For those of you who read our story 'Just Gets Better with Time' know that it was written on a loss bet between me and my friend. I wanted to do a romance story but it turned into a mystery (his choice). Many people had emailed us about this story so we have come up with a story that is in two parts. I am to handle the beginning. It is the story leading up to 'Just Gets Better with Time' (Romance). The third will be after the children's birth. Hopefully we will be able to tie it all together. We are working on both stories together and also we will finish 'Between Our Two Worlds'. I got some writer's blocks and my friends are working on other projects. Thanks for your patience and support.

"Keep running," the man huffed as he was pulling a woman along. "You got to keep moving. You can't stop." He kept pulling the woman's arm to make her hurry. He looked at her and saw how she was struggling to keep pace with him. His heart went out to her because she was carrying a baby. They both noticed how the baby slept during all of their running. The woman looked down at the baby who had a content look on his face. She then turned and looked at the man and smiled.

"I am so glad that he is asleep now but, what if he starts to wake?" the woman asked as she adjusted the sleeping baby in her arm.

"We are going to have to hide him because if he cries, it will know where we are. It is so important that he lives." The man looked around nervously as he heard the sound of a Gillian coming from behind them.

Just as the sound of a Gillian got closer, the baby started to stir and cry. The man looked angrily at the woman and got up. He started looking around the area for a place to hide the baby. He ran toward an area and then he came back and tried to take the baby. The woman cried out 'NO' to the man for the baby was quiet again.

"We will come back for him, I promise. We promised his parents that we would care for him. We can't care for him if we get him killed." He looked at the woman as she slowly eased her grip on the baby. She kissed the baby on the forehead and handed the baby to the man.

"Wait here," he said as he took the baby and ran to an area out of sight to the woman. Later the man came back as the howls from the Gillian got closer. He grabbed her hand and they both started to run.

Moments later, a Gillian shot a cero just as the couple screamed.


Just as the Gillian tried to move on, a slash appeared diagonally from the white spike and cut the Gillian in half. The Gillian screamed and disappeared. A shinigami stood with his sword drawn with a small grin on his face.

"This one is done for. Any survivors?" the shinigami asked as he looked over his shoulder.

"A couple was running ahead but we could not get to them quick enough to save them," the female shinigami said as she bowed to him. "I could have sworn a baby was with them." They stood in silence trying to hear if they heard a baby. All they heard was silence.

"We need to move on. Gather everyone so we can move back to camp. Bring the deceased couple: we will give them a proper burial in the nearest town," the shinigami snapped to attention and flash stepped away.

Later in the evening, an old farmer is walking in the woods when he heard a noise. He stood still so that he could get a direction of the noise. He heard the noise again.

He turned and walked in the direction of the noise. As he got closer the louder the noise got. He recognized that it was a baby crying. The closer he got the harder the crying got.


He walked until he was standing above the crying baby.

"My, my, don't you have some strong lungs for such a frail looking thing," the old man said as he leaned down and picked up the crying baby. "Shush little baby. I am going to take you home to my wife. She always wanted a little one." The old man took his scarf from around his neck and wrapped it around the baby. He held the baby close as he returned to the path that he was walking.

The old man's wife looked out of the window waiting on her husband. She never knew what to expect when her husband would return from his walks. She smiled as she thought about how many times her husband had brought birds with broken wings and stray kittens home from his walks.

She chuckled as she saw her husband walking towards the house. She slowly got out of her chair as she saw his scarf wrap around something in his arms: another kitten or puppy this time.

As he got closer, she heard crying; A baby's cry. She stood up and started to walk to the old man.

"Look what I found," the old man said as he removed the rapped scarf from around the baby.

The old woman put her hand in front of her mouth and as she looked at the crying baby. She then reached out and took the baby in her arms. "My, My, my," she smiled, "you are a pale little thing with that beautiful silver hair," the old lady said to the baby as he tried to reach for her face. She smiled and said, "I am going to call you Gin."