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Chapter 2

It's been three years since the triplets were born, two years since they've been in hiding, and one week since they found out Lily was pregnant with a baby girl.

Lily was sitting on a couch watching Harry and Edward play with some building blocks when Dahlia came running up to her carrying a small brass cauldron. "Mummy, what is this? I found it in the closet next to my room." She asked, her blue eyes lit with curiosity.

Lily smiled. "It's called a cauldron sweetheart. It's used to make potions."

"Okay. Thank you!" Dahlia started to walk towards the stairs.

Dahlia sat in her room having a stare down with the cauldron. She had absolutely no idea what to do. Then, after getting watery eyes and finally blinking in defeat, she decided to just mix random stuff in it. Dahlia picked up the cauldron and ran to her bathroom. She took the stepladder that was against the wall and propped it up in front of the sink. She was a bit over the average height of a three-year-old, but she was still too short to reach the sink at a comfortable level. Filling the cauldron with water until it was about three-quarters full, Dahlia carefully descended the ladder and lugged it to the middle of her room, careful not to spill a drop. She sat in front of it like a pretzel and began to think. "I'm stuck." She said after about three seconds.

"Stuck with what?" A voice said from the doorway.

Dahlia turned her head to the right to see Harry looking at her with wide hazel eyes.

"Hi Harry." She smiled happily.

Harry pouted. "You didn't answer my question." He said.

Dahlia laughed. "Fine. I don't know what to make with this ca-cau-cul-cowrun?" she answered, though having trouble pronouncing the word cauldron.

"What have you done so far?" Harry inquired.

"Well, I filled it with water, and I…well that's it." Dahlia replied, ticking them off on her fingers. Suddenly her sapphire eyes lit up, and she got up and ran from the room. She came back about one minute later carrying a brick. She dropped it in the doorway and went to get another one. Dahlia repeated this process until she had a small pile of nine bricks just inside her room. She made a small square and set the cauldron on top of it. She then ran back out the door. She came back in holding a pile of one…two…three…twelve twigs and her mother's wand.

"Why do you have Mummy's wand?" Harry asked curiously.

Dahlia rolled her eyes. "To make a fire, duh."

Harry's eyes widened. "Why would you burn her wand?"

"I won't, I'm gonna use magic."

"But why do you want the bricks?"

Dahlia was starting to get annoyed. "Do you have to ask so many questions? But anyway, you don't want my carpet to catch on fire now do you?"

"Better yours than mine!" Harry grinned.

Dahlia glared at him. "Yeah, about that…" Harry stopped talking and took off running. Dahlia rolled her eyes and pointed the wand at the sticks.

"Harry! What's the spell for making a fire?"

"I don't know, try incendio!" He yelled.

Dahlia shook her head. "He was smart to stay in his room." She muttered. "...Uh, incendio! Aha! It worked!" Dahlia's eyes gleamed in triumph. A small flame had appeared, growing larger until all the sticks were burning. Dahlia was doing a weird chicken-victory dance.

She quickly ran to the kitchen to get noodles, salt, and pepper. When she got back to her room, she started cooking the pasta.

"Harry!" she shouted, "You want some noodles?"

Harry came into the room, took one look at the pot of noodles, and said, "Where's the sauce?"

"It isn't for eating you idiot! It's for throwing! It's al dente, so it'll stick."

Harry looked from the cauldron to his sister and grinned. "Why not?" the two siblings spent the rest of the afternoon flinging pasta at the walls.

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