Ok. This is my first fic so please don't be too hard on me when you review this.

Me: Okay, I think that about sums it up.  What do you think, Frodo?                                                     Frodo: I liked it fine, though it was a little…weird.

Me: Well thanks a lot for nothing!

Sam: I liked it! It had Elves in it!

Everyone but me: Sam!!

Me: Well, thanks Sam. I know you're lying but thanks any way!

Pippin: I've read worse, (especially with all those slash ones) I'm sure yours is ok for a first fic.

Me: O!!! I feel so loved now! I just have to hug you, Pippie!

Pippin: Pippie? What?  Aaaaaahhhhhh!

(I hug him and ruffle his little curly head. Pippin thinks: Why does everyone do that to us Hobbits?)

Frodo: I didn't say it was bad…

Me: I know! Now I have to hug you too! Merry, Sam, its your turn next!

(Merry: Nooo! Runs and hides under my desk with Pippin close behind him.  Sam stands in the middle of the room with a confused look on his face.  Frodo blushes as I hug him and then he just looks at me with those big blue eyes of his and I know now that I am going to die if he looks at me any longer.  Just then rubber bands go flying across the room and I look back to see Pippin in complete awe until Merry shots him in the back of the head. Okay…with is too much!  On with the story…


        This is my story.  My name is Anodien.  I am an Elf and I live in Rivendell in Middle Earth.

My father was a very honorable, respected Elf. His name was Ithildin which means Starmoon in our tongue.  My mother and I were very proud of him.  We lived in Rivendell with Elrond.  Then the dark   

times came and the dark Lord Saruon began to take over Middle Earth.  Elrond and Celebron called the Elves together and asked them to come and fight with Gondor and Rohan's men.  My father choose to go and fight.  I went with him as far as Lothlorien and was forced to stay there until his return. I was only 250 years old then and a very young, foolish girl.  I gave no thought to the outer appearance and I made friends very easily there in Lothlorien.  I thought I would never want to leave that wonderful place.  One of the closest friends I made was a girl by the name of Elithraniel.  She was a beautiful girl about a hundred years or so older than me but much shyer than me.

            When some more of the Evlen soldiers came, they planned to throw a big celebration to see them off.  Among them were some very handsome Elves...or so we heard.  Elithraniel was very nervous and she was frightened to go out that night.  She is twice as beautiful as I was and as I was braiding her beautiful dark hair, she seemed to shiver with fear and excitement both.  She wore the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen.  It was a pale colour of rose petals and shimmer whenever she moved.  She seemed to glow with a beauty only found in the heart of an Elf. I knew she could capture the heart of any Elf if she was bold enough to even speak to him.  She meet an angel of an Elf if there ever was one and they feel in love almost the minute they looked into each other's eyes.

            He went off to battle and never returned.  She was heart broken.  I tried my best to comfort her but it did no good.  I feared she would die but thank Earindil she didn't.  Then I got news that my father had been killed in the battle and I didn't know what to think.  I just ran into the forests of Lorien and I never wanted to leave them.  I cried until I thought my heart would break and I fell to the ground.  I thought I had died but when I awoke I was lying in a patch of elanor and niphredil, two very beautiful winter flowers.  I watched the flowers for the longest time.  The pale smile of the niphredil blossom and the cheery yellow of the elanor blossoms that softly bend in the winds gave me a strange feeling.  A feeling of peace and happiness.  It made me think of my father and he wouldn't want me to be unhappy but to live my life to its fullest. 

            I lived in Lothlorien for two thousand more years because I had learned that my mother had died of a broken heart over my dear father's death.  Galadriel took me in for a time and taught me many things.

Elithraniel and I were best friends and never went any where without the other.  Elithraniel seemed to grow more beautiful with every year where as I still looked like a freckled little Elf of only a few hundred years.  My hair was not dark, which was strange on account that I was born in Rivendell and I should have had a wondrous dark beauty, but my hair was instead as fair as the evening star and reached down passed my knees.  That was my only remarkable beauty and if I had been a warrior, I would have had to cut off about two to three feet of my hair, for to ride an Elvish horse, it is nearly impossibly to ride with hair any longer than two or three feet long.

            I finally choose to return to Rivendell where I was greeted very warmly.  I missed the forests of Lothlorien very much, though I loved being home again in Rivendell.  I live another thousand and half years in the quiet silence of the west. 

            Then something strange began to happen. Something dark had crept back into the world but what it was, I couldn't tell.  (I liked to go out into the land around Rivendell which isn't the smartest thing to do but I enjoyed every once in a while to meet someone with news of the world of men.) Every time I wore a cloak, the more my real identity was concealed.  I found I could mix more easily that way than with my true appearance. I would often travel to Bree to hear the news of strange new creatures like Humans and especially Hobbits. I found myself enjoying the traveling and news.  Now I will tell you the real story.