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The door creaked open slowly, disturbing the silence surrounding Raiden's thoughts. Sighing heavily, he opened his eyes and gazed about at the still forms in the room.

Masumi was leaning against the back wall beside the door, his arms crossed with a brooding frown etched upon his face. With his height and size, he easily towered over Raiden. Kenta stayed within the shadows, his eyes gleaming with a malicious glint. His right hand continued to caress the silver medallion hanging from his neck, a large onyx in the center. The twins, Emi and Kyoko, stood closer to the window, holding hands, their eyes foggy and unfocused. His truly faithful companion, Toru, kneeled before him, a significant space between him and the others.

"My lord," Toru said, fervently, "I have information on the target."

Smiling absently, Raiden cleared his throat. Patience was not a strong point of his, and what little he had had been waning gradually over the past years. It seemed finally that his effort would be paid off very soon.

"Good news, I hope," he replied mildly.

At his master's response, Toru lifted his head and locked eyes with Raiden.

"Yes, my lord. The target is in place. She has just settled in Karakura town. It won't be long before she meets the substitute soul reaper and set our plan in motion."

"Excellent," Raiden praised, rising from his chair. He circled his desk, stopping before Toru. Without a word, Toru rose from his position and the others joined him, creating a half-circle before Raiden.

"The time has, at long last, come," Raiden continued, "We will no longer be subject to the soul reapers' control. Now, it's our turn. And we will start from within the Seireitei."

Kenta chuckled hysterically. Masumi's expression hardened, his posture rigid. Emi and Kyoko smiled eerily, a playful gleam in their eyes. Toru inclined his head to Raiden, a smirk dancing on his lips.

Raiden stood calmly, his thoughts revolving around one soul reaper in particular. The godforsaken, worthless noble had taken everything from him, leaving him empty and hollow.

His expression twisted into a cruel and angry scowl. You'll pay! Raiden thought, his fists clenching with unspoken fury.

Byakuya Kuchiki.

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