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Bella's POV

His dark smoldering eyes were staring at me. I could see them glittering in the flickering light of the fire. He no longer hid the desire he felt for me. I felt a shiver run down my back. His bronze hair sparkled in the fire light, creating flames of its own. His skin had acquired an unearthly glow adding a golden tinge to his otherwise pale skin. His other worldly beauty was brought to the forefront; all pretenses of humanity lost in the firelight. This god like creature with his inhuman beauty was mine. I still couldn't believe it. He loves me… a part of my mind still refuses to believe it…. the thought of him leaving still an ever present fear.


He sighed… he touched my face once again. We were lying side by side on a blanket in our meadow leaning on a fallen tree. Edward's hand was around me holding me lightly to him. Edward had brought me here for a picnic dinner in the moon light for our first official date after his return. He had built a small camp fire to keep me warm. It was unusually warm tonight and the sky was clear. I could barely make out the tiny stars. The meadow looked like something out of a fairytale in the luminous glow cast by the fire. The trees in the edge mysterious and dark cloaking and surrounding the small clearing. I felt like I was transported into another world…. a magical one….

I had got to know a whole new Edward during the past couple of weeks. It was amazing to see the changes in him. I couldn't believe the things that we'd done. Hiding in a broom closet making out; getting caught, stealing kisses in the class room. He had even barged into the girl's locker room to steal a kiss from me because he couldn't wait a moment longer to kiss me. It was so unlike the Edward I knew.

"Bella…what are you thinking?"

"I was thinking of all the crazy things we have been up to for the past couple of weeks."

My favourite crooked smile spread across his face.

"I loved the first kiss you gave me against the locker the best."

"You can't be serious? I thought it must have been very embarrassing to find yourself in such a situation particularly in front of a very interested audience."

His brow furrowed at that.

"I didn't exactly like the thoughts of the people around me after the kiss ended….but I loved it while it lasted."

I remembered how I had shamelessly kissed him taking him by surprise. It had been the first time that I had felt his hardness against me. We had grinded into each other. I should someday ask him what exactly the others had thought at that time. I couldn't believe I had behaved so wantonly in front of everyone.

"What have you done with my shy Victorian virgin?"

"Oh he has disappeared…." He placed a feather light kiss on my forehead.

"Do you miss him?"

He was now ruffling my hair. I smiled.

"Of course not."

I never thought that Edward would be so playful. We were both now behaving like teenagers; for once all our troubles forgotten lost in the moment. After a very long time I felt happy and contented. I stared into his beautiful face….

"Bella… look so beautiful…"

His cold fingers were tracing the lines of my face. He held my chin with one hand while running his finger lightly over my lips.

"I can never get enough of you love….."

He leaned in and lightly kissed my lips. I ran my hands through his glorious hair and pulled him closer to me to deepen the kiss.



He was now kissing my jaw line. I wanted more… so much more…but I was scared….will he pull away? I remembered that in the broom closet he hadn't minded me touching his chest. He was now kissing my neck. I started to run my hands on his chest over his shirt. He had worn a shirt in the same shade of blue that I had worn. It was sort of "déjà vu" all over again. We were wearing matching clothes again. I had finally decided to wear his favourite blue top after going through my whole closet trying to figure out what to wear. Alice was not supposed to help him so I knew it was his own choice of clothing. The fabric of his shirt was light and soft and it slipped on his smooth body when I ran my hands over the front. I felt his nipples through the shirt and I heard Edward's soft intake of breath when I grazed my fingers over them. I wanted so much to remove his shirt.

Edward's hands were now at my neckline running his finger lightly over my skin. I shuddered…. The fire kept me warm and the contrast of his cold finger against my burning skin was very arousing. I looked up at Edward's eyes….. he was still staring at me with that burning desire… I slowly purposefully moved my hands to the top button of his shirt. He blinked, other than that he held still. My trembling fingers managed to undo the top button. He still held my gaze. I knew he would stop me at any minute now… so I hurried.. may be I should distract him. So I kissed him again to divert his attention. He deepened the kiss. Now my fingers were finding it increasingly difficult to remove the buttons and my focus was wavering. After several attempts at the third button I gave up. I kissed him back passionately. It was only when I felt something cold rub against my fingers that I opened my eyes and peered downwards. He had undone the rest of the buttons. He took my hands and firmly placed them on his chest. I gasped. I knew I was blushing now. I didn't dare look up into his eyes. For the first time that night I felt shy. He was sharing so much of himself with me.

I slowly started running my hands through his chest. The contrast between the sparkling sprinkling of hair on his chest and his glowing skin was amazing. It was like little sparkles of golden light flashing through with the movement of his chest when he breathed in and out. His nipples stood erect and velvety smooth but unyielding against my fingers. It reminded me of the google search I wanted to do, I'd never gotten around to it. May be I could now get practical evidence through Edward…. In spite of myself I smiled at my own curiosity I really wanted to know whether male nipples reacted the same way to touch as mine did. Well time to find out. I leaned in and slowly took one in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. I felt a shudder run through Edward and he moaned loudly.

"Bella….wh…what are you …doing to me? ….ohh…"

His breathing was erratic. I continued my ministrations and slowly traced the line of hair arrowing towards his trousers. Will I ever get to see the final destination? When I reached the top of his trousers Edward's hand closed over mine.

"Bella…..." His voice was rough… and it sounded like a no. So that was the boundary line. I guess he could only take so much. I removed my hand from under his and touched his shoulder and rested my head against him placing light kisses all over his chest. He smelled wonderful and his chest hair was slightly ticklish against my skin. Edward started stroking my head tucking stray strands of hair behind my ear.

Edward's POV

I could feel Bella's warm breath on my bare chest. She was planting warm wet kisses all over me. I loved it. Then I felt Bella's lips graze over my nipple again and I shuddered.

"Do you like that?"

Oh dear! She wants to speak about it. All of a sudden I felt embarrassed. I simply nodded yes. I couldn't speak...She continued to explore my chest. I was really hard and I knew she must be feeling me against her but she didn't seem to take any notice.

Bella reached up and pulled my head down for another kiss. I kissed her more ardently this time. I felt her soft breasts press against me. Her nipples were erect. I really wanted to touch them. To feel what it was like. I wanted to touch her the way she was touching me. Was it inappropriate? But I wanted it so much. Should I just touch her or ask permission first? I decided I should ask her. I didn't want to do anything she might not be ready for. But how to ask?



"I…want ask you…something"


Oh god this is not right….I shouldn't take advantage of her like this. She was so taken in by my kiss she would say yes to anything. I decided to give her some time to gather her thoughts and ask her direct when she was more coherent.


I stopped kissing her and looked directly into her eyes. They were dark and full of passion. She looked so beautiful and she was mine. I felt so happy.

"Bella….can I ….can I also …touch you…?"

She suddenly looked very embarrassed and her eyes wouldn't meet mine. She was blushing…

"You mean …remove…" Oh she thought I wanted to take her blouse off.

"No no. Bella. I just…. I just want to feel you….. I've never really felt you before….."

"Ok…" She whispered.

"Can I touch you right here?"

I slowly moved my hand towards her breast. She looked up at my face. Her eyes were shining, they were full of need. I was still scared to touch her. Will I hurt her? She is so fragile. I hesitated. She must have seen it in my eyes because she slowly raised her hand and took mine in hers and placed it on her breast. We both shuddered at the contact. I slowly squeezed her.

"Please tell me if I hurt you…. I've never…. I don't know…."

I tired to explain to her that I didn't really know how to touch her. I grazed my hand over her pert nipple.

"It's fine Edward."

I slowly laid her down on the blanket and started kissing her again while I gently explored her breasts through her blouse. I felt the out line of her bra. Wasn't it too tight? I had to ask her about it later. I was curious.

"Bella, you feel so soft and warm…"

They were so very soft. I couldn't believe it. The way they yielded and shaped into my palm was incredible. Her nipples felt like little pebbles in my hand. She shivered every time I touched them. I slowly lowered my face and buried it in her softness. It was heaven. Her smell was intoxicating. The freesia mixed with the smell of her arousal. I don't know how long I stayed like that when Bella pulled me up to kiss me again. I felt her run her hands all over my chest again. I loved it. I felt her trace my chest hair and kiss me on my chest it was slightly ticklish. I really enjoyed her playfulness and placed a kiss on her neck.

That was until I felt Bella's hand brush over Edward junior. I shuddered. Had she done it purposefully? No. Bella wouldn't do that. It must have been a mistake. I continued kissing her neck and licking at her ear lobe. I knew she liked it. She turned her face to kiss me on my lips once again. It was then that I felt Bella's hand cup me through the front of my jeans. Holy…. Oh my god. I shook with the force of my release. The pleasure that coursed through my body was unbearable. I felt Bella smile against my lips. She had done it on purpose. I quickly looked down. Dear lord her hand was still there! cupping me. She hadn't moved it. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. I felt breathless. I had to find the courage to try to remove Bella's hand. I was so close to loosing my control. I slowly touched her hand and lifted it up to my lips and kissed it. I was scared that she would be offended if I forcefully removed it. I really didn't want to remove her hand but I couldn't control myself any further. One release was not enough for me I was ready for more much much more. I wasn't sure what will happen if this continued.

"You look very beautiful when you do that."

Oh dear…. She knew what had happened to me.

I hid my face in her bosom. I knew I would be blushing all over if I could. But this was Bella… I could share anything with her. She had told me it was a natural thing and that I should not be embarrassed by it. Hell she'd rescued me from school when I'd lost control and came all over my pants. She had never made fun of me for that. I had been mortified when Bella found out. But she had saved me from a lot of embarrassment. Had anyone seen me like that in school I would have never been able to face it. The little pixie who was my sister had abandoned me. But my Bella had realized my predicament and had taken me home and washed my clothes for me so that no one would know of my embarrassment. I felt so protected and cared for. I couldn't explain the feeling. It was I who should protect her but she had been there when I needed her the most. I buried my head deeper in her soft curves and inhaled her scent.

"I love you Bella."

I put my arm around her and hugged her to me. She didn't return her hand to its former place. Thank god. Should I return the favour? I really wanted to. But will Bella think badly of me for taking advantage of her like that? Had she ever had the response I have when she's near me? I wanted to know so much about my Bella. What would excite her and how to please her. Someday I will have to find the courage to ask her. May be it was ok to share such a moment with her… I couldn't talk to her about it but she had shown me she knew exactly what she did to me. I could touch her the same way. If she didn't want it she would refuse right? Should I ask her…..? She had let me touch her breast after all…

I decided to see her reaction when I touched her closer to where I wanted to be. I put my hand on her thigh. She shivered. I turned her face to me and started kissing her while stroking her thigh. I was just about to touch her heat when I thought better of it. I guess I should ask her….it was not appropriate for me to do that without her permission. Hell it was not appropriate to touch a lady like that. If my birth mother knew what I was contemplating on doing she would have my hide. But I was planning to ask my Bella for her hand in marriage. I would never have sought such intimacy or taken the liberties I do now if I was not hoping to do the right thing by her. Still it was not something I would have done even with my fiancée had it been in 1918. But times have changed. I tried to reason with myself. And this was my Bella….. she had touched me….. Oh god I wanted it so much….. I could smell her arousal…

"Bella…" I whispered in her ear.


"Can I touch you?"

"Mmm.." She slightly nodded her head yes. But I wanted to be sure.

"Are you sure?"

"Y..yes.." There was no mistaking her answer this time and she even blushed beet red. She knew for sure what I wanted and she had said YES. God… I'd longed to do this. I slowly moved my hand up her thigh. She was shivering. Was she cold? Should I stop?

"Bella are you cold?"


My hand was now trembling….her jeans were tight on her and her blouse was long and partially covered her. I ran my hand under the blouse to her hip. Bella moaned. I slowly moved my hand towards the front fastening of her denim and lowered my hand to her core. I touched her lightly through the denim. I felt a shiver run down my body and Bella shuddered.

"Oh.. Edward…"

She moaned aloud pushing herself against my hand. I could feel the heat and moisture seeping through. Her arousal smelled heavenly I have never felt it so strongly before. I kissed her lips and she kissed me back more passionately. I couldn't feel the shape of her because of her clothes but it was good knowing that I was there… her secret place. I pressed my hand to her and started stroking in a slow motion. She moaned and pressed more firmly into my hand. She pulled more tightly on my hair while deepening our kiss. With my other hand I touched her nipple and started lightly stroking it.

"Oh….Oh…..god…don't stop."

She was panting. Her head rolled back. I took the opportunity to suck her nipple through her blouse. I felt her shudder and suddenly she started shaking. Was something wrong with her? God.. had she forgotten to breathe? Was she having a fit? I quickly tried to pull away. She screamed my name and deep shudders shook her body her hand pushing mine more tightly against her core.

"Edward…..oh ….oh…."

She had an release! Oh dear god…. I was thrilled. I had made her do that. I couldn't believe it. Her hair was spread like a halo around her head on the blanket. Her lips parted. Her eyes closed tightly. Her blush was so much deeper than I'd ever seen it and she was breathing rapidly. She looked magnificent. I couldn't believe it. I had given my Bella the ultimate pleasure without even compromising our modesty. I hugged her tightly to me and kissed her lips tenderly. She sighed. I rolled over onto my back pulling her on top of me. She was now lying partially over my body. I didn't care. I was still hard but I was with my Bella. I didn't feel I needed to cover up. I wanted her to know how much I needed her.

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