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Dastan ran across a rooftop and leapt onto the roof of the building adjacent to it, being careful to avoid the soldiers. He needed to see Tus and convince him that he didn't kill Father and that it was Nizam who in truth was the traitor. He needed to tell Tus that all Nizam wanted was to find the legendary Sands of Time and their father had been in the way. Dastan leapt to another building then swung himself down and into an alley. He could see the entrance of the palace.

Dastan pulled up the hood of his cloak (1) and set off at a brisk walk towards the entrance, hoping that nobody who recognize him. He managed to slip into the palace unrecognized, but his luck ended there. When he passed a group of guards that should have been at the entrance, he was stopped.

"Who are you and what is your business here?" one of them demanded. Dastan did not respond, knowing that his voice would be recognized immediately.

"I asked you a question, who are you and what is your business here? And remove your hood so I can see you properly!" the same guard again said. Meanwhile, the others had formed a ring around Dastan.

"Is there a problem?" a voice said. Dastan glanced up to see who the newcomer was even though he did not need to to be able to know that it was Tus.

"He managed to slip past us, sire!" a guard piped up. Liar, Dastan thought, you should have been at the entrance, not having a communion with your fellows.

"He won't tell us who he is or remove his hood!" the one who had been doing the questioning said.

"Remove your hood!" Tus ordered. What was Dastan to do? He had meant to talk to his brother, but he had to do it alone. Before he could make his choice though, a guard that had managed to creep up behind him, yanked his hood off, revealing Dastan's face.

"You!" Tus exclaimed, his face going red with rage. "How dare you come back here! Guards, seize him!"

Immediately, two guards seized Dastan's arms, but Dastan would not let himself be caught so easily. He twisted himself out of their grip and when they tried to grab him again, he kneed one in the stomach and tripped the other. The rest of the group of guards prepared to rush at him and Dastan knew he had no chance against all of them. He reached for the dagger that was in his belt so as to rewind time and avoid this situation.

But something was wrong, there was no jewel in the hilt of the dagger! It was a normal dagger! How could it have been replaced? Who could have replaced it? Then Dastan realized what had happened. Tamina! She had replaced the dagger! Dastan looked back up at the guards charging at him and prepared himself to try to fight his way out of it even though the odds were against him. He was doing quite well and thought that he just might be able to get out of this and come back to talk to Tus, but luck was not on his side when a soldier came up behind him and hit him on the head, stunning him.

Seeing that Dastan was incapacitated for the time being, Tus called to his guards, "Bring him!" He then set off towards the throne room.

When Dastan could finally see straight, he was kneeling on the floor in front of Tus' throne. Nizam stood next to the new king and was whispering something in his ear. Tus shook his head at something that Nizam had said then turned to Dastan.

"Dastan, did you kill our father, King Sharaman?" Tus asked. Dastan couldn't help but snort at this question. Why in the world was Tus asking him this? He already was convinced that he had killed Father and he wouldn't see the truth. Though maybe, mayeb Tus was starting to doubt his accusations against Dastan, maybe he was starting to see the truth.

"No," Dastan said, hoping that his brother would believe him.

"He is lying, nephew," Nizam told Tus. And should he mention that Nizam was the traitor who killed their father, Dastan thought.

"Tell me the truth, Dastan and your punishment may not be so severe," Tus said, dashing all of Dastan's hopes of his brother believing him.

"I am telling you the truth! I would never kill Father!" Dastan all but yelled. He had to stay calm, yelling at his brother wouldn't help prove his innocence.

"Lies!" Tus exclaimed, he too, now close to yelling.

"How could you think I killed him?" Dastan yelled, finally losing his patience about his brother's stubbornness.

"Why should I believe you didn't kill him?" Tus too yelled, standing up from his seat on his throne.

"Why would I?"

"Because you want the throne!"

"Since when have I wanted that? I have never wanted the throne!"

"Nephew, this is getting us nowhere," Nizam said, stepping between the two, interrupting their argument. "Why don't you let me interrogate him."

Tus stopped himself before he yelled out his retort to Dastan and turned to his uncle, "That may have more effect, uncle."

"A very good choice, Tus," Nizam said, an evil glint in his eye. "Guards, take him away. You know where to go."

Nizam made to follow the guards as they started to drag Dastan (2) away, but was stopped by Tus.

"Wait," Tus said. "Are you going to harm him?"

"Only as much as he forces me to by withholding the truth," Nizam said.

"Alright then, tell me immediately if he yields any information," Tus said as he watched Dastan being dragged to the door.

"I'm your brother, Tus!" Dastan called just before he was dragged out of earshot. "I could never kill Father! I'm your brother!"

1) I do not remember if Dastan had a cloak on or not at the time.

2) Random fact: I almost said Nizam here.

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