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In the recesses of the night, in a place long forgotten by humans, a figure looked down upon the new world silently. It was something he could not touch; it was something he had to give up for the price of his sins. The price for saving everything he held dear. Even so, he could not touch it. There was a space between the man and the new world, as so naturally there would be. If anyone remembered him or the place he resided, that would only spell disaster.

Yet, he chose this path of his own free will. Ultimately, eternal damnation was his punishment. He was to be forever alone in a ruined world, all thanks to a deity he had fought and defeated in his past. This man did what he needed to in order to save the future he held so highly in regard, but never could he taste it, such as Moses would never be admitted into Canaan.

A flick of a lighter rang out through the empty, wrecked city which he resided in. The only sign of human life was himself. There was no need for him to do anything anymore. He no longer knew hunger or thirst, nor time for that matter. Forever, he was to remain trapped in oblivion. As the man flicked the lighter again, an apparition of a blue butterfly appeared to him, before taking the guise of a man with a butterfly mask. He didn't bother to look at the masked man, for he knew his presence well.

There was only silence between the two.

"You know," The newcomer said. "if you forfeit your memories again, you can join your friends."

"I know."

"But why don't you?"

"...This is my punishment, remember?" The man sighed bitterly. "And besides... I can't forget. I don't want to either."

Again, there was another bout of silence.

"You do know... that she is still searching for you, correct? Of course, her task will always be futile, because you are always out of reach."

This surprised the man. Frowning, he turned towards the masked man. "I thought you stole all their memories."

"Stole is a harsh word. I merely sealed those memories away. But in the end, she asked me to do that one favor, and allow her to retain her memories." He murmured, gazing out to the new world. "She knows full well that it's impossible. Yet she searches. It's one of the many mysteries behind humans... knowing that some situations are hopeless, no matter what is done."

It took a while for the man to come up with an answer. "That didn't stop us from stopping him the first and second time." He replied. "We humans are stubborn. No matter the odds, somehow, we'll overcome them." Giving a side-glance, the man frowned. "Gods and demons don't decide human fate, Philemon. Humans have a quality that demons, angels, even what gods lack. You're still trying to find out that secret, aren't you?" Glaring now, the man straightened. "I thought you learned that fact back when my friends and I defeated him."

"I'm merely an observer." Philemon answered as he produced a butterfly, one half red, the other half blue. "You've been reduced to that state as well."

His eyes narrowed. "...What are you plotting?"

"Your words are harsh. But your assumptions are understandable..." He said as the butterfly split into two, holding the pieces up for the man to see. "I am doing as I've always done; I'm giving humanity the necessary power to combat what's to come."

"...Playing god again, are you?"

"Your words wound me. You know what I am; I need not explain to you why I hand out that power to those select few. You hold that very same power yourself."

"...I thought by defeating Nyarlathotep, everything would be saved."

"Do not be mistaken. Nyarlathotep is not behind this."


Philemon ignored him. "Humanity... has been failing my expectations out of late. The psyche they pride themselves on is deteriorating... their mindsets are pitiable at most. At their current state, they call death to themselves."


Philemon again ignored him. With a wave of his hand, two portals opened before him: one of a boy, another of a girl. Polar opposites they would be called. The boy had blue hair and gray eyes, the girl had auburn hair and red eyes. The man stared wonderingly at them both.

"These two, are twins. Three years ago it has been since they lost one another in each other's respective realities. Fate has been unkind to them." Philemon explained. "They have lost everything, but that only leaves them with the potential to possess everything. I wish to see what direction these two take..."

With that, Philemon dropped the halves of the butterfly into their respective portals; the blue half going to the boy, and the red half going to the girl.

"Did you just give the power of Persona to children?" He asked in disbelief, remembering painful memories flashing into his mind.

"No. I merely amplified it. I have given the 'potential' to others. These twins you see before you, created their own Personae without my involvement. Unlike yourself, they lack a means to bring it out."

"Is that even possible? For someone to create their own personae?"

"I did not foresee this either. Normally it takes time for a fully developed Persona to emerge from the human soul." Philemon admitted. "Humans have brought the upcoming crisis upon themselves... and I wish to see the same vigor in them that you and your friends once had. Be thankful Nyarlathotep is not involving himself in this affair."

"Tch... I wouldn't say that. That bastard's unpredictable." He said scornfully. "But no matter what happens, I believe that humans will overcome anything you outer gods try to pull."

"All examples I have seen have proved this. If this generation of Persona users fail, your sacrifice for 'This Side' will be for naught." Philemon closed his eyes. "Those... 'Wild Cards' will be the deciding factor."

"It's cruel to pin everything on them. But... Everything has a beginning and an end. There are ends we don't want, but they're inevitable, and we must face them. It's what being human is all about. They'll overcome fate in one form, or another." The man replied brusquely as he flicked his lighter once more. "I know that to be a fact."

"Your punishment certainly speaks for itself."


Both man and outer god stared down at the new world for a time, until the latter broke the silence once more.

"What say we make a friendly bet, Tatsuya Suo?"