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Chapter 18: The End

Lewis' P.O.V.

The next few days went by faster than I could have imagined. We were able to keep up the act better than I would have ever thought we could. No one suspected a thing. Well, they probably did, but there is no way they would have came to the true conclusion. Who in their right mind would think on their own that a few teenage girls just turned into babies? Anyway, tonight was the night that would hopefully bring them back to normal, the night of the full moon. We were all more than ready for this day to come. It has been a long two weeks.

For the most part the babies stayed with Matt's friends at the hotel, they didn't seem to mind. I had told my mom that we turned the babies into the police; they were going to take care of the situation. They were the professionals after all. I'm just glad she never really questioned me about it; she trusts me enough. There was some trouble when Matt's mom tried to visit the girls in the hotel, but they managed to keep her in the younger kids' room while we snuck the babies out. It was tough, but we really pulled through.

At about 7:30 the moon is meant to rise, so we are all going to leave at 7:00. I figured it would be best to take them to the moon pool. I believe it is the surest way to harness the moon's magic. I still can't believe that Charlotte lied to me. I sincerely believed she liked me enough to respect me and my friends, guess I was wrong. There is no way we are ever going to be able to be 'just friends' now. I don' think I will ever be able to forgive her.

"Lewis, are you ready to go?" Zane calls from my open front door. I usually leave the door open while I'm home and when I know friends are coming over, it is just easier. Anyway, I was just doing some last minute research to make sure there were no strange planetary things going on tonight while the other got the girls ready to go. The last thing we needed was for some even more magical weird things happening to mess everything up.

"Coming!" I shouted back, finding nothing and shutting my laptop. I went out the door with him and Ash, and we headed to the marina where the boats were kept. Matt and his friends were already waiting with the babies, who were soundly sleeping at the moment. We split up between Zane's zodiac and my fishing boat quick and easy, with no complaints or complications. Everybody was pretty much just focused on the task at hand, they didn't care if they got to sit next to their favorite people on the ride there.

It was a seemingly long and very quiet ride. I had never really noticed how far Mako was before. It is not too far, but it is a good half hour boat trip from the mainland. The silence and anxiety made it seem even longer. I guess nobody could really think of what to say, so we all just kept to ourselves. It was kind of soothing to just listen to the sound of the ocean waves, it reminded me of fishing, that always calms me down.

When we did get there, there were still had to hike the long trek to the moon pool. The girls talked about stuff I didn't understand with Matt and Zane and Ash were awkwardly talking about something else I really didn't know much about. I stayed pretty quiet, I didn't really care. I led the group through the well remembered path and before long we were at the entrance, and the sky was getting darker by the minute.

By the time we got there the babies were awake and one by one we set them into the moon pool. They turned into mermaids and contentedly and simply swam around a bit. The rest of us just sat back and waited.

General P.O.V.

Not long after the gang all got settled in the moon pool cave on Mako, the moon made its appearance. As it aligned with the opening of the volcano a cone of bright light encased the pool, blocking the mermaids from the rest. The bright light caused everyone on the outside to blackout, but the girls inside just looked up anxiously waiting to return to their normal age.

To Emma, Cleo, and Rikki the rest seemed like any other full moon in the moon pool. It reminded them of the first time they were there. Then they hadn't expected any sort of magical change. Now they could feel it happening. They couldn't keep from looking up towards the moon, but they could feel themselves growing older, and it felt good. Then an even brighter light flashed before their eyes and they too passed out.

Emma's P.O.V.

The next day I woke up in the moon pool on Mako Island, the morning light shining through the hole at the top of the volcano. I had no memory of the night before. I personally woke up with my head lying on the sand, the rest of my body in the water. I slowly lifted my tail out of the water; grateful to see that is was full length again! I don't think I was ever happier to be my own age before! I almost laughed out loud, but caught myself, when I looked around it seemed everyone else was still sleeping. Cleo and Rikki are right next to me, in the water, completely back to normal! Well, at least what has become normal for us. The others, including Ash, Zane, Lewis, his cousin Matt and his friends, were sprawled out around the cave, it didn't look like there was much room.

Luckily Ash was the closest, his face was not even a meter from mine. He looked so cute when he was sleeping; even cuter when he was awake. I slowly pulled myself out of the water and moved towards him. When I got close enough to his face, I gave him a small kiss on the lips. He slowly opened his eyes, "Emma?"

"Morning sleepy head," I replied smiling.

"Is it really you? Are you back to normal?" He asked sleepily.

"Yes, it's really me," I said giggling and staring straight into his deep dark eyes.

"That's great," He said smiling, still not fully awake, "I missed you."

"I missed you too," I replied and we shared another kiss, this one more deep and passionate, I never wanted it to end. But after a few straight minutes we were splashed with water and separated, I turned to see the source. Of course, it was Rikki.

"Get a room you two," She said yawning, "Feels good to be back." I just gave her a glare. It wasn't long before everyone else woke up.

"What happened last night?" Hay Lin asked rubbing her eyes.

"We must've blacked out," Irma said stretching.

"At least it worked," Will said smiling towards us.

"Yeah, thanks," Cleo replied sheepishly.

"We should probably take this back to the mainland, our parents will be wondering where we are," Matt said referring mostly to his mother and Lewis' parents, since the rest of us were covered with our parents. Then one by one they left the cave and once they were all gone Cleo, Rikki, and I made our way through the underwater opening. We all headed towards the mainland to continue life as it should be, and act basically as if nothing had happened.

We got to talking more with the W.I.T.C.H. girls, knowing each other's secrets made things a lot easier and less awkward. For the rest of their days here we spent time visiting other worlds, with the oracle's permission, and exploring the depths of the sea with them. Hay Lin was able to use her powers to give them air when needed and Irma helped them maneuver through the water without floating back up. It was great! It was nice to know we weren't the only unusual girls in the world.

However, all this fun couldn't last forever. Before we knew it, the time came for the other girls to leave back to America. This time all three of us went with Lewis and his mother to see off his cousin and friends at the airport.

"We're going to miss you," Will said as we all took turns hugging each other.

"We will definitely come down next year," Hay Lin said excitedly.

"We may even get to see each other sooner," I said winking and we all laughed. America was one very long swim from Australia, but I'm sure a few mermaids could do it within a few days.

Then they all boarded the plane, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, William, Christopher, Lillian, Matt, and his mom. Leaving on their way back to their homes and parents; ending one of the craziest months of my life.

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