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Prove To Me

By Waterrain

I can clearly remember my first meeting with Moon Jae Shin and we were both thirteen years old. At the time he was being rather bad, dressed up in what I had thought at the time to be girl's clothing, and he had painted his lips a dark red. That was how I met him and at the moment believed him to be a girl although one with a rather messy, but yet adorable little pony tail on top of that long black hair and the outfit looked in poor condition.

It was funny on how Jae Shin had his arms crossed, eyes looking straight ahead, he was quiet, and didn't say a word to me. I released a giggle just to see if he would look my way, but Jae Shin refused to look or say a word. So I giggled louder and he looked at me with such an expression that caused me to laugh uncontrollably.

"What are you laughing about?"

"You are very interesting."

"Crazy. I wasn't saying anything and I wasn't even looking at you. So how am I still interesting?"

I grinned at him and put my index finger on those pouty lips.

"It is a secret my dear Jae Shin."

"I'm not your dear and if you say my dear again I'll smack you."

I moved my finger away, smiled at him, and started to snicker.

"You are crazy." Jae Shin informed me and his arms were crossed. "Giggling, laughing, and snicker over nothing."

"It is not over nothing, Jae Shin." I cheerfully told him, he gave me a look, and sighed heavily. "Like I said prove to me that you-"

"I'm not entertaining. You are crazy for thinking I'm interesting."

I smiled at him and Jae Shin rolled his eyes at me.

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