Chapter 22


I never thought I would wake up on the morning f my eighteenth birthday in tears, but I did. Damon was nowhere to be found and I knew he was off trying to find some last minute way to save the day. He never did find the original he was seeking. I was eternally grateful about that. Who knows what they would do to him just to spite me. The fact was we haven't found a loophole we haven't found anything; I have to make my choice today.

My choice is letting the man I love and so many other cursed people be human again or start a war of the species that my own species will lose. Cleary my mind should be made up, but it's so hard, how was I supposed to leave Damon all alone? It was so terribly unfair. Last night we managed to pretend none of this happening we had fun at the bar and made love all night. Then this morning he's just gone because he can't look in my eyes knowing what I'm going to do to him. I don't see any other way at this point and I'm trying to be as brave as I can be. I don't even know what I'm supposed to do today or when I'm supposed to do it.

I want to be brave and do the right thing, but my heart is telling me to just risk the war and stay with Damon, stay alive. I know if I die I leave him half alive, I know because that's what would happen if he died that's how I was before him. The entire group was all downstairs barricading the door I imagine to make sure I didn't just take off.

I looked at my friends and teared up no matter what happened today no matter what choice I made I could lose one or even all of them today, if I choose Damon and the war happens it was more than likely.

"Happy birthday Elena," Caroline said running over to hug me. I breathed in her sweet scent maybe for the last time.

"How tactful Caroline." Jeremy muttered.

"I didn't mean..." Caroline's lip quivered.

"It's okay I know, I know." I soothed her Bonnie soon joined us. Jeremy wouldn't even look in my direction at least I could see Anna was comforting him. This was killing her she wanted to be human so bad I knew she did, but not in a way that would hurt Jeremy so much.

A knock at the door startled everyone and everyone started jumping up holding various weapons.

"Relax." I said attempting to remain as calm as possible.

"I knew it would be you." I spat out bitterly opening the door and coming face to face with my uncle John my father.

"Hello Elena." He smiled. "It's good to see you again."

"Oh cut the bull you're here to take me to my death, let's go." I groaned.

"You're death?" He shook his head. "No...not your death you're going to kill all the vampires Elena. I know you don't want to but killing yourself is not the answer. I know you're scared and confused but this is your destiny."

"John you know nothing. To end the vampire curse I have to sacrifice myself." I said staring him down he looked genuinely surprised, at least he didn't think he was delivering me to death.

"Then that must be why this was made." He looked down at his hand and pulled off his ring, "For you."

"I don't have time for games let's just so." I said flatly.

"No!" Bonnie exclaimed. "You can't do it you can't."

"No listen Elena this ring will bring you back." John said shoving it at her. "It prevents a human from dying a supernatural death. I've ben back from the dead before I know it works."

"What...really?" I gasped looking down at it and turning it in my hand, was this simple piece of jewelry really the answer?

"So she can save the vampires and still live?' Anna said hopefully.

"What do you mean save the vampires?" John asked.

"How much do you know anyway?" Elena asked.

"I thought I knew most of it, apparently the bitch was withholding information." He muttered.

"The bitch?' Elena raised her eyebrow,"As in Katherine?"

He just looked down.

"You were the one she was working with…you she said it was your idea…" I said my chest tightening with fury he just continued to avoid eye contact with me.

"The whole thing with Stefan was your idea!" My voice was getting higher and higher I didn't know if I wanted to cry or hit him or both my head was spinning how could he?

"I had to make you hate vampires Elena." He said his eyes remorseful.

"You…you...I was tortured, bitten, starved almost raped John." I said my voice suddenly strong as I let the rage take over my body.

"I didn't…I never thought she would take it that far." He looked at the ground.

"You bastard," I said in an icy tone. "Look your daughter in the eye when she tells you almost got her raped."

"I can't …I'm so sorry." His voice was breaking up and he looked upset but I didn't care I wanted him to hurt and hurt bad worse than I ever did. How could his man be my father?

"Elena we don't have time she's…she's outside I didn't know...I didn't know you had to die...but you don't wear the ring, and go the temple is in the center of the woods in an underground cave. We have to slip past her somehow." John said frantically.

"Katherine is outside?" I fumed I put the ring on my middle finger and stormed outside I had enough of her playing with my life to suit her own purposes.

"No Elena don't go out there!" Anna was behind me in seconds but I made it out before she could stop me she followed me outside anyway.

Katherine stood in front of me a mirror image ,almost other than the fact that her hair was curly her eyes were wicked and she was dressed like a slut. I stood across from her glaring her down and she just smirked at me.

"Well hello Elena." She smiled. "It's nice to meet in person finally."

"Go to hell Katherine." I said.

"Not today." Katherine said and in a sudden flash she was behind me I heard Caroline scream and Anna suddenly jumped in front of me blocking Katherine from me. I looked down to the ground and John was lying in a heap his neck twisted and broken.

"You killed him." I whispered.

"He had it coming." She shrugged.

"Get away from her Katherine." Anna warned.

"I'm taking her to the temple, she's got her little ring now, and you're going to be human Anna, let us go." Katherine said.

"No I can't I won't." Anna said standing firm in front of Elena. "Elena call Damon and tell him what's going on we will take you to the temple."

"He made a stupid move and he's otherwise occupied." Katherine smirked.

"What? Where is he?" I was still trying to process that John my father was the one behind my attacks and was lying dead in my driveway, now Damon was in some kind of trouble?

"He found my originals." Katherine smiled a lazy smile. "He's trying to strike a deal or something to save you."

"Okay, then we call him, tell him it's okay." I said frantically, "And fast before he does something to get himself killed.

"Oh Elena, they aren't taking any chances, they are gonna use your stupid soul connection to try and find you. Kill you off before you make them disappear." Katherine rolled her eyes.

"He will never let that happen." I said firmly.

"Then they will kill him." Katherine said her face completely cold as if she cared less.

"No." My stomach clenched I looked at Anna. "Find him you have to go find him."

"The sooner I get you to the temple and you do this the sooner they disappear and Damon lives to breathe another day." Katherine said. "Literally, with you Elena you can have kids and dogs and a minivan the whole deal, just come with me."

"Kat..." Anna started.

"Go." I said to Anna. "Go help Damon, just stall them it will be over soon."

"No Elena...I can't let you go with her." Anna cried as Jeremy looked on in horror.

"What if the ring doesn't work?" Bonnie cried.

"No Elena." Jenna sobbed holding on to Caroline who was wracked with tears.

"I won't let Damon die for me, it's going to work it has to work. Just go Anna." I begged. Katherine grabbed my arm then and suddenly we were flying at top speed through the woods.

"Your destiny is calling do you hear it?" She laughed out loud as we ran.


"So let me get this straight you want us to give you blood for what exactly?" Elijah asked looking amused. I couldn't believe I had managed to find them maybe they wanted me to. At first this seemed like a god idea but now I was surrounded by these two originals that emanated power and they seemed to be circling me like vultures.

"I'll help you fight, me and Elena we both will." I said.

"You're a liar, she's the opposite of Katarina which means she's good and pure." Elijah said, "The type that would never let the world come to that kind of end."

"She would now." I said fiercely. "I've corrupted her; she wants the dark side now craves it."

"You're a lair and I hate liars." Klaus screamed slamming his foist across my face.

"Relax brother." Elijah said softly. "Perhaps he speaks some truth he doesn't want her dead this much we know."

"It doesn't really matter what he wants." Klaus spat out. "She dies long before she reached that temple."

"This good cop bad cop routine is really lame." I grunted. "Come on, just help me save her and I help you fight why would I lie?"

"To save your pathetic little love," Klaus said.

"Lead us to her and we'll turn her, then she can't perform the ritual." Elijah said with a smirk, this was where they were testing me. I focused on remaining cool and impassive.

"If you give me your blood I will, I want her strong too." I said.

"He's lying just use the bond find her and kill him this is a waste of time." Klaus thundered. "She could be at the temple already."

"It will take her a long time to find it on her own Katherine assured me the death of her father." Elijah said. Her father? So the hunter Katherine had been working with this whole time was John Gilbert which meant...I decided not to go there now, or my rage was going to be pretty clear.

"You are such a fool little brother where is Katarina?" Klaus asked.

"Probably in bed with John Gilbert.," I quipped. "She's been playing both sides this whole time."

"I told you." Klaus screamed and suddenly Elijah was across the room Klaus hand on his throat. "You let that damned woman play you for the fool you are."

"Wow, she really likes fucking with bothers." I couldn't help but mutter earning a hard glare from both of them.

"Damon!" Anna came rushing in her face white she gasped when she looked at Klaus and Elijah who both started towards her. Stefan was a few steps behind her he looked at me and hand then the two originals and his face filled with horror. If I wasn't still so sickened my him I would have been impressed by his concern.

"What are you doing here?" Klaus asked snidely. "You think you're going to rescue him?"

"Anna, Stefan leave I can handle this." I said.

"No Damon we have to go." Anna said urgently.

"It's the doppelganger she is on her way to the temple isn't she?" Klaus demanded staring Anna down.

"Katherine's running her there." Anna answered in a monotone.

"What!" I screamed jumping up and racing out the door I could feel Klaus and Elijah behind me and I was panicked even if I could find her and stop her, what would they do to her? What had I done?

"We have to lose them." I tried to mouth to Anna as she ran up beside me. Stefan was quite a ways behind he was back in his animal diet at the worst possible time and couldn't keep up with our speed.

"Never going to happen," Elijah said matching pace with us.

"I won't lead you to her." I stopped in my tracks.

"Then she will die." Elijah said.

"You're going to kill her if I lead you to her." I said my head spinning Anna grabbed my arm.

"We won't lead you to her." She said. "it's better she go for something good then die at your hands."

"No." I felt the tears start to fall and didn't even care that Klaus and Elijah were staring at me mockingly.

"Stand firm Damon don't let them find her." Stefan said looking pained. I nodded and gulped back my tears, if I could find a way to slide past them maybe I could get there before…

"We can use your connection to find her." Elijah said stepping closer to me I flashed away as fast as I could trying to figure out some way to lose him. He slammed me against a tree and my head hit hard. He started staring into my eyes and I could almost feel the invasion. Anna was looking at me with imploring eyes I wasn't sure what she was trying to say, but it had to be important.

"I know where she is." Elijah said softly and Klaus smiled happily.

My heart literally lurched into my chest this couldn't be happening how did they find her how wasn't I able to protect her? I was supposed to protect her.

"No use for you anymore." Klaus started reaching towards me when all the sudden everything went black.

I woke up groggily holding my head I stood up and suddenly felt dizzy and fell back to the ground.

"Breathe Damon." Anna said tears in her eyes. "You have to breathe."

"No." I said." No, no, no…" I took a deep breath and rubbed my eyes my vision was blurred, my hearing was stifled, my lungs ached from not breathing when I needed to and my body was sore and stiff. I was human. I was human which meant…

"I failed." I whispered the worst possible word I could imagine.

"Not necessarily." Anna said. "There is a ring…"

"A ring?" I looked up and felt a surge if hope I could still feel her, she couldn't be dead if I could feel her right?

"Her father gave it to her." Anna said shuddering at the word father. "It's supposed to bring her back, Katherine killed him and then she took Elena well Elena went with her."

"How could she take a risk like that? How could she go without me, without saying goodbye without." My voice broke up and the lump in my throat grew I was finding it hard to breathe again.

"Slow down Damon." Stefan said patting my back his eyes were pained and sympathetic, he didn't really believe she was alive I could tell but Anna looked hopeful, more so desperate this was all her fault how could she let Elena go?

"She did it to save you Damon. Katherine warned her that the originals would kill you if she didn't hurry." Anna said rubbing her eyes, it was so weird here we all were human and worthless when seconds ago we were inhumanly strong and capable how had we failed so badly?

"She has to be alive she has to be." I said firmly refusing to believe anything else my legs ached but I refused to stop running I let my soul just guide me to her we ended up in the middle of the forest. I could feel her strongly here.

"Where is she?" I looked around cursing my new crappy eyesight. I couldn't even let the idea of the fact that I was human again process right now all I could think about was her. I couldn't live without her I didn't want to live without her. She had to be here somewhere.

I heard a scream that sounded like Elena and rushed towards the sound it was coming from below us.

"She's underground, I just heard her scream." I said ushering for them to follow me. Stefan was much faster than Anna which was a first it would have been funny if this whole thing wasn't so terrible.

"Here." Anna pushed a rock over revealing an underground cave.

"Kill me go ahead come on I know you want to." Katherine's voice rang out. "Do it Elena, do it."

"No." Elena said. "I'll wait two days and then kill you, you stupid bitch."

"Tough girl now huh?" Katherine laughed.

Elena she was alive, I started running towards her voice.

"Elena!" I yelled out.

"Damon." She emerged from a corridor her face tear streaked her hair disheveled and messy. Her eyes looked wide and terrified. Katherine on the other hand looked smug and happy.

"Your alive thank god you're alive." I rushed towards her and pulled her into my arms she stiffened.

"Back away Damon." She whispered.


"I don't want to hurt you Damon you have to back away." She said her voice cracking.

"What?" Stefan and Anna both half muttered at the same time. I backed up my eyes wide it couldn't be…but it was. I and could see the red wanting to emerge in her eyes her face pained her fists clenched as she tried to control it.

"The ring turned you?" I shook my head in confusion.

"No I did." Katherine smiled. "And then I managed to wake up before her and get my blood back so now Elena is going to kill me and I'll be the only vampire. Well besides Elena but I'll deal with that."

"That was your plan?" Stefan asked.

"Sure was Stefan, you want to rule with me?" She asked twirling her hair.

"That will never happen." Stefan said. "You disgust me Katherine."

"Whatever, Stefan you'll change your mind, you won't let them kill me." She said.

"You signed your death warrant a long time ago." I glared at her.

"No one kills her yet." Elena said slowly we all nodded. "Not for a few days, then I don't care what happens to her."

"What happened baby?" I tried to step close to her but she backed away looking scared and sad.

"Your blood Damn it's too much for me." She cried holding her hand over her face.

"You won't hurt me." I told her my head spinning at the absolute weirdness of this whole thing.

"Take deep breaths. You're okay." Anna said steping a little closer.

"I don't know if I can control it." She said sighing heavily. "I'm so scared."

"I'll help you turn me back and I'll help you okay?" I said stepping just a little closer to her.

"I can't you got you're're human again." She cried. "We could have had everything."

Katherine just crossed her arms looking smug.

"I can't wait to kill you." Elena said with a hard look at Katherine that surprised me. She meant it.

"She ripped of my ring and force fed me her blood." Elena explained.

"I'll kill her first." I said glaring at Katherine who continued to smirk.

"Your disgusting Katherine," Stefan muttered. "Worse than a demon."

"Get her out of here, but she's on suicide watch twenty four seven, I have to stay here until its dark." Elena said her lip quivering. "Bonnie will need to spell me a ring."

"I'm sorry Elena." Stefan said grabbing Katherine roughly and pulling her out. Anna looked guilt ridden and scurried out behind them. I could tell Elena wanted to reach out to her but she was confused and overwhelmed with emotion right now.

"We still can have everything Elena, forever even." I said.

"But we could have had a life a family even, you still could." She said sadly.

"Not without you." I cried grasping her hands. "I wouldn't want that without you, it doesn't matter, what kind of life we have as long as we're both alive and together."

"I love you." She whispered closing her eyes tight and taking a deep breath.

"Then transition on me, and then turn me back. I won't let you do this alone." I said stroking her hair.

"I already bit Katherine." She admitted biting her lip.

"I hope you made it hurt." I smiled tilting her chin up.

"I guess so." She said frowning. "She was all gleeful she's trying really hard to get me to kill her."

"I knew she had her own agenda." I shook my head. "She wanted to reign as vampire queen? I mean even for her that's just…"

"Fucked up?" Elena offered.

"I'm so sorry." I reached for but she backed away again.

"It's okay let me comfort you." I begged her.

"But what if I hurt you?" She whimpered.

"You won't and you're going to turn me anyway."

"Damon are you sure?"

"Elena." I said. "You know I am."

"Okay." She said melting into my arms.

"We're going to be okay." I said rubbing her back.

"I know we will." She said softly, "As long as we're together."

"I would say I told you so...but the timing."

She laughed slightly and squeezed me harder her vampire urges temporally set aside. I kissed her head then pulled her back.

"Do it." I said pointing to her wrist,

She took a breath and nodded it was strange watching her face change. I thought it would remind me of Katherine but it didn't even as a vampire she seemed to take on characteristics of her own. She bit into her wrist quickly and held it up to me. It was a weird role reversal drinking vampire blood from her. We hadn't exchanged blood in a while with everything going on, and the intimacy hit both of us quickly but I knew she wouldn't be able to control the urges yet so I pulled back from her and kissed her forehead gazing down at her.

"What do I do now?" She whispered.

"Just give in and bite me stop when I my heart stops not when all my blood is gone or I'm not coming back." I said my heart racing nervously.

"What if I screw up?" She said her eyes wide. "Maybe Anna should be here or something."

"You won't." I stroked her cheek my nervousness gone even now me human and her vampire she needed me to be the strong one she was still so young and this shouldn't have happened. I still felt like I failed her but I was so glad she was alive I couldn't even focus on that at the moment.

"You stopped with Katherine you can stop with me." I added.

"Thank you, for giving up a second chance at life for me, it feels wrong but at the same I do want you forever, you're my soulmate." She said tears running down her cheeks.

"Maybe this was supposed to happen then. You wouldn't be a vampire if I wouldn't have took off looking for the originals so let's not start doing the guilt thing. "

"Maybe it was supposed to happen this way." She said softly, "But why?"

"Because eighty years isn't enough." I offered cupping her chin.

"You're right it isn't." She said gazing lovingly up at me. "Let's do this."

"Just let our connections tell you what to do."

"Okay." She breathed.

"I love you." She said gazing at me.

"I love you too." I pulled her in for a kiss and kissed her softly. She pulled back and then allowed her face to change again she was breathing heavily and hesitantly I nodded her on. She bit into my neck a bit roughly with her newfound fangs. I felt the pleasure immediately and it was unlike anything I'd ever imagined experiencing with her, it was so much better then I remembered from the last time I was human, The pleasure was intense and mind-blowing, The pain started to hit me as I felt my life starting to slip away from me the only thought in my mind was this time it was worth it.

The end-

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you liked it. Please review! I did have the vamp/human twist planned out before the episode but, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to play it out, the epi inspired me to finally get it written.I wanted to end a story where Elena will literally be his princess of the night now. lol :)