I opened the cracked window of the Chapels attic then I lifted my self on to the roof,I grabbed one of the plastic pipes annd clambered awkwardly on to the spire,I peered over then edge…it was a long way down,the people below me looked like long black hair blew in the light breeze,Are you sure you want to do this? I asked my self I I jumped of the spire,my body twirled in the air,My back hit something hard,knocking the breath out of me,I felt blood oozing from my back,I screamed in fear and in pain,people screamed below me I tried to ignore pale hand smashed into one of the Chapel windows,little fragments of glass filled the sky,sparkling in the sunlight,the glass left small cuts on my hands and knees but I didn't care,all I could think about was the ground getting closer and closer,I was in deaths screams grew louder,I regognised one voice-my mothers.I didn't wantr her to see this-her little girls death.I felt warm tears filling my worried eyes and falling down my cheeks,"I love you mum!" I called my voice cracked,My mothers face was streaked with tears she seemed to upset to speak,My nose was inches away from the ground,I heard more shrieks,and then I was surrounded by darkness.