T Rating, but there's some mention of sexy times.

Normally, he's difficult to avoid, but she does a fucking bang-up job of it.

He catches glimpses of her, but every time she sees him coming, she darts into the girl's bathroom, or engages the nearest gleek in conversation and escorts that person down the hallway, or simply turns and walks in the opposite direction.

He's fucking sick of it.

He knows she always goes to the choir room early to warm up, so he makes sure to arrive just after her. He walks in and sees that she's at the piano with her back to him, sorting through some sheet music. She turns when she hears his footsteps and her face falls when she sees him.

"We need to talk." he states, and he watches her body go rigid. "About last weekend."

After a few seconds, she responds.

"Noah, I don't have the time to talk about this right now. I've got to warm up, and rehearse, because if Santana gets my solo again, I-"

He slams the door loudly, causing her to jump and gasp, whirling around to face him. He's in front of her in seconds, the anger evident on his face.

"You're done fucking avoiding me, Berry!" he snaps.

Anger flashes in her eyes and she pushes him away from her.

"You need to calm down!" she hisses. She turns back around and collects her music with a huff. "If you won't leave, I'll simply go warm up in the auditorium." she says, her nose in the air as she takes a step towards the door.

"We fucked, Berry." he says dryly and she gasps, her hand actually flying up and clamping over his mouth.

"Shh!" she hisses, looking around even though they're obviously the only ones in the room. He pushes her hand away. "You don't have to be so crass, or so loud, I remember what happened!" she says, putting her sheet music down with a little more force than necessary.

"Oh, you do? Well damn, who'd have known that with the way you've been fucking dodging my ass all week?" he asks rhetorically, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring down at her.

She has the decency to look a little bit guilty. "I'm...sorry. I was just trying to process everything, Noah. You have to understand that what we did was wrong." she nods, looking at him seriously.

He rolls his eyes. "We fucked, Berry, and you loved it." he says and her jaw drops before she gets this really pissed off expression on her face.

"You are so vulgar! How can you not understand that if word about what happens gets out, Finn is going to be...destroyed!" she says angrily and loudly, her breath hitting his face because she's basically shouting up at him.

"You're fucking full of it if you think you can just pretend it didn't happen, Rachel! It was the best damn sex you've ever had." he says and she gapes for a second before shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

"The quality of the inappropriate time we had doesn't matter, what matters is the fact that I cheated on the boy I'm supposed to be in love with!" she says, her little hands balling into fists at her sides.

He hears three words.

Supposed to be.

"What do you mean supposed to be?" he asks her, and she blinks. Suddenly, she's backing away, blushing as red as her red and white argyle sweater.

"The boy I am in love with...The boy I'm in love with..." she corrects, nodding adamantly. He smirks.

"Tryin' to convince me or yourself?"

She glares. "Shut up! The bottom line is that what happened last weekend was a terrible mistake." she nods.

He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Whatever. He's not even sure why the fuck he wanted this conversation.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm always the fuckin' mistake." he mutters as he turns around.

She makes this little noise, and then he feels her hand on his shoulder. "Noah, please, that isn't what I meant." she says softly, and he turns towards her, keeping his expression stony.

"It's exactly what you fuckin' meant, Rach. I'm always Mr. Right Now, never fucking Mr. Right." he says angrily, and her eyes look a bit sad.

"Noah, things are...complicated." she nods, and he rolls his eyes. "I'm serious! I do care about you, I do, I just-"

"You just choose Finn. You girls always fucking do. Believe me, Berry, I'm used to it. He's the God damn fucking golden boy. You don't think I know that?" he asks, his voice laced with irritation and hurt.

She bites her bottom lip and averts her eyes. He shakes his head and turns around with a scoff. Whatever. He's fucking done with this shit.

"Noah, wait!" she calls once he's almost to the door.

"What?" he snaps, not turning around.

"If I'm completely honest with you...you have to promise not to get any more angry." she says softly.

He turns around slowly and takes a deep breath. "Shoot." he says.

She nods and squares her shoulders like she's about to perform in front of a crowd instead of hash out her totally honest feelings. He raises an eyebrow expectantly.

"I love Finn." she starts, and he rolls his eyes. "But last weekend, when we...did what we did..." she says, and she's blushing again and he smirks because he totally loves that the memory itself can make her blush. "I felt something...something I know I'm not supposed to feel for someone who isn't my boyfriend." she says, looking down at her hands as she fiddles with her fingers. "That's why I've been avoiding you so thoroughly. I've been attempting to push the feelings away and hoping to forget them entirely." she nods.

He thinks he likes where this is going.

"But...but every time I see you, or...the choreography makes us touch during rehearsals...or even when I feel your eyes on me..." She looks up at him through her lashes and he realizes that they've slowly gravitated towards each other throughout her little speech. "I feel something for you, Noah. And I can't get it, or you, or last weekend, out of my head." she whispers, looking up at him with her big doe eyes.

His hand comes up and cradles her cheek softly, and as soon as skin touches skin, her eyes flutter shut and his stomach does this weird flippy thing that it only does when she's around.

"Berry," he whispers and her eyes snap open to look at him. "I want you." he whispers.

Her little pink tongue darts out to lick her lips and he smirks because she interpreted those words different than how he meant them. Well...sort of. Because he meant it both ways.

"I want all of you." he continues. "Not just the physical stuff, but all the other stuff that comes with it. I wanna be the dude you call your boyfriend. I wanna be the guy that gets to walk down the hallway holding your hand. I wanna be the dude that you fall asleep thinking about every night." he says softly, his thumb rubbing her cheek softly.

"Lately, you have been." she responds in a breathy tone.

He takes a step closer so that he can feel her body heat.

"Yeah?" he asks, leaning closer to her lips. Her hand comes up and lands on his chest, bunching in his shirt. "Been thinkin' dirty thoughts?" he asks with a smirk.

She scoffs and her hand unbunches to smack him. "Really, Noah, you just ruined a perfectly good moment with you-"

He doesn't let her finish. Instead, he kisses her. She lets out this little whimper that he really fucking loves and he grabs her skirt and pulls her body flush against his, simultaneously backing her against the piano. When her body comes in contact with the solid object, she gasps and breaks their kiss, turning her head and giving him perfect fucking access to her neck, which he happily takes advantage of.

"Noah," she breathes as he nips and kisses at her neck.

"Yeah?" he responds in a husky tone before he sucks at the spot below her ear that he remembers gets a really good reaction.

"Ahh!" she gasps, her hand once again bunching in the front of his shirt. "Mm...N-Noah!" she whimpers craning her neck away from him and pushing on his chest.

He pulls his lips away from her neck but doesn't step back 'cause she actually feelsreally fucking perfect right where she is. "Yeah, baby?" he drawls, licking his lips hungrily as he looks down at her.

She shudders and closes her eyes. "God, I hate how you do that." she whispers, and he chuckles.

"No you don't." he argues.

"The way you say that, it just-"

"Say what?" he prompts. He leans close to her ear. "Baby," he whispers in a low, husky tone while simultaneously brushing his finger along her neck.

"I told you last weekend would be the last time." she says in a shaky voice and he smirks as he pulls back.

"You say that every time." he says.

"Well...I thought I meant it that time." she sighs in frustration.

He chuckles and grins at her. "You say that every time too." he laughs.

"Oh...shut up." she mutters, shaking her head. She licks her lips and then drapes an arm around his neck. "So you'll come over after my fathers go to bed?" she asks, reaching up and running her finger down his jaw line.

"As usual." he responds with a smirk.

She smiles and leans forward, pressing a chaste kiss against his lips. "Excellent." she says before she weasels her way out of his arms and towards the door.

"The hell, Berry?" he exclaims. She giggles and looks over her shoulder at him.

"Glee is about to start, Noah." she says.

"Yeah, and?" he asks incredulously, gesturing to the bulge in the front of his pants.

"And the janitor's closet on the second floor is looking incredibly lonely this afternoon, don't you agree?" she asks with an impish smile, raising an eyebrow.

Fuck yes he agrees.