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Persephone groaned as she came into consciousness, blinking her eyes open to the dim light of the room. Her head hurt just a little, and her arms were shaking from the pressure of being held up. Held up? She squinted and tilted her head back to see her hands shackled, a chain leading from the rocky ceiling supporting the manacles. Still confused, she twisted her head as far back as she could to see that she was only a foot or two from the end of the Lord of the Underworld's truly gigantic bed. A shiver of anticipation shimmied down her spine, her nipples hardening to tight buds. And it was in that moment she realized she was naked as the day she'd been born.

She heard a half-amused, half-aroused chuckle seconds before Hades appeared before her, his eyes dark with desire. He was utterly breathtaking, his obsidian eyes only a small attribute to his appeal. He was tall, so tall, with broad shoulders and chiseled muscles that bulged against his leather clothing. Her gaze settled on his powerful thighs, corded with muscle. Unlike the other gods, he was pale rather than tan, but it worked for him because of his jet-black hair which curled softly away from his stunningly male face. Just one glance at him stole her breath completely away from her lungs.

Gulping delicately, she asked him, "Have you absolutely lost your mind?" She attempted to sound outraged to hide her growing excitement. Of course, being bare in front of him made that difficult.

"Perhaps I have," he replied in his deep baritone, never taking his gaze from hers. "I felt it was time to act."

"In what sense?" she asked, trying for nonchalance.

"Come now, Persephone. You've teased me for the last time."

"Teased you!" She didn't have to feign outrage then. "When have I ever teased you?"

"At every turn!" he replied heatedly, taking a step toward her, but stopping himself and taking a deep breath as if resuming control. "Since our introduction when you came of age, you have flirted endlessly with me, and others – but only when you knew I was watching. And you know I watch you, Persephone." He reached out and took a lock of her hair between his gloved fingers, twirling it distractedly. "It is one of my favorite pastimes."

"I like watching you, too," she murmured, watching his face for any sign of what in Zeus' name he was thinking.

"I know," he replied arrogantly. He dropped her hair and stepped back. "That is the point." He turned from her, linking his hands behind his back. Persephone tried to ignore how well his derrière fit into the tight leather of his pants. "When your mother announced you would not be given to any god – ever – I decided I was done waiting." He pivoted and stared determinedly at her. "You would make me wait longer if you could."

"That is untrue, and unfair," Persephone defended, frowning intensely at him. "You know how my mother is. I am not a coward, Hades; it is just that she is so difficult." Hades had been courting her for almost an entire year. He attended Zeus and Hera's tiresome parties just to spend time with her, came up with distractions for Demeter so that they could find time alone. Although they'd fallen deeply in love, he'd obviously grown weary, and Persephone didn't blame him in the least. She wanted him with an all-consuming need, loved him with a passion not heard of among gods; she had probably communicated her need without even knowing it in her innocence, and yet Hades had always been the perfect gentleman. Their kisses were chaste and their caresses brief. This barely restrained side of him excited her in a way she hadn't thought possible. She felt guilty for not having stood up to her mother and told her she would be with Hades, but at the same time, she was delighted that Hades had taken such measures. It would certainly be a turning point.

"I don't think you a coward, little one. I know your mother better than you, I think, for you only wish to see the best in her. That is why I have taken such drastic measures." He pulled first one glove off, then the other, and threw them behind him.

Persephone's eyes widened. She wanted him, but she was terrified. Everything would change. She couldn't help being apprehensive. "I'm unsure if this was the right way to go about things. What did you do, bash me on the head with a rock? I feel as if Athena is about to spring from my skull." She rubbed her temple along her arm, and then frowned at him. "And the manacles were unnecessary. What would I do, run?"

"Hush," he commanded. He clutched the end of his leather tunic and drew it over his head, discarding it the way he had his gloves. Persephone's breath hitched in her throat. His chest and torso were pure perfection. Hardened pectorals, rippling abs, and a deep v-line etched above his hips made a heat blossom in her core the likes of which she'd never known. If he was this magnificent bare above the waist, how would she react when he removed his trousers?

"I enjoy your reaction to me, my sweet." He smirked in that arrogant male manner that would've been distasteful on anyone else but him. "I am enjoying the sight of your delectable body, as well."

"Hades…" Persephone cleared her throat and bit her lower lip. "I don't see… I mean, I don't understand how this will… will solve things." She was sure she sounded like a bumbling idiot, but the pure magnificence of the god in front of her made her head feel fuzzy. He made her feel as if she'd had too much wine.

Hades circled her like some great big predator, surveying her from head to toe, again and again, until she had to close her eyes from the sensuality of it all. He stopped behind her finally, and at the same time his hard body pressed into her from behind, his hands cupped her breasts. A whoosh of air escaped her and she instinctively melted back into him, a soft moan escaping her as his thumbs stroked her nipples.

He pressed a kiss to the tender skin below her earlobe, and whispered, "I shall give you a most… delicious solution."

"You shall?" she repeated breathlessly.

"Mmm." His left hand slid down her stomach, her abdomen, and his fingers skimmed the curls at the junction of her thighs. Persephone stopped breathing, and Hades laughed low in his throat as he cupped her heat with his big hand possessively. In his right hand appeared a pomegranate, which he held in front of her face. "Eat this, and you shall be mine forever."

Persephone's eyelids fluttered. It seemed so innocent, that pomegranate. But she knew well the rules of the Underworld. Partake of its fruit, and never be able to return to the surface. Even Zeus, who probably could have gotten away if he wanted, was weary of food in the Underworld. She tried to weigh the pros and cons, tried to think of how much she would miss her mother, but all she could think of was Hades' hand cupping her heat and his warm breath against her neck. She wanted him, loved him. He was a temptation she could no longer resist.

"Eat this, and then I shall eat you," he whispered against her ear, and slid a finger up between her nether lips, causing her to cry out and arch against him.

Making her choice, she leaned forward and bit into the pomegranate, closing her lips around it eagerly. She took a second bite, ignoring the juice dripping down her chin. She heard Hades groan and paused, tilting her head back to meet his eyes. He took her mouth in a bruising kiss, then released her mouth and urged the pomegranate back to her lips.

"Hades!" A high-pitched tenor voice rang out in the cavernous room, and Persephone drew back with a gasp. Hades cursed behind her, and suddenly a flowing black gown appeared over her sun-kissed curves.

"You were not invited into my domain, Hermes. Get out." Anger rolled off Hades in waves, aimed at the messenger god standing before them.

"You have endangered the mortal realm with your actions. Have you forgotten how time passes differently on the surface? Demeter has withdrawn her blessing from the earth, and Zeus is displeased with your selfishness." Hermes' eyes traveled over Persephone's form lasciviously, and he looked on Hades with jealousy. "You are to return Persephone at once."

"She cannot return. She's eaten my fruit." Hades threw the half-eaten pomegranate at Hermes' feet.

Hermes retrieved it with a grim visage. "She still must go before Zeus, as must you, to explain yourself."

"I do not have to explain myself to him," Hades ground out through clenched teeth.

"Hades," Persephone spoke softly, leaning back into him.

He seemed to realize she was still bound, and with a thought released her wrists from the manacles. He pulled her back against him, wrapping his arms tightly around her. "I will not release you, not ever."

"Let us speak to my father. I believe there's something you hold over his head?" She was speaking, of course, about the promise Zeus had made to his brother at the moment of her conception; that she would one day belong to Hades in marriage. Then again, Zeus had probably promised Demeter that Persephone would never have to be married.

Hades finally nodded agreement and sent a hard look at Hermes. "Do not ever invade my private quarters again." With that, he disappeared with Persephone in his arms, attempting to control his fury at being interrupted so that he could speak with his brother calmly.


"I am surprised at you, Persephone. Have you no objection to your abduction and seduction?" Zeus was regarding her with interest, as if she were some new species he'd just created on a whim. He had changed the subject when Hades had reminded him of his promise to make Persephone Hades' wife, and as Persephone had feared, Demeter had interjected that Zeus had made a promise to her that Persephone would never be given in marriage.

"I have no objections, no. I love Hades, and I want to be his wife." Persephone glared at her mother across the hall.

"He's poisoned her mind! Look what he's done to my baby," Demeter lamented, clutching at her peplos in distress.

"You do realize even if you wanted to return to your mother, you could not; you ate of the fruit of the Underworld." Zeus rolled his eyes at his sister's hysterics.

"She was fully aware when she ate of my fruit," Hades growled. "She is mine."

"Hermes showed me the pomegranate. She only ate six of the seeds, half of the fruit. She is not a permanent resident of the Underworld!" Demeter was clutching at straws in an effort to save her child, though it was obvious Persephone did not wish to be saved.

"Aha!" Zeus exclaimed, and everyone frowned at him.

"'Aha' what?" Hades snarled, wanting nothing more than to zap both his brother and sister, and take Persephone back to his bedchamber.

"I have found an apt solution to this little problem of ours," Zeus declared, rubbing his blonde beard smartly. "She ate six seeds of the pomegranate. Therefore, she must stay in the Underworld six months. But for the other half of the year, she shall stay aboveground with her mother."

Everyone started shouting at once. "I'm not just an object to be moved around at the pleasure of others!" Persephone screeched.

"You know time passes differently in the Underworld, they will have an eternity together while I rot by myself on earth!" Demeter yelled.

"I will not tolerate her absence for so long a duration!" Hades shouted.

"I've made my decision," Zeus sad coldly, in a voice that echoed around the marble halls. One did not argue with the King of the Gods when he spoke in such a voice. "You will all abide by it. Hades, come spring, your wife will return to her mother. And Demeter, come autumn, your daughter will return to her husband."

Persephone sighed resignedly. It was the best she was going to get, she knew. And though she opposed being treated in such a way, she was content that she'd be able to still see her mother and be Hades' wife.

"Take me home, Husband," Persephone said to Hades softly, her gaze filled with love. Tonight she would truly become his wife. She squeezed his large hand with her small one.

"Persephone!" Demeter exclaimed, moving toward them.

"I'll miss you, Mother. But I'm not a little girl anymore. I shall see you in the Spring."

Hades and Persephone disappeared, leaving a gaping Demeter in their wake.


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