Kaidi is walking with her cousin, Haru. When they finally get back to the house. She sees her older brother, Hatori, standing in the doorway, and she feels her tiger ears go flat against her head.

Kaidi's PoV

"Damn! He's home already!" I growl. Haru looks at me with worry.

"I thought he had to work today." Haru says, watching as my shoulders slump.

"So did I." I say, defeated. I see the pissed off look on my brother's face, and sigh. I stop walking, and look at Haru. "I better get going before I'm in any more trouble than I already am." I mutter, looking away from Haru.

"All right." He says, understanding. I walk towards my house, and sigh when I get up to the door. I look up at my brother, and shrink away a little bit at the stare my brother is giving me.

"So nice of you to leave a note saying where you were going to be." He says, staring down at me.

"Well, you see...I wasn't expecting you back home until later, so I figured I'd get home before you would..." I begin, but stop when Hatori moves away from the door, and gestures for me to go inside. I growl as I walk past Hatori. Once I am completely inside, I turn around, and stare at my brother. "You know...I'm not a child anymore, nee-san! I'm old enough to be able to go out into the world, and be with my friends. Not to mention the fact that the only people I actually associate with are also members of the Zodiac!" I say, trying to make my brother understand.

"I don't want to hear it! What would Akito say if he found out that you've been wandering around by yourself?" Hatori shouts, angry. My eyes go wide at the mention of the Sohma family leader. I quickly look away from my brother.

"You're cruel, nee-san! I can't believe you wou-" I begin, but freeze when I feel someone come up behind me. They breathe on my neck.

"Believe he'd what?" The person whispers into my ear. I look at my brother with a pissed off look.

"Master." I say as I turn around, and bow to Akito. He walks up to me, and puts his hand on my face. I look at the ground.

"I hear you've been wandering off into the outside." Akito says, holding my chin. I look up at him with shocked eyes. He gets a really pissed off look in his eyes. "You would do well not to do that." He says with authority in his voice.

"Forgive me, I jus-" I whisper, but get cut off by Akito.

"Just what?" He asks, anger burning in his eyes.

"Just needed some time to be by myself." I whisper. Akito suddenly smacks me across the face.

"You do not need time by yourself! You will do well not to take that time again." He growls, watching me as I sit back up. I regain my composure, and bow my head. Meanwhile, blood is dripping from my left eye.

"Yes." I say, keeping my gaze on the ground.

"Very good, now, you may go. I wish to talk to Hatori." Akito commands. I bow my head again with my eyes closed.

"Very well. Nice to see you again, Master." I say, standing up. I leave the room, and walk down the hall towards the bathroom. I get a wet towel, and hold it up against my eye. As I walk towards the living room, I overhear Akito talking.