I ran down the dark street,I had gone this way many times,but the journey had never been so long and tiring before….then I turned around the bend,and I was there,the rope I carried was heavy and cut into my back, I'd been here before,as a child…the memories haunted me like a ghost,I stared at the tall trees,they looked more like monsters in the moonlight,then I found the one I was looking for,this tree was the tallest,this was the place I had dreamed about.I swung the rope over one of the branches,then I made a loop at the bottom of it.I took a long deep breath,do you want to die? I asked myself,yes,I decided.I started to climb up the tree,the rough bark cutting my hands in the attempt.I grabbed hold of the rope,using it to pull my self up,when I was just below the loop,I grabbed it and hung it around my pale neck,my hands looked transulant in the moonlight,then I jumped off the branch.I gasped for air,the rope cut into my neck,cutting parts of it open,I couldn't think straight,I was surrounded by tall dark figures,I felt my eyes drooping,my heart beats got slower,and then my eyes shut forever.