This is my first attempt at the Mega Glee Drabble Challenge (Dorky; I know. I came up with it.) Subject: Emotion.


[ih-moh-shuhn] ; noun .

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Oh, and it's AU, obviously. Some might be M, some T. OC

For gleek06216, cause she's my inspiration, and RavenWolf2089 cause her fanfics are my dirty pleasure ;) .


Ch1: Adoration: Noah 'Puck' Puckerman .



[ad-uh-rey-shuhn] ; noun .


Noah didn't know if he was currently standing in reality, or floating in a fantasy. It smelt like the hospital, so he guessed he was still stuck alive. He stared through the glass window, at the little human being that was dressed in pink.

She had his lips. His dark hair, but her mother's pale skin.

She couldn't look more perfect. Quinn walked up, her hair was messed up and her eyes were tired, and for a moment he saw the young, scared girl. And then he blinked, and that façade was back on.

"It's finally over." She spoke, her voice sounding like she hadn't spoken for days; instead of the very few hours when she shouted her lungs out.


"Yeah, her." She scathingly and Puck threw her a glare.

"Did you just call, my daughter , an 'it'." He snapped at her, and Quinn took a step forward.

"Don't forget she's my daughter too."

"Quinn, you just called her an 'it'. As if she's some piece of god damn rubbish. Yeah, I get it. You getting Prego with my baby girl ruined your life, but I should be the one getting the shit, not her." He said, taking a step forward and Quinn backed away.

"I hate you." She said through gritted teeth, her eyes narrowed but Noah could see the girl's façade dropping.

"Not as much as I hate you." He said.

Quinn looked at her daughter once again and walked back to where her hospital bed was. Puck shook his head and snarled at her retreating figure. He turned back to his daughter and his features softened.

Adoration was the only thing he felt. He held her once, watched as she grabbed his finger in her hand and smiled down at her. Someway along the way, he fell in love with the idea of being a father, but realized that a proper family, with an older brother, a guard dog and a beautiful house would be much more better for her. He knew he should everything in his power to hold on, but letting go would be the best for her and him.

He felt the presence of the brunette and didn't even bother to look down.

"Thought you'd be playing house with Finn." He said quietly.

"What's her name?" She asked softly instead.


"It means God's promise."

Puck sighed and sat down in one of the chairs, Rachel following him.

"I love her." He breathed out and frowned when he felt his eyes burn.

"I am sure everyone in Glee adores her. She is absolutely gorgeous." She assured him and cuddled to his form.





Hope you liked it.

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