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Sieg Heil!

by xBlurred-Religionx

"I have waited for this day all too long.." said Vassili Zaitsev.

Major König failed to respond to the Russian sniper, disgusted. He had been caught out in his own game. He was supposed to get him first. "Everything happens for a reason.. I guess."

Vassili said no more, raising his sights to the mid of the Major's forehead. It was over. Vassili moved his right index finger to the trigger of his rifle. Inhaling..

At that point, the Major dropped to the ground. He brought his rifle forth, quickly raising his cross-hair. Major König squeezed the trigger of his rifle, no time to have an exact shot. He had hoped the bullet would at least hit the man. Revenge for the shot to the hand? Well, it a lot was more than that. The bullet went right through the scope of Vassili's sniper rifle. It penetrated his right socket, making it's way through and out of the Russian's skull. The 'Great' Vassili fell to the mud with his rifle, leaving a trail of blood behind his lifeless body. The battle between the both snipers was over and the German was victorious.