want to do something that's more fun."

Fleur squealed as he began tickling her and carrying her over to his bed.


"I'm sorry for not getting off of work earlier. I was caught up in something I couldn't get out of. I'm taking off tomorrow so we can go school supply shopping though." Apolline apologized to Harry and Fleur as they sat down for dinner.

"That's fine. I haven't even sent off my acceptance letter to Hogwarts yet. I was busy with other things." Harry told his mother with a look to Fleur which made her blush. Apolline smirked at Fleur.

"So what did you kids do today?" Jean asked them.

"The usual, studied some magic, made out with Fleur, found out what she looked like naked, found out what Mum looks like naked, and found out that I have runes on my right arm." Harry said cheerfully.

"That's nic…" Jean started to say before what Harry said caught up with him. "What!"

Fleur's expression was wide eyed and her face was red half way through Harry's statement as she was actually paying attention to what her boyfriend had said.

"Go through all of that slowly," Apolline said calmly.

"Well, you already know that Fleur and I are dating." Harry said to which Jean and Apolline nodded. "This morning, I woke up with x-ray vision. By the way, thanks for the show Fleur." Fleur turned red as a tomato because she knew what he was referring to.

"The naked parts, well, at first it was hard to control so it would turn on without me evening meaning too. I have pretty good control now." Harry made sure to point out. Fleur and Apolline both blushed. Fleur because even without his new vision Harry would know what she looked like naked. Apolline because while she was open about her sex life and walked around topless in the house she wasn't open about who she showed her entire body to.

"And the runes?" Jean asked. He was smirking at the blushes on both his daughter's and wife's faces.

"This is the x-ray from when I was six. You see the splinter patterns? It's a Luck rune as the main rune and the secondary runes are Stamina, Longevity, Power and Strength and some unknown rune." Harry explained while handing the flimsy piece of plastic over.

"Well, with the Stamina rune, at least you'll be able to keep up with a Veela." Jean joked much to Fleur's embarrassment. Harry, however, nodded seriously which made Fleur blush even more.

"Well, if you don't know what the bottom rune is, then your father and I won't have a clue." Apolline said calmly. "You already have more knowledge than both of us combined, thanks to your ability to seemingly devour every book you can lay your hands on." She finished with a smile.

Harry blushed deeply which made Fleur shout in joy at him finally being embarrassed.

"Don't blush Harry. Ever since we told you that you were a wizard, you've devoured any book about magic." Jean agreed with his wife.

"I think the Luck rune actually works also." Harry said once his blush receded. The other Delacours looked intrigued. "I apparated to the hospital and I know you're going to say that it was dangerous but I wanted to confirm what I saw before everyone thought I was crazy." Fleur was about to open her mouth when a quick look from Harry stopped her.

"And?" Jean prompted.

"I exited the bathroom thinking about asking a nurse about Dr. Fairbanks. Turns out, the first person I run into is none other than and he just so happens to be carrying an extra copy of my x-ray." Harry finished.

There was silence before Jean spoke, "I wonder if the Luck rune would help you with women?"

Apolline shot him a dirty look. "Am I not enough for you dear husband?" She asked sickly sweetly.

His eyes widened. "Of course you are dear," he said quickly.

"Good, but for that comment. This weekend's fun is canceled." Apolline said firmly. Jean pouted but she shook her head.

"Fine. Be mean." Jean said. He crossed his arms and started to sulk which made everyone laugh at him.

After a short silence, Fleur decided to speak.

"There is another thing," she started hesitantly, "I was wondering if I could sleep in Harry's room from now on."

Jean and Apolline looked at one another. Silently communicating with each other via eye movements and slight quirks of the head, the type that only married couples can do.

"It's fine with us," Jean said. "But like your mother said earlier. If you do have sex, use the charm. I don't want to be a grandfather before you're twenty."

"Really? I thought you would kill me for even thinking of sleeping with Fleur," Harry blurted out.

"Harry, I knew when I married Apolline that I would have only daughters. I also knew that they would be sexually active early on in life. I'm just glad it's with a male I trust and love rather than some snot nosed brat." Jean explained as he reached out to ruffle Harry's already messy hair. Harry blushed and nodded.

"We have to get up early, so off to bed you two." Apolline shooed. Fleur and Harry took off up the stairs. When they entered Harry's room, they saw that they already had sleep clothes laid out courtesy of the house elves. Harry changed into his sleep pants and Fleur into just a pair of knickers.

"Goodnight," Fleur said from Harry's chest.

"Night," Harry whispered back. He kissed the top of her head. She snuggled deeper into his chest, which was extra fun as she was topless.


Fleur sat down at the breakfast table carefully as she was still sore from last night.

"I knew you two wouldn't be able to wait," Fleur heard her mama say in her ear as Apolline laid the food on the table. Fleur blushed as her mama sat down at the table.

"So, how was it?" Apolline asked.

"It was painful at first but after about thirty seconds, the pain started to go away and it started to feel better." Fleur said truthfully.

"And just how long did you two go at it?" Apolline asked with a small smile.

"We started at one in the morning and I think we went to bed at five? I'm not sure." Fleur answered as she tried to focus her sleep deprived brain.

"Damn, looks like that Stamina rune works." Apolline smirked. Fleur nodded seriously.

"So, how big is Harry?" Apolline asked as she leaned forward conspiratorially.

"Mama!" Fleur said shocked.

"I bet it's not every day that your mum asks how big her son's penis is," Harry said dryly as he entered the room. Fleur and Apolline blushed at being caught. "Just tell her Fleur. She'll just ask later if you don't." Fleur blushed before holding her hands apart at an approximant length. Apolline didn't reply except to blush deeply.

"Are we ready to go get our school supplies today?" Harry asked amusedly at seeing their blushes. Both nodded and they walked to the fireplace. Apolline cast a glamour charm on Harry to hide his major features. His hair turned blonde, his eyes blue, and his scar disappeared from view. Apolline nodded to herself and walked to the floo powder container, grabbing a handful.

"Diagon Alley," Apolline called out while tossing the powder into the flames and stepping in. The elder veela disappeared in a flash of green fire. Fleur followed her and Harry followed right behind his lover.


Harry came out of the green fire to see Fleur and Apolline already waiting for him. Fleur took his hand and led him away from the fireplace. He adopted a slow pace because he knew that Fleur was still sore.

"I want to see what I have at Gringotts," Harry told the two most important women in his life as he led the two beauties to the huge white building at the end of the alley. When they entered the large bank, Harry subconsciously drew Fleur closer to him.

"May I help you?" the goblin that Harry stepped in front of sneered out. Harry narrowed his eyes at the goblin.

"Yes, I would like to know what I possess in Gringotts." Harry said evenly.

"Name?" the goblin sneered. Harry was getting tired of the sneering, if this kept up, he was going to go ahead with the plan he had made last year.

"Harry Potter."

"I see, I'm sorry but you are not allowed to withdraw from your accounts." The goblin smiled smugly.

Harry's magic flared at the statement. "And why the fuck am I not allowed to withdraw anything?"

"Your magical guardian has locked down your accounts," the goblin sneered.

"That's funny. Because I'm pretty sure that the woman standing behind me is my magical guardian." Harry snapped.

"That is true. I gained custody of Harry in both the Muggle world and Wizarding world some five years ago. My name is Madame Delacour and I want to see the director of this bank. NOW!" she screamed out the last word, her features turning avian and slight whisps of fire forming around her hands. The goblin paled, which was funny to see on him, and motioned for them to follow. The goblin led them to a huge ornate room in which sat a single goblin.

"My name is Director Ragnok. What seems to be the problem?" the goblin behind the desk asked.

"I want to take a proof of lineage test," Harry said calmly. Ragnok offered him a runic bowl and Harry cut his finger over it. Blood dropped into the bowl and it glowed blue before producing a piece of parchment.

"Heir to the Potter and Evans fortune," Ragnok said. He waved his hand and a box appeared. "This is your family ring." Harry took the ring and placed it on his right hand's ring finger.

"Good, I want five thousand galleons now and a list of everything I own being held in Gringotts care." Harry said much to the relief of Ragnok.

After opening a special summoning drawer in his desk and withdrawing the requested contents Ragnok handed Harry the list and five thousand galleons and motioned for another goblin to escort them back.

"Why didn't you do anything else, Harry? I could see how mad you were." Fleur asked once they were out of Gringotts bank.

"Well, you know how galleons are made of gold?" Harry asked. He saw Fleur nod and he continued. "I want Mum to take galleons out of my vaults, melt the gold down, and then sell them. I want her to keep doing it until I graduate then I'll take over." Harry finished with an evil smile.

"Why?" Fleur asked confused.

"And when were you going to ask me?" Apolline asked dryly.

"Well, gold sells for around four hundred pounds sterling an ounce. There are a lot of ounces of gold in a galleon." Harry said to Fleur with a slightly devious smile. "And I didn't plan on asking you. I actually wasn't planning on doing it until I met the goblins. Little bastards need to learn some respect." He finished with a smirk.

Apolline nodded, "Alright, I'll start doing it when both of you start school. If your idea pans out, I may have to do the same with our fortune. Now, it's time for shopping." She finished with a bright smile, causing Harry to remember the dread that is shopping with the Delacour women.


Harry let himself be led around by the two shopping fanatics, um, he meant females. They were currently in a jewelry store just browsing. He looked over to Fleur to see her admiring a choker that held a neon blue gem.

He walked over to her and wrapped her in his arms. "Do you want it, love?"

Fleur shook her head, "It's too much Harry."

Harry kissed her neck. "Excuse me, how much for that choker?" He asked the man behind the counter.

"Two thousand galleons," the man answered.

"Deal, but inscribe a lightning bolt on the gem." Harry told the clerk while handing over the last of his money which was about twenty two hundred galleons. Fleur started protesting but Harry smacked her rear and she stopped.

"Here you go young man," the wizard said as he handed Harry the choker. Harry in turn placed it around Fleur's neck.

"It's beautiful," Fleur whispered to Harry. He just kissed her neck around the gem in response. They walked to where their mum was browsing.

"That choker is beautiful Fleur," Apolline told her daughter admiringly as they exited the store.

"Thank you mama. Harry bought it for me," Fleur flushed. Her fingers toyed around with the gem that hung on the ribbon.

"You do know that the chocker signifies that he owns you right?" Apolline asked curiously.

"Yes," Harry said calmly while Fleur looked shocked. She tilted her head before shrugging.

"Then it will stop people from asking me out," Fleur said smiling as she caressed the choker. Harry wrapped his arm around Fleur and led her towards the Leaky Cauldron.

"Let's get some lunch," Harry suggested.


"I hate that Beauxbatons is an all girls school," Fleur whispered once more, echoing a statement she had often made lately.

Harry nodded in complete agreement.

"Christmas will be here sooner than you think," Harry whispered back. He kissed her deeply before letting go. Fleur smiled sadly as she activated her portkey to Beauxbatons.

"We should get going too Harry," Jean said. Harry grabbed his arm along with Apolline. The three of them disappeared as well. They landed on Platform Nine and Three Quarters portkey area.

"Can't believe you're both going to be gone," Apolline sniffed. "My children are just growing up so fast." She finished as she dabbed her eyes with a kerchief.

Harry rolled his eyes at her but nevertheless hugged her tightly as she kissed both of his cheeks.

"I'll be home for Christmas Mum," Harry promised. He withdrew from the hug and turned to Jean.

"Goodbye son," Jean said as he gave Harry a manly hug and a pat on the back. "Remember to write." Jean reminded with a smile and a hand on Harry's shoulder as they separated.

"I will," Harry assured his father. He turned and stepped onto the train and waved at his adoptive parents who waved back.