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What if the Black Order happened across a dying Noah? The Order wouldn't let that kind of opportunity pass them by right? Because the Black Order is all about fu**ing with things they shouldn't. So I am taking that idea and mixing it with Kanda and Alma's past!

Allen is not a Second Exorcist! She is something else…

I'm sorry if you don't like it… but I had to… the stupid bunny wouldn't leave me alone!

Warning: Fem!Allen. Me and my crazy ideas… and keep in mind that Noah's are crazy…?

Special thanks to Belletiger BT! Your so cool for giving me ideas and helping with working out the plot bunny's! The title of this fic Belletiger BT came up with! Thank you! : )

"Why female?" a voice spoke up from the just outside the large room that she had been taken to shortly after waking. The sound soft and muffed, but she could hear them just as clearly as if they were standing in front of her. Her silver eyes stayed focused on the man before her though. Her small pale hands resting softly against the cold metal bed that she was sitting on.

The young blonde haired man offered her a smile as he finished unhooking her from the machines that could read her heart beat and brain waves, what ever those were…

One pale hand rose from the bed and took a fist full of the young mans blonde hair as he removed the last sticky thing from her brow. Her pink bottom lip sticking out in a pout as the young man flinched and hissed in pain and demanded for her to let it go. Her head tilted to the left, her short white hair swishing and brushing across her pale cheeks with the motion. Her lips sliding into a happy smile as the man gingerly uncurled her small figures from his hair, his touch soft but warm…

She could hear that soft whisper better now, it seemed to be stronger when they touched. But then that whisper wasn't right, she didn't know why it wasn't right, just that it wasn't. She wanted to find the right one…

"The answer is simple, Renee." A new voice spoke up from the other side of the two metal doors just over the young blonde mans shoulder. "Females tend to form stronger emotional bonds. That will make it easer to control her." The doors opened and two people entered the room, the young man releasing her hand and turning to great the two new adults. One was a young woman also with blonde hair, the other an older looking man that she found that she was not at all interested in.

His sound was bad.

They were looking at her now, the older man talking to her, but she wasn't at all interested in what he had to say. His right eyebrow rose, and she found this amusing, a few long moments after he was done speaking. The small four year old girl decided that she didn't like the older males voice either. It wasn't at all like the sound that she wanted to hear.

Her silver eyes turned from the three before her. Her small bare feet swing to the beat of the sound that she wanted. Her eyes traveled around the room, looking and taking in the two males dressed in red that stood at the door and the two others that stood to her left and to her right. They were not right also.

The young man spoke up and the young child turned to look at him, her lips sliding into a wide smile as she listened to him talk. He was asking her if she remembered anything. But that was a silly question, she had just woke up a short time ago.

"And what are we going to call it?" the young woman was then asking the older man, her blues eyes looking at her coldly. Her full pink lips twisting down into a frown. The small and thin four year old stretched her lips wider, the blonde man liked it when she smiled, his sound turning happy. So this female should like it to.

When the young blonde female narrowed her eyes at her, the small child turned her silver eyes away and her smile fell. He didn't much like the blonde haired woman either. Her sound was angry, because she could hear that whisper coming from her and it was so cold and hateful…

She didn't like it. That sound was not what she wanted to hear. Maybe they were broken? The little girl stilled her feet from their rhythmic swinging. Her eyes narrowing, watching the three adults now talk to each other.

"A name?" the older man grumbled out, and the young man offered a few suggestions, but the little girl didn't like how any of them sounded. Her pink lips pulling down into a frown.

Maybe if she showed them the right sound to make, the proper tone, and the correct words to speak, maybe they could do it right?

The little girl waited until the young man looked back at her, and her lips quickly slid into a happy smile for him. Her small lips parted but her tongue wouldn't move right. Her silver eyes taking notice as all three adults stopped their talking and were now looking at her. She tried harder…

"Th-en th-e" she whispered softly, her voice coming out haltingly, but her tone was the proper tune for the sound that she wanted to hear. She knew the words that she also wanted, like how she knew that she was a child and they were adults. "B-oy wen-t to sle-ep..."

They were looking at her, the older man frowning. His dark eyes cold, like the young woman's that stood next to him. The little girl turned her eyes to look at the young man.

He had been trying to find a name to call her, but she already had one. Her lips parted again, her intent to tell the young blonde haired man her name. But when she went to speak it, she found it gone. Her white eyebrows knitting together in confusion. "Ne.. al …ker." But that wasn't right. Her two pale crème colored hands moved to touch the young man, her silver eyes asking him for help.

Because his sound was nice, it wasn't angry or hateful or cold. The young man's grey eyes blinked at her out stretched hands, clearly confused. Her mouth opened again, the name that was whispering there just out of her reach, fading to nothing. She tried to speak her name once more, before it was all the way gone. "El… e…"

"She seems rather taken with you, Bak." the older man said in cold interest. His bark eyes watching her, and she didn't like it. The young man, Bak must be his name, frowned at the older male. His grey eyes turned back to her after a few long seconds, her hands still held out to him expectantly.

His mouth slid into a smile, his eyes flashing with curiosity. "Are you trying to tell us your name?" At her nod the adults all seem to become tense. The room becoming cold and the small little thing of a girl wanted to cower, but then a deep and smooth voice, musical and just the right tone, called out to her from one side of the room.

Her hands still held out before her, the small child turned her head to the source of that beautiful sound. Her soft and short white hair once again ghosting across her pale cheeks. Her silver eyes landed on a mirror, it was large and set in the wall, and the child some how knew that it was a mirror that one could sand on the other side and watch people through…

But that didn't matter. A shadowy figure that was dressed like a proper gentleman smiled at her from within the dark glass. His being was black as night, but his eyes, smile and coat were white as the brightest light. The only true color that she could see was the red ribbon tied around his neck.


The little girl decided that she liked red. Red was her favorite color…

The shadow smiled wider at her, one hand raising to point at her. His white swirling eyes narrowed and he spoke again. "Ellen."

Her lips stretched wider on her small pale face. Her silver eyes not looking away from the shadows white. Her pink lips parted again, her tongue moving to sing the words in a voice that was like the shadows but not. It was softer and lighter… "El l-en~ Ell-en~"

Her eyes turned back to look into Bak's wide and surprised grey eyes. Her pink lips stretching even wider, her head again tilting. Her voice was young and soft, but it flowed with that right musical pitch. "Ellen.~"

The shadow in the mirror chuckled at her, his smile widening even further…

… Um yeah… plot bunny that has run rampant after I FINALLY got to read the Alma Arc. I so loved the look into Kanda's dark past. And little Yu is just so cute! : )

And no, this will not going to be a Yullen fic. It will at some point be a Poker Pair fic. Why? because some *cough* bitch *cough* already has Kanda's heart and Allen (girl or guy) belongs to Tyki. I will change the characters to Tyki and Allen when Tyki shows up in the fic.… if I ever get there…

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