Chapter 1


Sitting in class, as boring as it might be, I think, anything is better than being where I used to be; unhappy, lonely, in pain all the time. Physically, emotionally and mentally. I even bear scars from my past life. If you're thinking I'm like a re-incarnation than your wrong… "Miss Hiruma", my day dream was rudely interrupted by my asshole teacher Mr. Montgomery, but everyone secretly calls him 'Monty' behind his back, even the teachers. Hahahaha, come you've got to laugh at that. "Yes, Monty" I grumble silently. He eyes me with a threatening glare, while my classmates silently giggle to themselves, or with the person beside them. I probably should savor this feeling of acceptance, since it doesn't come my way very often. "If you were listening, tell me, what was the cause of the French revolution?"

"The cause", I say with all the attitude and sarcasm I can pull up, "was because the king and queen of the time were spending the money wildly, and the peasants were sick and tired of it, so they decided to rebel, Mr Montgomery."

The expression on his face was the funniest thing, I swear, it's like I just slapped him in the face, with the pointy little stick he carries around like a 80 year old, but he's like only 40 something "eyes on the board people, pay attention." What a douche bag, but not as douchey as the dickheads in my class. They don't fucking pay attention, and I bet they get F's on all there report cards for every fucking subject, but I guess I can't talk, seeing as I was just caught not paying attention, but they just talk and mess around with each other, I was just daydreaming. As Mr Monty, is explaining our homework, the bell rings for recess, and everyone closes there books and gets the fuck out of there, I mean the only people who stay and help the teachers pack up are the goody goodies, and nobody likes them, so yeah. I walk to my locker, only to find it collapsed, along with all the other lockers surrounding it, and I bet I know who did it. Finally, after they get a teacher in hear to sort things out, I open my locker, and a note falls out. It reads

"I found you; you shouldn't have left; now you will face the consequences".

It ends with the initials N.M. I knew who this was from, but I don't let it get the better of me, so, I quickly scrunched up the piece of paper, and shoved it in my pocket. I didn't have time to eat anything, so I just got my books and went to class, even though it's really early. After school is finished, I quickly run to my beat up car, a ford, really old piece of shit.

As soon a I get home, I run up to my room, I don't even consider that my 'foster' parents are there, my mother says "hi", but I don't even respond, my life is hectic enough without considering that I might hurt there feelings a little bit. They're adults, they'll manage.

When I reach my bedroom, I turn on my laptop, and search for the next flights outta here. I'm not staying, it's too dangerous, not only will I get myself killed, I'll get my 'foster' parents killed, not that I care that much, they're not my real parents, but I'm a human being, I'm not gonna get a couple of innocent people killed, especially not on my conscious. Don't get me wrong I could most likely take on whatever busted through that font door, but not while these people were in here, so I'm just gonna flee, my parents can think whatever they want about the reason why I left.