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This chapter takes place about two weeks after last chapter.

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"Then the boy went to sleep, and one or two embers alive in the ashes flared up in the shape of your beloved face. ~"

Soft and caring hands gently brushed her soft white hair, little Ellen sat upon her bed and continued to sing softly. The lullaby flowing from her lips like she was born to sing this song, this melody.

Road, her new friend, humming along. The brush strokes following the rhythm of the lullaby. The doll the old Bookman had given her would take a human form once Ellen had been locked within her room for the night. The other girl insisting on playing a game or two, then on brushing her soft white hair as the small child sang.

Road loved to hear little five year old Ellen sing. Many nights having passed since the Bookman had given Ellen the living doll. The other girl had been so full of questions that first night, asking her how old little Ellen was and what was her favorite food. Road insisting on playing with her white hair and picking through all her things.

When the small five year old had asked the other girl why she was silent, Road had simply giggled. The twelve year old placing a finger to her widely grinning lips and saying in a secretive whisper that dreams didn't have a melody.

Little Ellen didn't understand, but Road said that soon she would. So the small little girl was content to have someone to talk to and sing for. Road would listen for hours and not try and stop her from singing, Ellen loved it…

But then little Ellen was getting tired, and she really should be sleeping.

"Road, I'm tired..." The small five year olds words followed by a long yawn, Ellen not wanting to go to sleep, but knowing that she wasn't going to be able to stay awake for much longer. The blue haired girl giggled and paused in brushing Ellen's white hair. The other girl chucking the brush over the side of the bed carelessly, then hugging the smaller girl.

"Ok~, but you'll have to do me a favor.~" The older girl sang out, letting go of little Ellen and moving to sit before her. The smaller girl nodding her head eagerly, Road having never asked her for anything other than for Ellen to sing for her. "Tomorrow, leave me someplace where no one will find me."

Little Ellen frowned at this, but slowly nodded her head. Road giggled again and gave her a bigger and tighter hug. "Don't worry, I just want to do a little exploring. I'll come back." The older girl soothed, picking up of small little Ellen's worry.

With that her friend turned back into a doll. The five year old child yawning and picking up the doll, then snuggling under the covers, sleep quickly coming to whisk little Ellen away into her dreams...

The next day started normally, little Ellen had been woken up by her Nii-san. Then the white haired child went to eat breakfast, she did more testing and things that were really boring. The small little girl was finding it hard to stay awake during most of her testing, though that had a lot to do with the fact that her new friend would want to play and talk when little Ellen should really be sleeping.

The small child held her blue haired doll closer, Ellen's Nii-san pulling her back another step as the body of a young boy came flying through the air and hit the hard stone wall next to them with a loud thwack. The little girls silver eyes turning to look at the boy that had thrown Alma clear across the room.

Yu stood and glared, his wounds already healing as he picked up a chair and prepared to charge his 'friend'. Though Edger and one of the other male scientists were on the eight year old boy before he could take even a step. Yu growled and swore, but then the older boy relented only after a halfhearted attempt to get away.

Lots of things confused little Ellen, lots of things didn't make sense to the small girl. Though that didn't stop her from asking questions and trying to make sense of why humans did what they did.

Today was one of those days that the small petite five year old had a hard time understanding what was happening.

Little Ellen didn't understand, her silver eyes turning to a piece of paper that had red color crayon markings on it, the markings forming a picture the small little girl had drawn. It had been a simple picture of Alma and Yu…

Ellen didn't understand why Yu had gotten so angry, the blue haired boy had said some very rude words to her regarding her picture. Alma had told Yu to not be so mean, that Ellen's picture wasn't that bad.

And five year old Ellen didn't understand why he had gotten only angrier when Alma had said that…

It was now, as she watched Yu being ushered out of the lunch room through one door and Alma the other, that little Ellen had come to the conclusion that they were broken. Alma and Yu were broken.

They fought, they were mean…

Or it was Yu who was mean, and Alma was just fought back. The little girl just didn't understand why, they were supposed to be together. The small little five year old knew this like how she just seemed to know things.

It was so confusing.

Her silver eyes turned up to look at her sighing Nii-san, Bak looking worn and tired. Little Ellen's lips pulled down into a frown, her small hands holding tighter to the picture that she had drawn and her squishy blue haired doll. "Nii-san," the small child started, her voice quiet and soft. "Why didn't Yu like my picture?"

The young blond scientist blinked and his grey eyes turned from the destruction of the room to look at her. Bak sighed again and kneeled next to her, his tune telling little Ellen that he was unsure how to phrase his next words. "Umm…" the young man sighed heavily again, a finger scratching at his cheek. "Well…"

Ellen tilted her head, her silver eyes blinking in infinite patience, the little girl waiting for her Nii-san to answer her question. The young blond was looking so lost and unsure on how to answer Ellen's seemingly innocence question. After what felt like forever, Bak finally cleared his throat and nodded his head in finality. "Well Ellen, you should ask Edgar. He can tell you." And with that her Nii-san stood and took off like that one time that Ellen had made him lunch.

The little small five year old was left standing in the cafeteria blinking in deeper confusion, the child looking down at her picture of Yu kissing Alma with nice BIG red hearts all around them.

Everyone was just so confusing.

Ellen didn't understanding…

The little girl's silver eyes turned to look at her doll that she held in her right arm. Road had said that it was a nice picture, she had been the one to tell poor confused little Ellen to add the hearts even.

And to make sure to draw them BIG.

"Nii-san left us alone Road. I thought I wasn't supposed to be alone…" Ellen whispered to her doll as the little girl started to make her way out of the large room in search of Edgar, like Bak had said. Ellen not sure where she was going but determined, the small little girl just now realizing that she had never been this alone before.

There was a man in red following her, but he didn't count.

Though, at least she wasn't really that alone, she did have Road with her after all.

Ellen glanced around, the halls to the left and the right of her empty, the child not sure which way to go. Her dilemma was solved a moment later when one of the other scientist came walking around the corner.

Ellen smiled and run up to the man, he wasn't Edgar, but he should be able to answer her question, or at least tell her where Edgar was. The brown haired man seemed a little put off when the small five year old came to a stop before him. The child ignored it and offering the adult a wider and hope filled smile.

"Hello!" little Ellen said in a polite and happy tone, her silver eyes glancing at her picture as she held it up so the tall adult could see. The scientist took one look at the picture and frowned oddly, the small little child tilting her head as she heard the man's sound change to a mildly displeased tune that Ellen didn't recognize, but the child did know that she didn't like it.

But the change in the scientist's sound didn't detour the little white haired girl from asking her question. "Hello, can you tell me what's wrong with my picture?" Little Ellen asked softly. The child waiting for an answer, the man glancing at her picture again, then frowned deeper.

"You should ask Bak, or Edgar." The man said, then he was moving past her, not once looking back. The small little girl frowned and watched him go.

The small child pouted and turned her eyes to her Road doll again. "I think grownups are so confusing." Ellen said in a hushed whisper so the man in red couldn't hear her. The small little girl continuing on down the hall until she found that she was diffidently lost.

Little Ellen making sure that she was really lost by walking down a few more halls. She was five after all, and should be able to get unlost without having to get help. The small girl continued on walking for another five minutes.

Then her small pink lips twisted into a deeper pout.

The small child turning her silver eyes to the man in red that was always following a few long steps behind her. The little white haired girl offering the adult a sheepish smile as his tune shifted into one of frustration. "I'm lost. What way do I go to find Nii-san?"

The young man heaved a heavy sigh, and was most likely frowning, though Ellen couldn't tell because of the red thing over his face. She could see his hair though, which was blond like her Nii-san's. "This way…" the young man muttered, his voice muffled by his mask as he turned to show her where she needed to go.

"You can talk?" Little Ellen breathed out in captivated fascination. The child completely amazed with this new revolution. The small girl having always thought that the men in red couldn't talk.

The young man's sound shifted into a deeper melody of frustration laced with confusion. "Of course I can talk-" The young man started to say, but stopped as Ellen practically ran the short distance that was between them and stood before the adult with her silver eyes staring up at him.

Little Ellen could feel her curiosity bobbling up in her chest as she thought of at least two dozen things to ask the man in red. "Why do you wear that red mask thing? What's your name? Why do you follow me everywhere? Do you-" the next words Ellen whispered in an almost horrified voice, "-Have to not talk because you'll get in trouble if you do? I won't tell that you talked! I promise!"


Suddenly little Ellen remembered that she had been in search of an answer to why no one seemed to like her picture. The small little girl silver eyes turning to look at the picture before raising it before herself and showing it to the very confused man in red. "Why didn't Yuu like my picture?" Ellen asked suddenly, her other questions forgotten in favor of her much more important question.

"There you are Ellen." A winded voice called out, the little girl looking around the irritated and confused man in red to see Edgar approaching them at a slow run. The five year old smiling nice and wide and was very happy to see him.

Little Ellen and the man in red were both happy to see him, because according to his sound the small five year old could tell that the man in red was very happy to see the other adult.

"I'm sorry about my son running off…" Edgar said to the young blond man that Ellen had been talking to. The man in red huffed and straitened. "It won't happen again." The scientist spoke in an unhappy tone, then knelt before Ellen.

The little girl smiled wider and held out her picture to Edgar, her silver eyes hopeful that he would be able to answer her question. "What's wrong with my picture…? No one will tell me..." Little Ellen asked softly with a deep pout, the small five year old watching the older blond haired adult look the picture over.

"Well…" Edgar said, the man looking like he was thinking about something very deeply. "I think it's because boys don't kiss other boys." The man said. The man still looking deep in thought. "Why would you draw Alma and Yuu kissing?" Edgar asked as he took the picture and stood.

Little Ellen tilted her head, her eyes confused at the question. "They belong together." The small girl spoke with certainty, nodding her head like that would make it even more true. Then Ellen frowned, "Why can't boys kiss boys? Aren't you supposed to kiss someone you love?" The five year old asked, remembering back when she had seen Miss Twi kissing Edgar.

It had been one of the reasons that little Ellen had drawn the picture.

Edgar chuckled and offered her an amused but thoughtful smile. "They're only friends Ellen. And they're barely friends at that." The man leaned down again and took the confused little girls bandaged left hand gently and started leading her to her testing room.

Alma and Yuu were only friends..?

They fought and were mean to each other almost all the time. Sometimes they were nice, or more like sometimes Yuu was nice to Alma, but most of the time he did nothing but hurt him. They were supposed to be together, that was how they were supposed to be, but because they were broken they weren't together.

It didn't matter that they were both boys, that just didn't make any sense to poor confused little Ellen. Because if they were supposed to be together, then they were supposed to be together. That was just how it was.

Later that day, after dinner time came to an end and after watching Yuu give a sad Alma the cold shoulder throughout the whole meal, Ellen came to the conclusion that if Yuu was so broken that he wouldn't at least be nice to Alma…

Then Ellen would just have to fix him so they could be together.

With that in mind, little five year old Ellen followed her Nii-san back to her room, her blue haired doll left behind in the cafeteria, hidden beneath the table...

Damn, sorry if this chapter sucked… Like I said, it was hard to write and nothing all that important happened, just some lead in for the stuff that will be going down in the next few chapters.