Lucky Harry

Chapter Fifteen

Third Task and The End

Written by: Pyrgus

Beta'ed by: Enji-Benjy


§Word§ = Parseltongue (Alt+0167)

"Word" = Speech

"Bold" = Foreign language

'Thought' = Thoughts

[Date] = Date and Day


[January Sixteenth 1995: Saturday]

Snow crunched beneath the feet of Harry and his girls. The group was walking on the outskirts of Hogsmeade.

"If I was a normal girl, this would be a lovely place to live in," Fleur commented.

"But you love the island to much?" Daphne asked amusedly.

"Too right," Fleur agreed. "I'm spoiled. I know and love it."

"I think we're all spoiled thanks to Harry," Hermione admitted.

"Are you complaining? I can stop if you want," Harry butted into the conversation.

He chuckled when his question was answered with a resounding 'NO'.

"Anything anyone wants to do?" Harry asked the girls.

"Not really," Fleur answered while the other girls shook their heads.

"So what to do?" Harry asked.

"We do need to talk about what to do about Voldemort and Dumbledore," Fleur told her mate.

Hermione tucked a strand behind her ear before speaking, "We know that you were supposed to take a portkey from the third task to a graveyard to resurrect Voldemort. I don't see why Voldemort wouldn't still use the plan as he doesn't think anyone knows."

"But only Dumbledore can make a portkey on Hogwarts' grounds," Padma pointed out.

"Have you scanned his mind lately, Harry?" Daphne asked.

"Not this year," Harry told her.

"You should scan him then," Daphne told him. She just stared at him which made him roll his eyes. He entered Tunnel and scanned the old man's mind.

"He's planning on making the Triwizard Cup into a portkey to the graveyard," Harry said once he had exited Tunnel. "He plans on Voldemort being resurrected then me dying in some big battle."

"Well that's not going to happen," Fleur said firmly.

"How about letting the portkey take you then kill Voldemort?" Parvati asked.

"Has risks," Hermione commented.

"He can Tunnel as soon as he gets there," Padma countered.

"It would be child's play then," Hermione had to admit.

"So take the portkey to the graveyard then kill Voldemort?" Harry asked and he got a sea of nods. "What about Dumbledore?"

"You can do the same as our father," Parvati said quietly.

"Explain?" Fleur asked.

"We want him dead right?" Parvati asked. She got nods, "Why not rewrite a Death Eater's mind and have him kill Dumbles."

"Good idea," Harry commented as he rubbed his chin.

"Then a one year cruise?" Parvati asked hopefully.

"If you get all Os," Harry laughed.


[February Twenty-Third 1995: Tuesday]

Harry, along with the rest of the girls, were sitting in the Ravenclaw common room when the portrait protecting the room opened.

"Ah, Harry my boy," Dumbledore greeted. "I would like to ask Miss. Parvati and Miss. Granger to come with me."

"For the second task right?" Harry asked.

"Of course, my boy," Dumbledore answered happily.

"No," Harry said flatly. Like hell he was putting the girls in Dumbles hands.

"But they have to, my boy," Dumbledore said grandfatherly.

"Again. No." Harry said flatly. He sent a quick stunner to Dumbledore. The old man crumpled to the floor, not expecting Harry to attack him.

"That was rather forward," Hermione commented, not even bothered that Harry had attacked the Headmaster.

"Don't want to deal with it," Harry said. He stood up, "Come on, let's stay the night at the island."

The girls closed the books they were reading and nodded.


[February Twenty-Fourth 1995: Wednesday]

The next day was the Second Task and Harry wasn't looking forward to it.

"We'll be in the stand," Hermione told Harry and Fleur who walked towards where Rock and Pretty were.

"I see our last two Champions are here," Bagman greeted Harry and Fleur.

"Why are you wearing a robe, my dear?" Madam Maxine asked Fleur.

The Veela shrugged the robe off to reveal her modest silver two piece bikini. Fleur could feel the lust from the male population. She didn't care, they could look all they wanted. Everything was well covered and it was charmed by Harry himself to stay put.

Harry looked at Rock and Pretty who were staring at Fleur with lust. He couldn't help but comment, "Yeah, and I get to see what's underneath that every night. Not to mention what I do to her." Harry laughed at the two boys' expressions.

Over a loudspeaker everyone could hear Dumbledore explaining the task to everyone. "Welcome to the second task. Last night something was stolen from each of our Champions. A treasure of sorts. These four treasures, one for each Champion, now lie on the bottom of the black lake. In order to win, each Champion need only find their treasure and return to the surface. Simple enough. Except for this, they will have one hour to do so and one hour only. After that they'll be on their own."

"I wonder what our treasures will be?" Fleur asked Harry as Hermione and Parvati were in the stands.

"Probably something stupid," Harry answered back.

"You may begin at the sound of the-" Dumbledore went to say only for the a cannon to cut him off. "-cannon."

Rock and Pretty immediately jumped in the water but Fleur and Harry stood there.

"Let's see," Harry said to himself. "Warming charm and bubble head charm," he said as he cast the spells on both himself and Fleur. "Ready?"

Fleur nodded to her mate's question and they jumped in together. Not wanting to actually swim around and search for the missing items, Harry took the quick way and located them in Tunnel.

'They're in a ruined Mermaid village this way,' Harry told Fleur mentally.

It took only ten minutes to swim to the ruins where both Champions saw Cho Chang and another girl that Krum had taken to the ball.

Two topless mermaids swam up to Harry and Fleur and held out two medallions. Harry smiled at the mermaid who handed him his medallion and was rewarded with a bluish flush across her face.

'Even mermaids are attracted to you,' Fleur sent to Harry amusedly. 'When we take the cruise we'll have to have some fun with that.'

'Only if my Veela wants to,' Harry said back but he could already see the fantasies playing out in her head.

Harry and Fleur swam to the surface of the lake which only took moments. They broke the surface close to where the three giant wooden platforms were.

"And Mr. Potter and Mrs. Delacour are back in fifteen minutes," Bagman announced excitedly to the roaring crowd.

The two Champions climbed onto the platform where two towels were wrapped around them. Fleur shrugged of her towel and climbed under Harry's towel.

"This must be boring for everyone else," Harry told Fleur. No one could see anything besides the surface of the lake.

"This is so boring," Fleur whined as the hour was drawing to a close. Forty minutes of just watching the lake surface.

"Whoever thought up these tasks was an idiot," Harry agreed. Behind them Dumbledore glared at them as he was the one that thought the tasks up.

"And here is Cedric Diggory surfacing thirty seconds too late," Bagman announced. Four minutes later, Krum surfaced with his hostage.

The judges gave their scores which averaged four for Cedric and two for Krum.

"This is a waste of time," Harry commented as they walked away from the lake. "I thought it would be entertaining but it's just not."

"I don't know, the reactions to my bikini were amusing," Fleur chuckled.

"That was pretty amusing," Harry laughed. "Though I think when we take that cruise, I'm going to ban clothing while we're sailing."

The girls blushed at the thought of being so exposed in the open, even if it was to just Harry.


[February Twenty-Seventh 1995: Saturday]

"Have you seen this article, Harry?" Hermione asked while biting her lip, a clear sign of her being worried or her thinking.

"No, what is it?" Harry asked in return. In response to his question Hermione passed him the front page of the Daily Prophet.

"Hermione, you can't take this newspaper seriously." Harry told her when he saw that it was the Daily Rag.

"I know but the article is pretty bad," Hermione said softly.

Harry read the article as he could see that is was hurting her. The wizard started growling softly as he read. The growling got louder the more he read.

The article, written by Rita Skeeter, painted Fleur as a money digging whore and Hermione a guy hopping slag.

"Rita Skeeter is going to burn," Harry growled with glowing bluish green eyes.

"You're not going to kill her are you?" Hermione asked worriedly.

"No," Harry reassured her. "However, the Goblins had dirt on almost everyone."

"What did they have on Skeeter?" Hermione asked curiously.

Harry grinned at the brunette witch.


[March First 1995: Monday]

"What are we doing here, Harry?" Hermione asked, as they sat outside Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour.

"Ah, there you are, Harry," a sickingly sweet voice called out. Hermione turned to see Rita Skeeter walking towards them and turned back to Harry with questions on her face.

"Well, you asked me and here I am," Skeeter said sweetly.

"I'm going to be blunt. You're going to write another article retracting the one about Fleur and Hermione," Harry said calmly. "Then you're going to write only facts from now on."

Skeeter laughed at what she thought was a little boy's attempt at a threat. "I don't think I will."

"So you refuse?" Harry asked for clarification. Hermione just watched the byplay wondering what Harry was up to.

"Yes, in fact, I think I'm going to write an even worse article for tomorrow." Skeeter sneered.

"Well, I tried the easy way," Harry shrugged.

Before anyone could blink, Skeeter was face down on the table with magic resistant cuffs and an Animagus blocking charm on her.

"Rita Skeeter, you are under arrest for being an illegal Animagus," the English Auror said. The Auror looked like Christmas had come early. "Thanks for the tip, Mr. Potter."

Hermione sat shocked at what had just happened.

"Being an illegal Animagus is five years in Azkaban and a five thousand galleon fine," Harry smirked.

"Thank you, Harry," Hermione smiled out at him.

"Of course, anything for my girls," Harry spoke back.


[March Twenty-Fourth 1995: Wednesday]

A month after the second task, Harry was finally ready to put the runic array he had onto the girls.

"Who's first?" Harry asked the six girls sealed into of him.

"Fleur," the girls said together.

Harry started on Fleur's lower back, he had able to modify the runic array enough so that the picture it would take the form of would be a bluish green lightning bolt. The wizard figured he would make runic arrays based on the girls' personalities and make it a tattoo like the charm bracelets.

It took Harry over six hours, one for each girl, to finish the runic arrays on the girls' back. The lucky wizard grinned as he gazed at the lightning bolts on each girl.

"Alright, it's only noon. By Sunday night I want you girls to have full control," Harry said. He gestured to the large box of glass balls.

"I have a feeling this is going to take a while," Daphne sighed as the glass ball in her hand smashed under her new strength. An action that happened to the other girls.


[June Tenth 1995: Thursday]

Harry was pacing outside the Education department of the French Ministry. The girls were inside currently taking their OWLs and NEWTs, just NEWTs for Fleur.

Harry knew that the girls would make all Os but that didn't stop him from worrying and pacing.

The door opened to reveal six very tired girls.

"Well?" Harry asked impatiently.

"The instructor said we would have our results in an hour," Fleur said tiredly as she rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand.

"Can we get something to eat while we wait?" Daphne asked with a light blush as her stomach growled.

"Of course," Harry agreed.

Ten minutes later and the group was sitting in the Ministry cafeteria. Dinner would be soon so the girls just had something to snack on.

"Harry, why didn't you take the exams with us?" Hermione asked as she ate her chips.

"I took them over Christmas break," Harry answered with a shrug.

"What?" Fleur asked surprised that she didn't know that. "What did you get?"

"Os in everything," Harry answered.

"Mr. Potter," an elderly old man said. Harry turned to the man who handed Harry six envelopes.

"What's that?" Hermione asked curiously.

"Your test results," Harry commented.

"Why did the man give them to you?" Hermione asked.

"You don't know?" Fleur asked the brunette. Hermione shook her head so the quarter Veela explained, "Having a Betrothal contract means that he has guardianship over us, well expect you."

"But you're of age and I don't have a contract with him," Hermione asked back.

"Doesn't matter about age with a Betrothal contract, Harry makes all major decisions," Fleur answered. At Hermione's look she explained, "It's just the way it works, Hermione. While it can be abused, you know that Harry would never do that."

"What about my results then?" Hermione asked, accepting what Fleur had said.

"Because he knew who I was and I paid for the exams," Harry answered. He handed the correct envelopes to the girls and watched amusedly as they carefully opened them like they would break the paper.

"So?" Harry asked.

One by one the girls handed Harry their letters. Each girl had gotten all Os, which made the lucky wizard very proud.

"Looks like I need to go yacht shopping," Harry commented with a small grin.

The grins he got were massive.


[June Twenty-Fourth 1995: Thursday]

"Earlier today I placed the Tri-wizards cup deep within the maze. Only I know its exact position. Now Mr. Potter and Mrs. Delacour," here you could barely see Dumbledore's grimace, "Have tied for first place, so they will be the first to enter the maze."

Harry nudged Fleur and turned his head towards the Beauxbatons section. Fleur had to blush when she saw the twenty foot sign of her in her school robes.

"Seems that your classmates support you," Harry laughed.

"It's because of you I'm not a spoilt bitch," Fleur reminded.

"At the sound of the cannon, Mr. Potter and Mrs. Delacour shall enter the maze," Dumbledore's voice sounded throughout the stadium.

Harry blinked as he had missed almost everything that the old man had said. A cannon echoed through the air and Harry, along with Fleur, calmly entered the maze.

"Can anyone even see us?" Fleur asked Harry as she followed her mate through the twists and turns of the maze.

"Nope," Harry answered. "Which means everyone is staring at a row of hedges."

Harry had already mapped out the maze while in Tunnel so it only took him fifteen minutes to get to where the Tri-wizard cup was.

"The cup is a portkey," Harry confirmed as he waved his wand over it. "Now, I'm allowing you to come because of how well you did in training. Reducto anything that moves."

Fleur nodded seriously with her wand drawn. It had taken over a month of arguing to allow her to come and she was going to prove that he could trust her in a combat situation.

As one, Harry and Fleur grabbed the Tri-wizard cup and felt the familiar yank of a portkey. The two zipped through the long tunnel that was a portkey where they landed exactly where they were supposed to.

Harry and Fleur quickly scanned the graveyard for any movement.

"Kill the spare," a voice hissed.

The two teens quickly turned to the sound to see a man carrying what looked like a baby. Before the man could raise his wand against the two, his head disappeared from two Reductos.

"What is going on?" the tiny thing demanded.

"Nice shot, flower," Harry praised as her spell had only been a little off mark.

"Thank you," Fleur said with a slight blush.

The lucky wizard waved his hand and the Babymort floated up to face him.

"Potter! What are you doing!" Babymort hissed out angrily.

"I'm about to kill you," Harry said simply.

"You can't kill me, Potter. I am Immortal!" Voldemort laughed out.

In response, Harry waved his hand again and every single Horcrux appeared in front of Voldemort. "You mean your Horcruxes?" Harry asked with a deep smirk.

Voldemort felt fear as the evil wizard tried to break the spell that was holding him.

Harry laughed at Babymort's attempts to break his hold. "You should know that you only have about a hundredth of your magical core. A Horcrux splits your soul and your magical core."

Voldemort's face was priceless at the thought of cutting his core into so many pieces.

"And so ends the rein of the Dork Lard Babymort," Harry said solemnly with a straight face.

The last thing Voldemort saw as a smirking Harry Potter and a giggling quarter Veela.

"So what now?" Fleur asked after the rather anticlimactic event.

"The Death Eater is already in place for Dumbledore," Harry told his mate. "All we have to do is portkey back. When they capture him, he'll sell out all his other Death Eater friends."

"I can't believe it's really about to be over," Fleur said as she shook her head.

"Yes, it seems like it went by too fast," Harry agreed.

Harry, along with Fleur, reached out and grabbed the Tri-wizard cup and were whisked away.

The pair landed back in the stadium where the third task had begun and were met with wild cheering.

"It seems both Mr. Potter and Mrs. Delacour have the cup. The Tri-wizard tournament is a draw!" Bagman shouted out over the crowd.

"Avada Kedavra," a voice whispered, unheard by the crowd. Before the curse could hit its mark, Harry traveled into Tunnel and destroyed Dumbledore's Horcrux. After the lucky wizard had exited Tunnel, the sickly green curse hit its mark.

Albus Dumbledore, supposedly most powerful wizard in the world, died as the killing curse stuck him in the back.

Screams echoed throughout the stadium as Dumbledore fell to the ground.

"Silence," Professor McGonagall shouted, her voice magically enhanced.

The wizard who cast the killing curse was on his knees with Professor Flitwick's wand under his throat.

Professor McGonagall slowly lowered the hood of the attacker and couldn't help but gasp when she saw that Severus Snape looked back at her.

"Why Severus?" McGonagall asked softly.

"Both Dark Lords had to die tonight," Snape said blankly. No one caught the meaning and they wouldn't until they questioned Snape with Veritaserum later that night. Snape's answers would rock the Wizarding World with all the dirty secrets of Albus Dumbledore.

"Excuse me, Professor," a man said as he roughly grabbed Snape. The man, an Auror, led Snape out of the stadium.

"Well that was unexpected," Harry commented, making the entire stadium turn to him.

"How can you be so calm? Professor Dumbledore is dead," a student demanded.

"We'll be leaving, Professor McGonagall," Harry said to the older women, ignoring the student.

McGonagall's face fell ever more, "Yes, I received your NEWT results just an hour ago."

"Sorry to run out in the chaos but we have a boat to catch," Harry told the Deputy Headmistress, not mentioning that the yacht couldn't leave without him.

"I'm sorry to see you go," Professor Flitwick told what had come to be his favorite group of students.

"Don't worry, Professor, I'll be watching," Harry grinned. He then snapped his fingers, for show, and one by one the girls disappeared. Harry waved goodbye to his Head of House before disappearing himself, leaving a stunned crowd.


[December Twenty-First 1995: Saturday]

"This was so worth the studying," Hermione sighed out as Rebecca rubbed sun tan lotion on her unclothed body.

"And worth the money of the yacht," Harry added as he gazed over the bodies of his six girls. The six months of sun bathing without any clothing had give the girls very nice full body tans.

They were currently in Australia, on a private beach, checking out the sights and the beaches.

"Someone just passed through the wards," Harry frowned.

"Passed through your wards?" Fleur asked with a raised eyebrow.

"They would have to be female and a witch," Harry told her.

"And young," Daphne added with a smirk.

"And single," Hermione also smirked.

"Alright, alright," Harry interrupted before they could continue.

"Umm, hi?" an unsure voice half said, half asked.

"Hello," Fleur greeted the witch, not even fazed that she was naked.

The witch in question had a heart shaped face. Her hair was pink and was in a skinny ponytail that went to her feet. The body of the witch was perfect; in its curves and portions. Her bikini was jet black, which looked amazing on her tanned body.

"My name is Harry," the lucky wizard greeted to the pink haired witch. The witch blushed at Harry's lack of clothing.

The rest of the girls introduced themselves and there was a short silence.

"Would you like to join us?" Fleur asked the witch that was still blushing.

"You mean sit down or join, join?" the witch asked in return as she gestured vaguely at the groups lack of clothing.

"I think you know which one," Fleur said, her mouth curving into a smile.

The witch hesitated before slowly undoing her bikini, letting both pieces fall to the ground. The girl had tan lines showing that she had never tanned without clothing.

"Don't worry, we'll fix those tan lines in no time," Daphne remarked as she grabbed the bottle of sun tan lotion.

"By the way, you never introduced yourself," Harry said.

The girl blushed in embarrassment at that fact and the fact that Daphne was now rubbing suntan lotion into her skin.

"Tonks. Nymphadora Tonks."