Me: This is a prequal to Number One. I was originally writing a sequal to Number One but then I had to write a prequal because the sequal didn't make any sense. Thanks everyone who reviewed Number One!

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"Cas, sit. We're going to deal with this once and for all," Dean said, crossing his arms.

"Deal with what?" Castiel asked.

"You ever heard of the birds and the bees, Cas?" Dean asked.

"It is how humans explain sex," Castiel said. Dean's steps faltered.

"You weren't supposed to answer that, Cas," Dean said.

"My apologies," Castiel said. "Dean, I do not understand. Why are we talking about the birds and the bees?"

"Because, Cas, you keep invading my personal space!" Dean said. "You can't just invade a guy's personal space. Only his number one is allowed to do that."

"'Number one'?" Castiel questioned.

"Yeah, you know, his, uh, wife, girlfriend, whatever. The person who loves him," Dean said.

"The person who loves him?" Castiel questioned.

"Yeah, his number one," Dean said.

"So… the person who loves him would be able to 'invade' his personal space," Castiel said.

"Exactly. Glad we had this talk, Cas," Dean said. "Oh yeah, Sam and I got you a cell phone. In case we need to get in touch. Our numbers are already in there so put us on speed dial. Now that this is all cleared up, I'm going to get me some pie! Don't forget to set your voicemail up!" Dean walked out the door, leaving the angel with a cell phone and the term 'speed dial.'

"What is a speed dial?" Castiel asked the phone with a frown. He had learned how to set up a voicemail because he had been there when Sam was setting up his voicemail after his last phone had gotten trashed.

"Please say your name after the tone," Beep.

"I don't understand. Wh-why do you want me to say my name?"