So I'm back with a little grouping of short stories, all to do with one of the seasons, of chance encounters by our two favorite people on the face of the planet, well two of the many hopefully. :)

To Cresenta, cuz you told me to write a story to the accompanied picture so i did.

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Seasons of Fate: Winter

It's always cold this time of year, the snow falls and the temperature drops below the average body temperature of a snake. But he was a snake, yet he could feel this, even in the warm confines of the small cafe that he currently sits in, it still didn't feel right.

"Sir? Would you like some more?" the kind barista turned to him, a blush graced her cheeks, he smiled softly and nodded, not once speaking a single word, he didn't feel like it. He had recently entered his Senior year at the local high school. There were three new girls he couldn't quiet place into his mind as the normal annoying freshmen. There was one girl he however could always smile about whenever he thought about her. Yet there was always this transcending cloud over her, that seemed to unfocused her face from his mind. He could only truly see the sadness that over shadowed her form and only her bright red hair could some how be her only distinctive factor.

However the thoughts were erased as he picked up the now stained and fading newspaper that sat on his table. The paper was smooth in his hands, calming his quivering body that still shook from the short walk over here from the music store he worked at. The slow songs that came in from the small cheap speakers seemed to calm the storm that was erupting in his subconscious mind, he wanted to remember the girls face.

But turning the page he came across the recent reviews of bands that had played at the local jazz club within the college district of town. The mug was brought back over by the shy barista, gripping the warm porcelain he starts to read the dull reviews that graced the pages.

This is all to depressing, can't a guy just sit at a coffee shop, get warm, and dream for a minute? His thoughts seemed to scream in the calm and quiet little area he occupied. He didn't dare look up and outside, if he did, there might have been something there that could have changed the outcome of his life.

However he decided to get up and head out the door back towards the music store, upon exiting he stood there and shook off the first chills of winter, looking down at the ground he bumps into a girl.

"Excuse Me," he quickly apologized and headed off on his way.

Her best friend was stupid, the fight that caused the girl to walk out into nearly thirty four degree weather was beyond her. The urge was undyingly large and she needed the fresh cold air after the long hot summer and relatively short fall. Looking up she sees the skies darken and the cold moisture set on her skin, making her cheeks flush slightly and her nose to turn red. She shifted her beanie on her head so that it covered the fragile little ears and kept them warm against her cascading red hair. The bright colors of the hat conflicted with the dark scarf and jacket she wore, her bag rested on her side, being death gripped by the hand that the books so diligently were held by every minute, that helped her escape of the reality she wished to leave, much like she did while singing. Her feet carried her towards the house of books, the Library at best.

The library was a few blocks away from her house, her parents were in Arizona while she was stuck in the gloomy new snowy weather that had graced the state she lived in. It seemed odd, in a way.

Music and books, I swear they are my salvation. After applying the small white music players in her ears, she continued down the cold street towards the library. The weather fit her mood, dank, cold, depressed, high school just didn't seem like it was meant for her. But there was also this one boy, a senior she couldn't quiet place and she couldn't understand. He was different. And she liked that about him. His features on his face seemed that of pain, and there was a mystery about his person, that made her want to talk to him. Yet she was a lowly freshmen on the totem pole. And further more, who would want to be friends with a ginger freshmen at that. She still could see his bright beautiful green eyes that looked at her through the doors that divided the Choir room from the Guitar practice room.

It's so surreal, in the sense they had never met each other face to face, yet they can make a simple contact of the eye and speak a thousand words in the small time frame of two seconds. He would look at her and smile whenever they weren't singing, she would blink a couple of times and smile right on back, a kind "hello", that everyone strives for each day of the week. She knew that come Monday she would get that small "hello" again and be happy again. Hopefully at least once, just one time to be happy in high school's beginning years.

Sighing she new she would have to get a new job soon, looking to the right she sees a simple music store she had always wanted to check out, but her friends always discouraged going in there, in case there "image was damaged". She didn't understand why image was cared by them so much. It isn't that big of a deal. Right?

Gripping onto her bag she spots the small coffee shop she used to visit in the fall up ahead, looking off into the distance she doesn't see the boy stop and shake off the cold new snow. They collide.

"Excuse Me," the boy quickly apologizes and is gone in the gusts of snow now falling rapidly. She doesn't seem to notice much, but the single touch warmed her, and she continued on her way towards the salvation of the shelves she normally strived to be between and protected under.

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