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Chapter 1: Australia


Will was just about finished cleaning out her locker for the summer when she found a note that said WILL VANDOM on it, she opened it and read the inside,

Dear Will,

You and William are invited to spend 4 weeks with Matt to Australia on his yearly visit to his cousin's house. This year there is going to be a solar eclipse, and taking both you and your brother will give your parents some time to relax, but please ask permission. We leave Saturday at 11:00 AM at Heatherfield airport.


Matt's mom

Will turned around to see Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin holding similar notes to hers, except with their names on the covers.

"We're going to Australia!" They all said in unison.

After finishing their cleaning, they met up outside of school to walk home.

"I called my mom, she said I could go as long as I took Christopher since he was going to throw a fit if he couldn't. He's such a baby," Irma said.

"Same here, my mom is making me take Lillian. She's such a pain," Cornelia said.

"I can go," Taranee said.

"Me too," Hay Lin said.

"I guess that just leaves me. I still have to ask my parents, they didn't answer the first time, but I'll try again," Will said taking out her phone and speed dialing her home phone. After a few rings her mom picked up.

"Hi mom, Matt's mom invited me and William to go to Australia for 4 weeks. There is going to be an eclipse and it will give you and dad a break . . . Please, I'm sure he'd love it . . . of course it's safe, don't you trust me? . . . Yes! Thanks. Love you too. Bye," Will finished then hung up.

"What was that all about?" Taranee asked.

"I was begging my mom to let me take William on the trip. She doesn't think it is safe for a teenager to take her little brother on a trip away from their mother and father, but I had too. He still obviously can't control his powers, he's only a baby, and with me gone they'll surely find out," Will said," So I'll see you guys tomorrow." With that they all left to go home and pack.

The Next Day at the Airport . . .

Everyone met up at the airport, said good bye to their parents, and before they knew it, it was time to go. Matt and his mom were coming too, obviously, and while on the plane, Matt began to tell them about his cousin. "His name is Lewis, he is really scientific and always trying to figure things out."

"Eww, does he like, dissect animals or something gross like that?" Will asked thinking of the poor frogs that she had to dissect in her biology class only a few weeks ago.

"Of course not, he just really likes science and understanding things, but he does have great respect to his subjects," matt said defending his cousin.

"So he's like one of those guys who doesn't believe what he can't see," Irma concluding.

"No, well, he wasn't always that way. He used to be so outgoing, he believed in all fairytale things, even if there was no proof of them. Then one year he saw his father putting the presents under the tree instead of Santa, he hasn't believed anything that couldn't be proven since," Matt said solemnly.

Then out of the blue, Kandracar calls! They immediately responded by transporting to Kandracar to where Yan Lin, the Oracle, was waiting for them. (Luckily, the others didn't notice)

"Hello girls, I understand it is your vacation time, but you must not forget your mission," Yan Lin (Oracle) told them as they walked in, in guardian form.

"But our mission was to find other magical people in Heatherfield, and we are going to be in Australia," Will replied.

"Yes, I know," replied Yan Lin, "But what you don't know is that not all people that are magical live in Heatherfield."

"But I thought all Kandracar's magic was based in Heatherfield," said Hay Lin.

"Yes, Kandracar's magic is, but there are other sources of magic in the world,'" Yan Lin said, "and Kandracar would like to know about them."

"So you want us to continue looking for magical people in Australia?" Irma asked.

"Yes, that's exactly what I want you to do," Yan Lin said.

"Okay then, we'll do that," Will said, "and I guess we will see you later."

"Yes, your plane is about to land," Yan Lin said, and with that she sent them back to the plane.

"Please buckle your seat belts, the plane will be landing shortly," The attendant said over the P.A.

Once the plane landed thy got off, got their luggage, and left the airport, there to greet them was a blonde haired boy and brunette haired girl, both about our age.