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Dastan closed his eyes, waiting for the pain of the knife going through the skin between his ear and his head to come. But before Nizam could go any farther than just draw blood, the cell door opened, revealing a guard who winced when he saw Dastan's state.

"Nizam, sir," the guard said, "King Tus requests your presence."

"Tell him I will be there in just a moment," Nizam told the guard, who quickly left.

Nizam sighed and removed the blade from it's place on Dastan's ear.

"Well, prince, it appears that you will be keeping your ear for a little longer."

Dastan sagged in relief, thankful that the guard had come in at that precise time. Had he waited any longer…. well, the right side of Dastan's head would have never been the same.

The Hassansen left minutes later after undoing Dastan's bonds, leaving the young prince to himself. Dastan pulled himself over to one of the cell walls and lent against it. How had it come to this? Not even a week ago they had been celebrating their victory over the successful attack and capture of Alamut even though it had been wrong of them to do it. Now, here he was in a cell, accused of killing, no, murdering the man who had taken him in from the streets.

Dastan rested his head against the wall. How had it come to this?


Tus was looking out of one of the palace windows overlooking Alamut when Nizam entered.

"A beautiful city, is it not?" Nizam commented, joining Tus at the window.

"A beautiful city," Tus agreed, but continued, "A beautiful city that has caused so much tragedy."

They stood in silence for several minutes before Tus asked, "Has Dastan said anything yet?"

Nizam shook his head. "No, he refuses to admit to his crime. He even went so far as to accuse me of being the one to murder Sharaman." Nizam gave a harsh laugh as if the thought of him killing the King of Persia was amusing.

"I would like to see him," Tus said suddenly, turning away from the window and moving towards the door.

"I'm not sure if that would be such a good idea." Nizam caught Tus' arm, stopping him. "He has been rather… violent."

It was a lie and Nizam knew it, but he did not think that Tus would be too pleased with Dastan's state, no matter what he had said while sending him off to the dungeons.

"I'm sorry, Uncle, but I am still going to go and see him. Perhaps I can get something out of him, I am his brother after all."

With that, Tus left the room, heading to where Dastan was being held.

Nizam sighed. This was not quite going according to plan.


Dastan was woken from a light slumber he had fallen into when the sound of keys jingling in the lock of the cell door was heard.

"Come to finish cutting off my ear?" he called, sure it was Nizam outside the door.

The door however opened to reveal his oldest brother, Tus.

"Dastan….." he gasped. Tus knew that Dastan would not be treated well since interrogations weren't exactly painless, but he had not expected this. The young prince's clothes were stained red with blood and bandages appeared to be covering the deeper wounds while others were left bare. His face was bruised where Nizam had hit him and Tus could just make out dried blood on the side of his neck.

"Leave us!" Tus ordered the guard that had followed him into the cell.

"But sire-"

"Leave, there is no reason for you to stay. He is in no condition to attack me."

The guard nodded and left the cell, closing the door behind him.

Tus knelt down beside Dastan.

"Why do you do this, little brother? Why do you have to be so stubborn?"

"Because," Dastan said, "I will not admit to something I did not do." He looked Tus in the eyes. "Why can you not believe me? Have I ever lied to you?"

"Well there was that one time….." Tus smiled slightly at a memory but then shook his head. "No, you have never lied to me, not when it mattered."

"Then believe that I did not kill Father!"

"Then who did?" Tus couldn't help but ask this. No matter how much evidence seemed to point to Dastan, he could not believe that he would kill King Sharaman.

"Who gave you that robe, Tus?" Dastan asked.

"Nizam, why?" Then it dawned on him. Nizam had told him that Dastan had accused him of killing the king. Now he saw the evidence behind it.

"He wants to be king, Tus."

Dastan was not going to tell Tus about the dagger and the Sands of Time. Not yet, not before he had somehow found Tamina again.

"And one more thing. Alamut does not have any forges. The weapons are fakes and the spy was hired by Nizam, we should never have attacked this city."

"But the tunnels-….."

"Do not lead to a stash of weapons and means of making them. You must stop digging, trust me on this. I will explain everything later, I promise."

"Alright," Tus said. There was a moment of silence before he said, "Why did you think I was going to cut off your ear?"

Dastan gave what was supposed to be a shrug, but winced before he could finish it. "I though you were Nizam. I would not admit to committing a crime he in fact had committed, so he decided to cut off my ear."

Dastan turned his head so Tus could see the trail of blood that had run down from the top of his ear. "It was lucky you called for him when you did."

Tus' eyes burned with fury. "I do believe it is time for me to speak to Nizam." He placed a hand on Dastan's shoulder. "I will get you out of here, Dastan."

Before Tus left the cell he looked back at Dastan and saw the same image he had when he came in. He had to wonder how Dastan had managed to stay conscious this long.

In truth, it had not been easy for Dastan to remain conscious while Tus had visited and when he left, the prince let himself finally fall into the waiting arms of darkness.

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