The Attack

"Natali! Oh My God! NATALI! Get down here! You have to get down here NOW!" Catherine was shrieking at the top of her lungs.

"Catherine!" I whined, "It's 7:30a.m." I slowly hobbled down my stairs. This had better be a dream. It has to be, what would Catherine be doing here at 7:30 in the morning? I must still be asleep. Asleep in my warm, comfy waterbed. That's it, it has to be, this is all a dream and nothing bad is happening and Catherine isn't really outside my house. When I finally made it down the stairs I hesitantly opened the front door and mumbled, "First, why are you here at 7:30 in the morning? Second, what is so important? You were screaming loud enough to wake the dead." My joke was lame but I couldn't do much better at that hour!

Catherine burst into tears, "If you don't call 911 now, Jake will be among them!" by now she was in hysteria, I thought she was going to flood the place with tears.

"What?" I gasped, "What are you talking about?"

"Jake, he's just down there, on the porch swing," she gestured outside, "Natali, he isn't moving! I thought he was asleep so I tried waking him up but he didn't respond to anything!"

"Maybe you didn't try hard enough," I stammered, "He's a pretty heavy sleeper."

"Natali! I all but threw him off a cliff!" Catherine exclaimed.

"Ok, clam down, I'll call 911 you go check for a pulse." Leadership skills I rarely use were kicking in. After I called 911 I went to see Jake and when I got there I saw he was breathing, I sighed with relief but when I looked at Catherine I saw she was staring at something, a note next to Jake. I picked it up and looked at the front, it was titled 'Nessie', my heart stopped and I fell to my knees. It can't be him! He couldn't have done this!

"Ness….I mean, Natali, what does it say?" Catherine whispered.

"I don't know yet." I said detached. I slowly opened the letter, not wanting to see what it said. In ink that looked like blood was scrawled two words 'White Dove' I dropped the note and with shaking hands I covered my mouth. Then, slowly, I turned to Jake's body and looked on the palm of his right hand. There was a thin ribbon of blood coming from just under his ring finger. No, no no no no no! It can't, he couldn't, no. I won't I won't do it. I can't do it!

"What Natali? You can't do what?" the voice of a worried Catherine broke my thoughts. It was then that I realized I had been speaking aloud. I looked at Catherine, tears running down my cheeks.

"It was him, it was Josh, he was here. He did this!"

"How do you know?" Catherine looked alarmed.

"The note, it was written in Jake's blood and it said 'White Dove'. Whenever we had a fight, we would write 'White Dove', Josh's symbol of forgiveness, in our blood drawn from just below our ring finger to ask for forgiveness." I explained feeling light headed.

Catherine stared at me in shock, "Josh is asking for forgiveness?"

"Yes but I'm not going to give it. I will not have Jake's baby raised near that monster!" I was done crying, I was mad now. I was so mad I swung my fist at a hanging plant smashing the ceramic container to pieces. I was bleeding from cuts it gave me by I didn't care, my anger numbed out the pain. Catherine was still staring at me but now she was trembling, she began shaking and crying uncontrollably.

"Natali, I have to tell you…" she whimpered.

"What," I growled, "what else could you possibly have to tell me?"

"Jake, he…" but she never got the chance too finished because at that moment police cars and ambulances pulled up horns blaring and lights flashing. Catherine and I stepped aside as floods of officers and medics made their way onto the porch. One police officer stopped and asked me what had happened so I told him the story then asked what was going to happen to Jake. He told me Jake was going to be taken to the Mount Olympus Hospital but that he should be fine. With a sigh of relief I suddenly felt a cold shiver shoot down my spine and I felt like I was being watched, looking around I saw him out of the corner of my eye, just watching me, my heart raced and all of time seemed to stop for a second then I was overcome with all the voices and lights and sirens around me.

I screamed once, then I fainted.

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