So here's the deal with this creation: None of these 'chapters' have anything to do with each other, whatsoever. They're just oneshots that come to mind, or prompts from the Puck/Rachel Drabble Meme over at LJ. I'm an avid Puckleberry fan, so if that's what you're looking for, you've come to the right place! :D

I'll be rating them all individually because different prompts inspire different ratings, as we most likely all know, but I doubt any of them will be below T because my version of Puck tends to swear...a lot.

This one is rated T for language.

The first time she did it, it sort of seemed like an accident. She even kind of stood there looking a little shocked and embarrassed, and he'd be lying if he said he wasn't going 'what the fuck just happened?' over and over in his head, but then she sort of caught herself and just started talking about whatever it was she'd invited him over for, and it was pretty much forgotten.

Until the next day, when she did it again. She made the cake for his little sister's birthday party (because his mom loved Rachel's baking. And okay, yeah, he liked it too) and when he opened the door, she said 'Hello, Noah.', stood up on her toes and planted one right on his right cheek. This time she didn't even miss a beat, just started in about how the cake was half chocolate, half vanilla just like his mom asked, and she even decorated it to match the theme of the party, which was Disney Princesses. (What? His sister was only ten. He was being forced to be there.)

And from that point on, it's just become a regular thing. It was always "Hi, Noah.", kiss, or "Hello, Noah.", kiss or some version of that. Maybe a 'good morning' or 'good evening' but it always, always, always ends with a kiss on his cheek. Sometimes, he has to wipe her lip gloss off his cheek to prevent looking like a total loser.

But lately, it's really starting to drive him nuts. They're just friends, aren't they?

Well, it was hard to remember that when she got close enough to kiss his cheek. Especially when she rested her hand on his shoulder, or chest, or arm in order to do so. And it's even worse when she smells like vanilla and something else (something fruity, he thinks strawberries) that just smells so damn good, it's all he can do not to wrap his arm around her so that she doesn't step back out of his smell zone.

After the gazillionth (you think he cares if that's not a real thing?) time she does it, he decides he's going to do something about it.

He invites her over to hang out while he babysits Hannah. (It's really a win-win because she loves Hannah and is totally down for playing Barbies and watching Beauty and the Beast a million times in one afternoon, and he gets paid to just sit on the couch and observe). But this time, he tells her to come up to his room because he's been working on a song for their new Glee assignment and he wants to hear her opinion. (Total bullshit, but it's easy to lie over a text message. Even to Rachel.)

He hears her coming up the stairs, telling Hannah to "Get Barbie and her friend in the gowns, and we'll go to the ball as soon as I come back downstairs!" He snorts and shakes his head as he stands and heads for his door. She knocks before just pushing it open.

"Hey, Rachel," he says.

"Hi, Noah," she responds, placing her hand on his forearm. He can tell by the way she leans that she's going for his left cheek, so he stays still. And at the very last second, he turns his head, causing their lips to collide. Rachel freezes and he takes the chance to weave his hand into her hair and turn angle her head to deepen the kiss. She tastes like bubble gum and smells like vanilla and he's pretty sure he's going to die really, really soon if he doesn't get more of it.

Rachel's grip on his arm tightens, and he feels her hand on his chest, but she doesn't push him away like he thinks she's going to. Instead, her hand balls into a fist in his shirt and she attempts to pull him closer, her other hand leaving his forearm and wrapping around his waist. He groans and weaves his other hand into her hair before slowly backing her up against his door, using their bodies to close it. She makes this soft whimpering noise and he pulls his lips away from hers before moving to her neck, up to her ear lobe, making her shudder

"RACHEL! ARE YOU COMING BACK DOWN?" Hannah's shrill voice interrupts from the bottom of the stairs.

"Fuck." he mutters, pulling his lips back from hers. He takes this chance to look her over.

Her hair is a total mess, her eyes are all wide and surprised, and her lips are kinda swollen. Fuck, she's hot.

"I have a ball to attend." she whispers, and he chuckles before attempting to smooth her hair down a bit.

"Yeah...Sure. I'll be down in a minute." he nods, taking a step back.

She straightens her shirt a bit and turns around, opening the door and taking a step out.

"Oh, but Rachel?" he says.

She looks at him from over her shoulder. "Yes?"

"I think it's safe to say we've gone from that cheek-kissing crap, to full on lip-locking every time you see me, right?" he asks.

She blushes, smiles, and bites her bottom lip. He seriously considers yanking her back in and starting all over again.

"Yes, I think we have." she says with a nod. "I expect you downstairs to watch Beauty and the Beast with us in twenty minutes or less!" she adds with a grin before disappearing down the stair way.

Okay, so he does go downstairs and watch it with them, but he totally doesn't get up and dance with Rachel when Hannah begs them to dance like Belle and the Beast do at the ball. (Read: He totally does, and loves it.)

Prompt: P/R friendship - Rachel develops a habit of kissing Puck's cheek as a 'hello' every time they see each other. It's slowly drives Puck crazy.