Well, then. At first, I loved the freakin' ending. Then, Haji dies, and I nearly start bawling XD Ah, he was my favorite character. Who knows, maybe he survived..? After all, he does have some mad ninja skills. Anyway, this is how I thought Saya's thoughts might have been shortly after the whole MET incident. Either way, the ending was incredibly depressing. Sad freaking face. Don't get me wrong, I was watching this at 3:00 a.m, and in all honesty, I can't remember Saya saying anything along the lines of romance. However, that could be just me and trying to write this little oneshot thing at 7:30 in the morning XD If you review, post your thoughts on the ending as well! ^W^

I wanted to do it. I wanted to do it so, so badly- how could he deny me the right to kill Amshel? Worry for me... but I'd rather be dead than feeling like this. And I watched them run at each other, too tired to do anything. I watched him thrust the sword through Amshel, and I watched him stop resisting. I called his name, and he told me words that were always so wonderfully unexpected. One of the only smiles I've ever seen grace his lips crossed his face. He was so beautiful. I called again... but this time, there was nothing. No soft, gentle words of reply, no promises. The tears in my eyes reached such an extreme, I could barely see. But that didn't matter- he was gone, and that was the only thing on my mind. The thought consumed me, and it killed me as it did so. Nothing but rubble, huge, stone blocks. No Haji to come walking out from the dust, telling me he'd always be by my side, telling me things were fine. Nothing but silence, and the sound of my tears hitting the floor. And I never got to tell him. I loved him too.