Sometime in my time of darkness, I would drift in and out of dark, dreadful dreams. I would see myself lying on the ground, my face pale. Laying around me were the bodies of the people that I knew. I saw Lindir, Legolas, Arwen, Elrohir, and Elladan. I saw Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo. I was Robin, Faramir, and Eowyn. I saw my mother and my father. All but my mum and father looked alive, not dead but just sleeping. I slowly got up and walked around, looking at their bodies. What was going on?

The floor of the room was an ice cold and sent shivers up and down my spine. I looked around the room I was in. It was a fairly small room, but the ceiling was high, supported by great pillars. The room was windowless and there were no doors. Fear crept into my heart. I felt caged.

In the very center of the high ceiling was settled in gold and silver a star that gave off a bright light, but as time past, the light was dimmed.

Darkness was settling on the room, but their bodies gave off a light. The darkness kept on pressing. Legolas and Lindir rose and they cried out to me to come toward the Light. I reached out to them but the darkness seemed to grabbed me and pull me down. I struggled and got free but it grabbed me again and dug its poison into my stomach. I cried out in pain and I fell to my knees. The darkness surrounded me and conquered.

But then, such a Light shone, that the darkness released me. I lay on the ground, clutching my stomach. The man from which the Light shone knelt beside me and placed his hand on my stomach. He muttered, "Come healed and live..." and put something in my wound. The pain stopped. Legolas and Lindir appeared over the man's shoulder and they helped me up.

Lindir carried my to a stone table and laid me on it. "Now you will understand the night.sleep well, sister."

Legolas smiled and placed his hand on my forehead. Sleepover came me then and after they had left, I fell into a deep, dreamless and painless sleep. But during the darkness of the night, an evil spirit came and took me into the depths. It tormented me and brought me to utter despair.

"You have no true friends," It hissed. "You are alone, no one can save you."

"That's not true," I cried.

"Then where are they? Why haven't they come?" I couldn't answer. It smirked. "Your father didn't keep his promise.he left you."

My head swam and my lips trembled. I sank painfully to my knees. "No," I whispered. "That's not true."

"He's never coming'll never have anyone's love."

"I have Lindir's! I have my friends!"

It shook its head. "No," it hissed. "They are false.they abandoned you at the first sign of darkness." I shook my head and covered my ears but its voice snaked into my head. It breathed out everything that I had never had. It convinced me that life was not worth living anymore. "Everyone wants you dead. Your mother left you, your father left you, Lindir only sees you as a sister because he lost his, he will leave you too when he goes over the Sea, you will be all alone and you will live in fear and darkness. You have nothing left."

Tears streamed down my face. The cold began to creep to my stomach again and pain stabbed deep within me. I felt that everything that it hissed out at me was one did love me.everyone I had cared about left me.alone in this cold world. Lindir was going to leave, so what could I do?

It smirked. It knew that it had gotten me where it wanted. It hissed out one final thing. "You have no more hope."

No more hope.was that true? Wait, hadn't Faramir said that the alliance was coming back? That could be hope, right? I was confused now.I didn't know the truth from the lies. But then, I remembered waking up all those long years ago, in the forest of Lorien, surrounded by the elanor. I had thought that I couldn't make it but I had, I'd lived to see the morning light. I realized that there was still hope; there always will be hope in the world, no matter how small it is.

I looked up at the faceless devil and nodded. "You're right. You know, you might have had me, if you'd shut your foul mouth earlier than you had." It stared at me. I shrugged. "You've lost. Sorry. There's always hope.always."

The pain and cold left my stomach and Light entered the dark place. I blinked and then found myself lying on cold stone, in the room. Legolas peered down at me, holding my hand tightly. I stared up at him and he smiled. "You drifted into dark dreams. We thought that maybe we would lose you. But you came thru. I'm glad." He kissed my forehead lightly. "You are strong, young one. May the grace of the Valor always protect you.Er elen kal laure menel.(one star shines gold [in] heaven) for you.Tinuviel.(daughter of twilight)"

"hm.why do you call me that? It is Arwen Evenstar that is like to her."

"She is, but you are the Tinuviel to Lindir and to are our sister." Legolas kissed me on the cheek. "You are blessed."

I smiled sleepily. "Then you both are Lomion (sons of Twilight).let me sleep brother, for I am tired."

"Sleep then, deep sister and I shall tell Lindir what you have said. Namarrie."

"Namarrie." I whispered as I drifted into the first peaceful sleep I had had in a long time. "So, I now have two brothers who love me."

one or two more chapters, and then it will be complete.