24 years after the kyuubi attack

The sounds of flesh slapping flesh accompanied by grunts and moans echoed throughout the castle of Naruto Uzumaki-namikaze though he only uses naruto uzumaki. He was thrusting his cock into a blue haired angel bent over in front of him while her juices were dripping out of her. He was pounding her despite the fact that she was Cuming. His cock was soaked with her juices. He grabbed her hair and added more power behind his thrust. Each thrust made her knees weaker until she was close to blacking out from pure pleasure she was enjoying.

As he neared his reaching point, he buried himself forward and shot his load in her. When she knew it was over, she got cleaned up and left leaving a satisfied naruto. He got dressed in an all black sleeping robe. He walked over to his window and took a look outside his castle.

Outside was a site to behold. It was his beautiful empire that he managed to create from many broken down or corrupted villages into the one standing now. The land was once a war zone in which everyone there were at some type of risk that ranged from being murdered for a small amount of cash to dying from a rare disease. Some of the disease could have been prevented with simple herbs but the people couldn't get because of the location that they were in and the fact that it would have cost more money to have them shipped to them than the price of the herbs itself.

The lands that once stood there had many things such as prostitution, slave rings, bars for anyone 13 and older, and other things that were most likely frowned upon. These things were exposed everyone including young kids.

The condition of the land was something along the lines of almost dead. Most of the buildings were about to cave in on itself if you weren't careful. It was only due to his hard work and dedication that naruto was able to fix the problems. He couldn't help but smile at the fact that he owned an area that was bigger than the fire country. This was way better than being the hokage of 'that' village.

Thinking about his old village brought back bad memories of what happened. But now looking at what he had now, he was glad. Who would have thought that him taking a chidori to the chest in which almost killing him, getting banished for injuring the nuke nin sasuke when he bought him back injured, and of course absorbing the kyuubi would get him this far.

Thinking of a dead kyuubi made him smile. It was a month after the banishment when he stumbled to avoid the harsh cold rain and came upon a cave with something that was sealed off. The seal looked like it was over 1000 years old which was not true. It was actually older but he didn't know that. Inside the seal was a dark liquid like material sealed into a frozen block of ice. The kyuubi must have known what it was because it told naruto to leave immediately. Hearing the panic in his voice which he wanted to find out what kyuubi was afraid of, naruto pumped a little charka into the seal which the black liquid poured onto the floor in front of naruto before taking a form of a sixteen year old naruto but was all black with yellow eyes. The dark form seeing naruto reached out his hands signifying that it wanted to bond with him.

Not knowing what would happen and didn't care, he bonded with it. The dark entity went through naruto's mouth, ears, and nose until it was inside of him fusing with his chakra source in which became part of him. As soon as that was done, it began ripping the kyuubi's energy from the fox until it was completely out. It then drained him of his life force and memories leaving nothing behind of the kyuubi. Naruto gained memories and powers from both the kyuubi that day.

Of course this put too much stress on his body thus putting him out for a month. His chakra kept him from starving to death but as soon as he was up, he went for food immediately not noticing something different about himself. After he fed himself, he went to a river to get cleaned up in which then he finally noticed the changes. He was noticeable taller, his whisker marks were darker, his hair got a little darker and longer, and his face looked a little feral. His body had gained more muscles too which he began flexing back and forward. He looked confused at his changes and thought of a plan to find out what happened.

Naruto then meditated in which he appeared back in the sewers that was his mind. He saw much information flowing around which probably explained the confusion. Creating shadow cloned in his mind, he had them categorized by time and date. This took three days in the human world but also longer in his mind. After he was finished that, he began searching through the memories for something useful that he could use right now such as ninjutsus or anything else. He was now on his own and he needed to get stronger. He knew his dreams to be hokage would always be just that, a dream. He also knew that konoha probably was looking for him to kill him now so without waiting to prove his theory, he left to the western lands which he picked up from his memories. That is where his rise to power began.

It started with a small town ran by bandits. Naruto not liking it one bit took out the simple bandits in whom people began praising him and begging him to stay. Naruto being the kind guy stayed and helped them from simple bandits over and over. Pretty soon, he was made leader of the village which he did not use his real name but an alias by the name of 'shadow' and people began asking him for help them teach them how to defend themselves. This made naruto think back to his village despite how much he hated it. He had done many things for them on a larger scale.

The first event was fighting off Shukaku during the sand/sound invasion. Then the other events like him gaining several allies for konoha such as star village, wave country, spring/snow country, and tea country which was now ran by the fuma clan since sasuke killed orochimaru before leaving. He had hoped that the village would soon trust him and opened up more to him but that wasn't the case. Their rage turned into fear instead of love and respect as he grew stronger which he did not like one bit. Naruto was soon in a level on his own in strength which slowly unnerved some of his friends. They knew his level was beyond theirs and couldn't help but feel small compared to him. That feeling combined with the hard core naruto haters started putting them on the edge.

Pretty soon naruto was losing his friends because they adopted their views to match the villagers, feared him growing too powerful and may snap, or other reasons. They still didn't know the reason Itachi killed his clan but they did know that he became powerful then later just killed his family which they perceived as him snapping. Pretty soon they were slowly trying to get him out of the village before that happened to them. Now they had another reason other than the kyuubi to fear. He might have gotten their views to change on him not being the kyuubi but now he had a different image. He was now viewed as very powerful and could possible become unstable very quickly. When asked how come the yondaime didn't snap even though he was very powerful, their excuse was that he died early before that happened and that he was too much of a noble man to become a Itachi.

There were only a handful that stayed by naruto's side but he kept them at a distance so they wouldn't get hurt because of him. Part of him knew they were going to get rid of him but he still had hope which died when he was banished. All the civilian side council along with the elders and some on the ninja side thought that naruto was someone that could finally lose it and destroy him thus leading to him being banished. He snapped out of his funk, he began teaching his people.

Using the knowledge from the thousands year old entity and kyuubi who was also a few thousands of years old thus both learning many things, naruto taught them a few things while he himself began learning to use them with his army of shadow clones.

You see, naruto discovered that if he makes one shadow clone with him and trained along side with the clone, then he would be practicing 48 hours in a day. So going by that, what would happen if he created thousands of shadow clones and trained along with them for a day? He did so and accomplished years of training in a few days.

After getting the people stronger, no small time bandit came back to the village. Word of their strength spread to the others near them which did not go well. Fights broke out in which turned into small wars between small villages. Naruto and his village came out on top due to his intense training. The villages out of fear of being destroyed surrendered the village to naruto in which began the makings of an empire. Naruto was now in charge of four small villages in which he combined them together. He had yet to come up with a name but he did not want any name. It had to be perfect.

Word got out to others in the western country and one by one, they attacked for different reasons such as fear that they would get too powerful, greed for more power and other reasons. Naruto not wanting to let his people down began training others under him. He used clones to help people so it was just like a one on one learning experience. This still wasn't enough for him to conquer them but he didn't have the best warriors and he wasn't strong enough to do it alone. He needed people with skills and fast.

His call was answered by a group of wandering ninja's but they weren't like the ninja's he saw. They did not use handseals at all but element manipulation and swords. They were a clan which goes by the name manji. They were looking for a place to call a home and a strong one at that. Naruto asked them for their help which they accepted if he was able to beat their strongest warrior which was their leader.

Using every skill he learned how to use from the skills he had in his memory, he managed to win. They did as they promised and fought alongside with him. Naruto with the help of the manji clan managed to gain a little more land. By doing this, he managed to gain more attention in a good way.

Soon on his side was the Mishima clan who had a bloodline that was known as the devil gene. By now, naruto's had began pumping fear into the other villages. They ceased attacks temporarily which gave naruto the chance to build up on his economy. He had called in some help from wave and spring country seeing as thought he didn't want to involve ninja villages which include places like suna, tea country who became a small ninja village, waterfall village, and star village because of their alliance with konoha. They helped him without questions since it was naruto who put the most effort into helping them than the other members of his team. He was the one that restore their strength even if it was just their strength in confidence. He had asked them to keep their alliance a secret between them which they complied.

Now having to build his growing empire; which was now the size of konoha, naruto then began training more people to incorporate into his forces. He himself was training to use the different taijutsu styles kyuubi had and began combining them. He also learned of his new abilities in which one of them allowed him to create something called heartless which were creatures made out of pure shadows. Heartless from the entities memories came in different shapes and sizes. They were also skilled in different areas thought all had stealth but on different levels. When he first started creating them, his first batch were shadows followed by neoshadows.

A Shadow has a vaguely humanoid body structure. It has a round, spherical head with circular, glowing yellow eyes. It also has two long, twisted antennae sprouting out of the top of its head. Each of its hands has three clawed fingers, and its feet are large and lack any discernible digits. With the exception of its eyes, this Heartless' body is completely black. They were the smallest of the group but fastest due to having small bodies. But having a small body also made them the weakest if they were to fight a face to face match. A shadow's only jobs were assassin, spy, and scouting missions.

A Neoshadow has a more humanoid body structure than a normal Shadow, but shares the same pitch black skin and spherical, glowing yellow eyes. Its crooked antennae are quite long and fall back behind the Heartless. It seems to be rather muscular, and its hands are very large, each one sporting five clawed fingers. Its feet, like those of a normal Shadow, are long and lack digits, but a Neoshadow's feet more resemble boots. Its body is also lined by several faint, blue veins of color. They were built for hand to hand combat. A Neoshadow's only jobs were guard duty for the city.

By having these two groups helped naruto improve security around the village and information gathering for other villages he was going against. He had information such as the layout of the village, the leaders of the village, there guards route, and everything he needed to win a war and control more territory. All he needed was enough man power to do so which came in the form of a heartless and nobodies which he learned how to use. He created many types of them and in no time, naruto by the age of 20 became the ruler of what was now known as the western empire. By now naruto was known throughout his land and many lands as the 'shadow emperor'.

After he became the ruler, he fixed the lands up in which it changed from a violent war filled land to a beautiful one. He made sure there was work for everyone in his lands and not anyone asking around for food and money.

He repaid wave country spring country by paying them for all the supplies they sent that helped them in their time of need. He even gave them an army of shadow and nobodies to protect their lands from the other ninja villages in the eastern side had heard about a war starting up and knew they would need him. They thanked him for sending help saying that they wouldn't want to get involved in a meaningless war. They even severed themselves from konoha so they wouldn't get involved in their war which naruto didn't know about. Naruto didn't even bother to see who was in the war. All that matter was that he had his place to run.

Snapping out of his thoughts, naruto walked downstairs to find the site of his beautiful wife cooking breakfast. She had midnight blue hair and light blue eyes. She had a figure that men would kill for. She had firm B cups which naruto enjoyed sucking on. She was Koyuki Kazahana, the princess of spring country.

As to how they got together, naruto would often visit her before his banishment. Things started out as a great friend's relationship then without knowing it, they began falling in love. They began getting to know each other and he eventually told her about his secret and his treatment in his village. She pulled him in a comforting hug

Naruto walked up to her and greeted her with a kiss. He then broke the kiss.

"Good morning hime how was this morning" he asked with a wink.

"It was still as good as every naru-kun" she added with a little sultry in her voice. This caused naruto to blush a little at their activity. "You know if we keep going at it like this, we might get another child soon and we already have two." Yes naruto and Koyuki had children as in more than one but two. They were twins both being boys. Naruto asked her to name them minato and Arashi which she thought were good names. Arashi had koyuki's midnight blue hair and naruto's eyes while minato had naruto's hair and koyuki's light blue eyes. Both inherited the rest of the looks from naruto.

"But what's wrong with having more? Besides I want to have an army of little me's." He laughed at his little joke while she paled at the amount of labor she would be in. Naruto saw here horrified face laughed harder before telling her it was a joke.

"Naruto, that little joke made me horny. Let's-"she was cut off by their twin 2 year old sons crying. They went to tend their needs before continuing where she left off.

"Well naruto-kun, next time I will have you in my bed. But right now, I think we should take the children out to the park to get some fresh air." He nodded before they took both Arashi and Minato outside of the park.


Konoha was in its worst shape ever. Ever since they banished naruto, they thought things were going to get good. The diehard naruto haters celebrated saying 'the demon was gone' and 'the uchiha's back' while the others just relaxed at ease at knowing another Itachi wouldn't be born in their country soon. Konoha was a general were happy that orochimaru and Itachi was killed by Sasuke. They also didn't have to worry about the akatsuki coming for them seeing as they didn't have naruto in their village anymore. They gave sasuke a promotion to jounin immediately stating that no one else could have done what he did and they forgave him leaving the village seeing as though he never turned on them. But then their allies threatened to leave them. Only wave country and spring/snow country left. Konoha tried getting their alliance back since wave had control over the seas in the trading industries and spring/snow country had great technology but they were unsuccessful.

Their relationship with waterfall village, star country, tea country and suna was now hanging from a thread. Things did not stop there for them. On the day naruto was to turn 18 years old, tsunade made the announcement to the village as to who naruto's parents were which connected the question people asked themselves as to why the forth would chose an orphan to seal a demon into. This cause many people to look down in shame. If they knew the forth sacrificed his only son for them then maybe things would have been different. They did treat him like shit for most of his time there then when he came back from his training trip with jiraiya for a short while, they banished him because they thought he was too danger to keep around and might snap.

Right after the public announcement, the council got together where they engaged in a shouting match as to why they were told that the forth's son was killed during the kyuubi's attack. The two loudest were the two who yelled for his banishment.

Tsume was pissed at the fact that she wanted hana to be engaged with the forth's son ever since she saw a pregnant kushina despite the age gap that would have been there between her daughter and their son. She would have gained power along with some powerful pups. She still wanted those pups from them thus leading to her yelling to find the boy. Having the blood of the yondaime mixed with the uzumaki and theirs wood surely produce some powerful ninjas that would make the Inuzuka clan deadly. They would have high senses, special healing properties along with powers that rival the kyuubi, and would be geniuses like minato. A she thought about it, naruto was able to create fast and effective plans in the heat of the moment without mistakes which even veteran ninjas couldn't do. (Only an Uzumaki was the container of the kyuubi and to be able to control that power, you would need to have equal power. I found this information online that naruto's mom and grand mom housed the kyuubi and that they were distant relatives of kyuubi. I'll make up something that would fit in.)

Sakura's mom Lily was also angered. She had always wanted to get pregnant from the forth since he began gaining power. She and her clan were civilians but wanted to produce ninjas too. So when the yondaime started gaining a big reputation, they wanted to be seen with him in hopes of becoming a great ninja clan. She and her family tried to seduce him but the love he held for kushina was too strong. After seeing that she couldn't get him away from kushina, she began plotting on getting their son even if she had to get him herself. She too was requesting that naruto was to return to konoha.

The others also agreed with them hoping to make their clan great somehow. They then sent out some hunter Nins who later came back empty seeing as they had no trail to follow. It was like he disappeared from the map. The council was upset at this but could think of it all day. They had to find ways to survive the bad times ahead. That is exactly what they did. The clans began forming alliances with each other to survive.

The Inuzuka's, who had most of their members in the hunter Nin program, began targeting even small time missing Nins. They allied themselves with the Harunos. The Harunos satisfied the Inuzukas sexually which they paid good money for especially the ones returning from hunting for bounties which could take up to weeks. Also they have to take in variables that they aren't the only ones hunting them down which led to a lot of stress that needed to be released.

The Haruno went to their secret slut houses and began whoring themselves around the street. Sakura after seeing the amount of cash joined her family business not wanting to end up broke.

The 'Ino-shika-choji 'group created a special herb business in order to generate cash. They made herbs for things from rashes to colds and also special soldier pills in which was sold to their allies and the black market for high prices. Ino, shikamaru, and choji joined their parents too. They not only made a three way alliance but a three way marriage which both choji and shikamaru married Ino.

The Aburame clan didn't do much to change as they never spent too much money before their current situation. They were logical people thus spending money on unnecessary things were illogical. They used logic behind almost everything they do thus leading them with having a large amount of money in the first place. They didn't ally with anyone since no one wanted bugs climbing into them during sex. Because of this, they were forced to breed with girls outside of their village. It was hard for them to find someone who wasn't ignorant towards their clan.

The hyuga clan began monitoring their spending more. They sent out more branch families to do more missions. They even tried to set up a marriage between kiba and hinata to get some cash from them but hinata declined which pissed of kiba who still wanted to pound her ass into the ground and the elder hyuga. This gave them the opportunity to place the cage seal on her thus making hinabi the heir. Hinata would not give up on naruto and she wouldn't let anyone get in the way of her future love. They then married hinabi off to kiba since they could no longer force hinata to do so.


The Inuzuka's marched over to the hyugas demanding why their heir kiba was not happy and also injured. The hyugas had asked for an alliance with each other in which the Inuzuka and hyugas would share the bounties on the heads of the missing Nins. The Inuzukas told them to set up a marriage between kiba and hinata but it seems that hinata denied then assaulted him after a few bad choices of words on kiba's side. They were now there to collect something from them in order to complete the alliance with each other. Hiashi talked to the elders of his clan in which a decision was made. Hiashi cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Alright we as a clan has made a decision that hinata hyuga will be placed on the branch family and her sister hinabi will be our heir and the one kiba will be married to. How does that sound Tsume-sama?" She turned to kiba who nodded before speaking.

"We will take that deal but we want something that would solidify our deal. We want something that isn't a written paper or a speech. We want to see them consummate the marriage with our clan as witnesses to this. And since we are here, let us do it now. I don't care too much for the wedding itself. We'll just sign some papers plus we would be saving money." She smiled knowing she would have pleased her son. She looked back to see him smiling ear to ear. Hiashi sighed before saying his next words which he regret thinking about.

"Fine I will summon hinabi to you."The hyugas were taken back at this but if they were going to get anywhere, they would agree with the horny dogs. Hiashi with a little hesitation summoned hinabi before updating her on the situation. He looked to see any type of reaction which he got none which he felt a little guilty since he was sure his wife if she was alive wouldn't approve of and would scold him.

"Alright hinabi, as heir you must consummate the marriage with kiba here and now. They will be here to witness the event" He waited for a reaction again but didn't get any once again.

"Alright father I will do as you wished." She took off her clothes and walked in the middle of the audience and waited for kiba to undress. After that was done, kiba waited no time in going over to her, bending her over, then after finding her entrance, stuck himself in breaking her hymen without any type of warning then proceeded in thrusting in and out fulfilling his own pleasure.

While he was doing this, hinabi's thoughts drifted to the amount of pain she was in. This ass hole didn't give her any warning before brutally breaking her hymen. Then her didn't wait before continue hurting her. She kept her pain bottled up inside to make her family proud of her unlike her sister she always tried to show up. She always tried to prove to her sister that she was stronger despite her age. But now that her sister was branded, what was the point to the things she did. Looking back, she felt guilty at the way she treated her.

She had a loving kind sister that she mistreated. Hinata was always kind to the people around her but would end up treated badly in the end. Her thoughts went back to her current painful position. If hinata was still an heir of the clan, then she would have gone through this experience. This dog face loser was thrusting for his own pleasure and her pain. As the pain went on longer, she felt her energy leaving her body. She heard him grunt before her stomach was filled with something warm.

Kiba then pulled out wiped his penis on her getting rid of access sperm before dressing. The Inuzuka clan left after signing the papers leaving behind a disgusted clan but alas, they would survive a little longer.

End of Flashback

These efforts still did not give them the boost they needed. Just as they thought that things couldn't get any more worst, it did. Iwa seeing them in that weakened state began preparing to go to war with them. Sound village also saw them in their weaken state and thus orochimaru began building up his army. Jiraiya of course saw their intentions which he told tsunade about sound and Iwa. This gave them enough time to prepare before Iwa with the combination of Oto declared war. Kumo seeing an opportunity to get a hyuga later decided to join the war helping Iwa and Oto. Konoha with help from suna, tea, and waterfall were still taking damages. If they were going to win the war, they would have to get help and soon.

Jiraiya came back from gathering information on the ongoing war. It seems mist was recovering from their civil war and had no intention of joining another one so soon. Wave and spring country still didn't want to do anything with them. Jiraiya began telling her that he would keep on searching for help. She sighed in frustration before asking about naruto.

"Have you found anything about the whereabouts of naruto? Ever since I told the council about his parents, they've been persistent about finding him." She found a little humor that the ones that hated him the most wanted him back.

"Yes I have and you're not going to believe where I found him. I want you to call in the council now." His tone started off as playful but ended serious which tsunade knew this was going to be big. She sends a few anbu to quickly get the council members before heading off to the meeting room.

The people did not take long to gather there seeing as they were in a war and this could possible help them. They sat down and sat quietly as if waiting for commands. Tsunade cleared her throat before beginning.

"I've called this meeting to inform you on the updates of the war. Mist will not be joining the war due to their recovery of the civil war that they had." She looked around and noticed the grim looks on their faces. "Also jiraiya has the possible location of naruto uzumaki-namikaze. " This got the attention of everyone. Naruto did take out their supposedly best which was the uchiha whom had become a council member seeing he was the last of his clan.

"So, why does the location of the dobe matter? What will one person do in this war against three countries combined?" He was still arrogant as always. He believed he was the best after he killed Itachi and orochimaru who were both s-ranked criminals. He of course never gave Itachi enough time to explain the reason behind his action otherwise he wouldn't be here in konoha on the council. Tsunade was the one to answer.

"Well he did dragged your ass back here didn't he? Plus he has wave and spring/snow country behind him. Ever since he was banished, we lost both alliances with those two countries. "This pissed him off but he didn't say anything. "So jiraiya, where has our hero been, we need his help to win this war" asked Lilly who was eager to produce strong ninjas for her clan. She did not want her can mixing with any ninjas but strong noble ones so when he did something noble, their clan status would rise along with his. She at one point wanted the uchiha but he did not take her daughter because he didn't think much of konoha women. What he said next was the last place they expected to find him.

"He was sighted by one of my contacts whom were getting supplies from what is known as the western empire. That was a few years back. I tried getting people over there but there were wars being fought over there and fights over there are more deadly than fights over here. I'm guessing that is where he stayed seeing he is nowhere in the eastern side. He probably settled down there too. I heard it is peaceful over there now." He sat back and watched as they absorbed the new information in. The western empire is one of the toughest right now. On top of having strength and power, they had a great economy.

Shikaku seeing an opportunity to be made came up with an idea. "Is it possible that we could get an alliance with them plus get naruto back? If we had them with us, then we could possible end the war quickly thus saving a lot of bloodshed. What can you tell us about the leader?" Jiraiya thought for a second but didn't have much information on him.

"The truth is, I don't know much about him but just things I heard. I picked up that he is a powerful leader, his forces are strong too. I was told that before they became who they are now, they had to fight several other countries for domination. I don't really have too much information on them. And apparently no one else does either. But I wouldn't push it pass them being dangerous since they did gain control over the western side and had to fight other countries." He let that last statement sit in the air. Tsunade then took the time to speak up.

"I will send a team to ask them for assistance. I will not take failure as an option. I don't care if we have to seduce him. If we are to live through this war, then we can't afford to screw up. Is there any suggestion on who to send?" She scanned the room as they began whispering in each other ears. Lily then stepped forward.

"I want to send my daughter sakura. She is good at seducing men and women. She could be of good use to us. But if we manage to convince him or her, we should be rewarded greatly." Hiashi then stepped forward.

"I could trade hinata for supplies to support our country. I'm sure they would agree to that trade at least.

Just as another was about to step forward to offer something or someone, tsunade stopped them. "I'll just send the rookie nine along with Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma. Now if you don't mind, I have an alliance to set up." With that being said, each family member of the rookie nine went to give their child a secret mission.

For the Harunos, they told sakura to make the leader fall for her using whatever methods she had. They saw this as an opportunity to gain more power and money.

And for the hyugas, it was to talk about what they should trade hinata for. In the end, they would try to get anything whether it is food or supplies for building their compounds if it were to be damaged.

The others were also getting speeches from their clan about gaining power and money somehow. Konoha was not in its best condition. Power and money had become something important for anyone to have in konoha. With them not getting the amount of missions as they did before, and losing allies to trade with, they had to work extra hard to make sure they didn't end up in the same position that suna did several years ago.

With that said they packed up and prepared to travel into the western lands.