The people in my class, stare, like it's a movie, but I guess, to them this sort of stuff doesn't happen everyday.

I ask my sister once again "why are you here?"

This time she replies, "Let's call it a… favor that has been long overdue".

"Well", I say in a sarcastic tone, "looks like the overdue date has arrived, must've been a long time, because you look like shit, right now."

"Please feel free to take that comment personally". I say while I smile a sardonic smile.

I guess what I said kind of rubbed off the wrong way, because the next thing I know, she starts coming at me, ninja style.

My sisters fast, but i see it coming, and skillfully dodge. I punch her in the face once, and try once again, but she catches my arm with fast ninja reflexes, and holds a tight grip.

I quickly bring forward my left foot, up to her stomach, and thrust her backwards. She's obviously caught off guard, so to my advantage, I do a double kick to her jaw.

When she straightens up, I run forward for a punch in her face, but she tackles me down to the ground.

My sister punches me once, twice, three times. I then wrestle her off and get to my feet, as I back towards the wall.

She comes at me with such ferocity, and tries to punch me, but I dodge, and so instead she ends up punching the wall, which makes a massive hole.

As she tries to free her hand, I grab a handful of hair and smash her head into the wall.

When she falls on her back, still conscious, I say in a very menacing and patronizing voice "leave".

She gets up and starts backing towards the door, as she does, she says "I see you've still been practicing".

Just before she's out of sight she says to me "this isn't over" and is outta here as fast she got in.

Now all I've got to do, is explain to the entire class, what just happened…easy.