Why live when you can die? Why suffer when you can be in peace? These are the questions racing through my mind when the calfing knife was inches away from my chest ,I pulled the knife closer and flinched,in a few seconds I would be dead,I'll try to make it quick I decided, so I wouldn't have to suffer,I took a deep breath, and plunged the knife into my heart in one swift movement,I screamed in pain, my hands flew to my chest my fingers stroking the wound, blood poured out of me,I could feel myself growing weaker,these where my final moments in this world,blood covered the floor,all I could see was red.

My heart beats slowed down atleast 20 seconds inbetween each beat,You'll be in peace soon I whispered trying to forget the pain that pulsed through my nearly lifeless body,I couldn't think straight I'd lost too much blood I touched my blood stained chest the blood was still coming but not as rapidly now there wasn't much left,I lifted my fingers up so I could see them,they were red with the blood,a drop fell onto my pale face,it was warm againist my skin almost reasuring,I took my last breath, "Goodbye world." I breathed.