Chapter 1: A New Case

"What did you just say?" Naru asked.

Madoka let out a small pout, "Are you even listening to me? I said that Mai-chan might be in danger! A client came to me a few days ago saying something about being haunted by a school classmate that died just a few months ago."

"And just what does that have to do with Mai?" Naru asked uninterested.

Madoka huffed irritably, "Well, the client said that whenever the ghost appears, the ghost would often said a name and then said that no one can have her."

"And he was saying Mai's name?" Naru said in particular.

"Precisely," Madoka huffed, "At first I thought it was some other Mai, but when I did a school check on the student that attends the client's school, I found Mai-chan, and above all, she was the only Mai that attends the school."

"Which school did the client attends?"Naru asked; a bit interested.

"Sakurako High School, out in the countryside," Madoka grinned.

A confused look appeared on Naru's face for a split second, "Mai attend Haze High school, not Sakurako."

"Maybe Mai-chan transferred; after all, it's been a year since SPR closed down. She probably thinks you two are still in England," Madoka said knowing.

"Explain the case once again. Start from where you left off," Naru said quietly, putting down his binder that he was presently doing some work in.

"Okie!" Madoka chirped, "Let see," she begin, "I did some research on the student that died and it seems like he and Mai-chan are childhood friends. The student's name is Yukiyo Takumi. His health paper says here," she pulls out a file from her bag besides her, "that Yukiyo Takumi has a weak heart and that he wouldn't live long. That is probably why he died." Madoka handed Naru the file. "I went to Mai-chan's school to be sure if Mai-chan is really attending Sakurako High," she continued, "It seems I was right. Mai-chan transferred a few months before Yukiyo Takumi died. I asked around and also found a rather interesting story."

Naru looked up from the papers, "What story?"

Madoka grinned happily; with an visible flowerily aura behind her, "Mai-chan and Yukiyo-kun's love story!"

A sudden glare replaced Naru's eyes; including a dark aura around him, "Madoka."

"Ok, ok, I won't toy with your fragile heart," she waved a bit and then continue on with her story, "The student at Mai-chan's school said that Yukiyo-kun really likes Mai-chan very much, and that when he died, he was calling out her name until his last breath. Some students that attend Sakurako High are related to some students in Haze, so rumors started spreading about. Though it was rumor, I suspect that the reason Yukiyo Takumi is restless is because of Mai-chan. So I think it is best if you contact Mai-chan as soon as possible before something terrible happens. Oh, and you should probably called everyone, including Yasuhara-san. He might be useful in researching."


"Mimi! Dinner time!"

A girl with dark brown hair ties into a pony tail stood form her desk and gently put down her pencil. She got up and walk towards the door. She grabs the door knob and gently twists it, but halfway through, a sudden chill filled the air. She puff out air and could clearly see white puffy cloud-like air.

"Mai," someone whispered from behind her, "No one is allowed to have her."

Mimi froze in her state. Her body started to tremble as soon as she heard footsteps. The steps came closer and closer and closer until she could feel cold breath against her ear. "She's mine," the voice said. "!"


"That's odd, where's Mai?" Monk-san asked as he eyed the familiar faces. Masako, John-san, Yasuhara-san, Ayako, were there but Mai isn't anywhere to be seen.

"Maybe she's running a little late," Ayako guessed.

"Maybe you're right," Monk-san sighed and ruffle his hair, "I haven't that girl for over a year now. I wonder how she's doing."

"Thank you all for coming," Naru said as he and Lin-san enters the room with Madoka waving behind them.

"Well then, I'll start with the case," Naru said instantly, ignoring Madoka's presence.