I decided to give up,give up life,My family,my career,all of it.

I took another step forward and breathed in the fresh sea air,I peered over the edge of the cliff,suddenly I was scared.I could see the waves crashing againist the cliff face,roaring like a sea was black, I couldn't tell how deep it really was,but this was a suicide mission. I took a deep breath,and jumped off the cliff. I screamed-but not in fear,in excitement. The cliff's sharp stones dug into my back, ripping the thin material of my lavender silk shirt,I flinched in pain,I could feel blood oozing from the small cuts. I was getting closer to the roaring sea each second,I took one last breathe,and suddenly my body was completely under the freezing water,all I could see was darkness,it covered me like a blanket,my eyes were burning,but I couldn't close them,I was too cold. Suddenly I was being swept away by the current,being tossed about like a rag doll,My head slammed into a rock,cracking open my skull,blood poured out of it like a river,I shrieked in pain it washed through my body like an electric current,the water slowly began to turn a sickly red.I tried to swim but I was frozen,I opened my mouth and choked on the water little sliver bubbles flowing swiftly out of my mouth, I tried to gather enough strenght to move,slowly my limbs started to move,I pushed my frail body away from the current trying to avoid being sucked into it again,when I was safely away,I had ran out of breath,my body begged me to go back up to the surface but I ignored it.I stopped moving,after a few seconds I began to sink. I was close to the sea bed,and soon my limp body lay amoung rocks and sea weed,it was hard to admire the beauty of the ocean when it was killing you. Then I closed my eyes and waited to die.