It's been a while since I uploaded some writing! Shocking, isn't it? xD Anyhoos, this is a new type of writing for me..first person, semi-dramatic..not entirely sure what it's leading to. (You see, I write, and then I think haha). Here's hoping you enjoy it! Reviews, as always, are loved and appreciated. =D

Standing at the window, I could see the bare trees with their empty branches. Old and tired, they leant towards the ground, as though there were invisible chains pulling them down. Wind swept the dead leaves in the gutters and the bare sun sank lower in the sky. I could feel a presence next to me, which broke my dreamy state.


"That's my name," he replied, as usual, quite ready with a sarcastic answer of sorts.

"What are you doing here?" I kept staring out the window, not wanting to make eye contact with him.

"Last I remember, this was my house. I should be the one asking you why you're here."

"It's a good place to think," I sighed, "you know…some places just help you think better. Not sure how it works though, especially with you around."

"Ouch. That hurt," he laughed, and suddenly things felt normal again. It was hard to forget what we'd been through in the past few months, and images started to flash back into my mind. People, moving. Dark shadows accompanied by bright lights that flashed on and off. White coats rushing around, my mind willing them to slow down. What's happened? I kept asking myself, wondering why I couldn't seem to feel anything. A strange sense of serene peace had come over me in that moment, everything was quiet, and the faint whispers of voices starting to bring me back when I focussed on them. But it was so nice, being alone and with no one talking to me. I had suddenly felt a pressure on my hand, another warm hand, grasping it tightly. Castle. Was that was he was saying? The name seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it. Richard Castle? Maybe some type of castle from the Middle Ages? No, that wasn't right…thoughts swirled in my head, while I tried unsuccessfully to bring back memories of who I was. Where I worked. Who this person was who said his name was Castle.

Then everything seemed came into focus. At least, for a little while. People were rushing past, a flurry of colours, a brush of shadows. Beeping, foreign noises to my ears, yet somehow they were familiar. Some sank inside me, a feeling of dread that was threatening to rise to the surface. You'll be okay, they kept telling me, more hands at my shoulders, brushing my hair out my face…Nothing's wrong sweetie, it's all going to be fine…Castle's hand gripping tighter than ever, faces trying to smile, but unable to hold back the sadness. Suddenly it struck me. I was hurt. A searing pain stabbed me in the side, and I swung back, trying to stop it. Lanie. It sounded familiar…work maybe? That was it. Work. Oh my gosh. What's happened to me?