Chapter 3

Sakura moved towards the baby again and just like before, the guards came out of the floor only to receive a rasengan and chidori to the back. Both attacks went through until it smashed into a round object which soon shattered. As soon as the orbs shattered, the hooded figures faded away.

"Everyone destroy the orbs in their chest and they should fade away" kakashi told the others after his discovery. Tenten used her new katana to cut through them. All the others used chakra infused kunais to take down the others. The first few kills were easy until they started sinking into the shadows. That's when things started getting more complicated. All of them separated to give each other fighting room while watching each other's back. The guards attacked again only to be reduced by konoha's best. Soon there were no guards watching the baby. Sakura moved towards the baby only to have him giggle then sink into the shadows. She cursed her luck.

"Damn it I almost had him." Jiraiya sighed at their misfortune.

"We'll have to search again later. The public meeting is about to begin soon and we can't afford to miss it." They moved out to collect Hinata then proceeded to move to where the meeting was being held. When they reached there, they were shocked to see how many people showed up. Jiraiya's eyes drifted around until he spotted someone he would have least expected there.

"Guys this mission just became bad. Orochimaru is here with a few ninjas." They looked in the direction only to tense. If Orochimaru was here then he would most likely be asking for an alliance with sound. If Orochimaru did gain them as an ally then that would be the end for konoha. Soon cheering was heard as an armored figure with a mask holding the hands of Koyuki Kazahana made its way across the stage. Behind him were 13 black robed figures. The figure holding the leader of snow country stepped forward.

"People of Blade country, I am here to announce that I will have a private hearing today if you have special requests. My wife Koyuki thought it would be a nice idea so I went with her idea. So if there is anything you wish to discuss with me, please show up to the dragon's sanctuary." As soon as he finished, shadows covered him, Koyuki and his men before they all vanished without leaving a trace.

The konoha Nins pulled out their maps and located the building before making a dash towards it. Just as they were close to the building, Orochimaru and his team appeared at the doors and walked in. The guards at the doors stepped in front of doors thus stopping anyone from entering.

Orochimaru and his team slowly made his way down the corridor of the building. As to why he was here in the beginning. It all started with his spies who were returning from the west. He heard several rumors about a man with power and a powerful army slowly taking over. But that didn't interest him until someone mentioned about said leader having powers beyond all tailed beast. He tried to pull out more information on him only to come out empty. He came himself in hopes to learn more about the leader and having a one on one talk with the leader would surely help.

Orochimaru reached the room where the leader sat in one of the few thrones in the room. His wife sat directly next to him. Orochimaru sat in the chair right across from him while the others stood.

"Hello Orochimaru it's a surprise to see a sannin of your caliber here in my empire. What may be the reason? I hope it isn't anything to do with the war that's going on as I will help either of you win a war.

"Kukuku I'm not here for that reason. I'm here to gain knowledge from you Emperor-sama. I am willing to make a trade in which I'll give you the red head girl behind you. Her name is Tayuya and for a small amount of knowledge, I'm willing to give her to you." Koyuki leaned over and whispered into his ear a few things as he nodded here and there. Tayuya was nervous as her master who she thought would never abandon her trying to trade her away. She only hoped he said no but that hope shattered.

"Deal I will take her off your hands. Tayuya come over and sit on my lap." Not wanting to anger Orochimaru or the Emperor, she complied. Just as she did so, Naruto pulled her head into his chest and stroked her hair. "Now as for the knowledge, it will be a jutsu I've developed. It requires kage reserves to do this thus anyone else trying will die. The jutsu does not have a name yet but as to what it does, it creates a chakra cloud that generates its own lightning storm. The lightning that comes from the storm is actually red." The thought of lightning striking konoha made him smile. Naruto handed him a large scroll with the jutsu in it. "Now is that all you wanted?"

"Unfortunately I didn't come fully prepared but maybe next time." He got up to take a leave. The other members did not give her a last glace or anything. She felt all alone now. She knew she was going to be his personal sex slave now or so she thought.

"You shouldn't fear me Tayuya. I'm not going to rape you or anything if that's what you're thinking. I only chose that deal because I know what kind of sick person he is plus my wife wants to have fun with you." She felt some soft hands force her to look up. Just as her face was up, Koyuki captured her lips with her own. Tayuya's body stiffened as the thought of another female kissing her ran through her mind. She did not want to make her angry as her husband would probably kill her so she did nothing to stop her. Koyuki used her tongue to try and enter her mouth which as soon as Tayuya picked up her intentions she opened her mouth for her. Koyuki explored her mouth for a few seconds before breaking the kiss.

"Well Tayuya how would you feel to be my husband's second wife. We currently have 2 children right now and it would be nice to have someone so I won't be sore all the time." She giggled perversely at y this. Tayuya on the other hand was shocked that she was being offered a chance with the Emperor of the entire western region. She doubt Orochimaru would have thought this was possible.

"Well seeing as Orochimaru left me, why not? I'll be honored to be his second wife Koyuki-sama."

"Koyuki-chan is much preferred by you Tayuya-chan." She placed another kiss on her lips but Tayuya was the one to stick her tongue in Koyuki's mouth and explore. While they had their make out session, Naruto studied the seal on her neck for a while. He made a mental note to remove it at the end of the day. As soon as the two broke out of their make out session, Naruto watched as konoha Nins walked in. Jiraiya and kakashi sat down. Koyuki covered Tayuya with an invisible cloak so they would know who she was.

"Well I must be lucky to have two of the sannin visit me today. Anyway I'll get to the point, if you're here about requesting any help for the war then the answer is no." Jiraiya and the others stiffened as that was their main point in coming to the west. "I already told Orochimaru that but he didn't mind." Jiraiya thought about what Orochimaru could have possible wanted if not for help in destroying leaf.

Kiba on the other hand had his mind elsewhere. He cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Emperor-sama I have an offer for you to make along with the trade from the Hyuga clan." He pulled Hinata forcefully which caused her to stumble. "The Hyugas would like to trade her for any materials or cash they could get. She is no longer a ninja so anything will do." The sound of diapers rubbing against something made its way towards them followed by baby noises that Hinata heard in the park.

"Bah bah bah bah" Hinata immediately knew who the baby was but what was he doing here. She looked at the direction where he sound was as saw a glimpse of gama-chan before shadow hands pulled him away. Her head snapped in Naruto's direction and mouthed something to him.

Naruto was busy looking into her eyes until he saw that she mouthed something. He watched as she mouthed the words 'Naruto-kun'. He cursed inwardly but wondered how she found out. He would need to find out meaning he would have to accept their trade.

"I'll take the girl off your hands for 300,000 dollars and that's my final offer. As for the other thing, if it's a marriage arrangement then the answer is no." Kiba seeing a good amount of money for something in his opinion worthless agreed immediately. Naruto snapped his fingers in which a phantom with a suitcase came from the floor. The phantom gave him the suitcase and Kiba kicked Hinata towards him. Hinata's face fell into his lap. Tayuya and koyuki blushed as several images ran through their minds. "Is there anything else?" Jiraiya shook his head so naruto dismissed them. He whispered to Hinata that they would talk later after his meetings. Koyuki grabbed Tayuya and Hinata along where would enjoy them as she pleases.

The konoha Nins made their way out the village seeing as their main mission had failed. Sakura wanted to seduce him but needed him alone and away from his wife. Kiba wasn't even allowed to make the offer. This would not sit well with Tsunade and the council members. Jiraiya soon stopped them and summoned a toad. He gave that toad a message and waited for the toad to give it to Gamabunta, Ma, or Pa. He appeared again with a letter indicating that they were ready for a reverse summoning. With that Jiraiya summoned a huge toad that allowed all of them to fit in its stomach before using a reverse summoning. The giant toad appeared right outside of konoha. The returning members went straight into the village until a few anbu showed up telling them their presence was needed in the chambers. They quickly made their way there where every council member along with Tsunade and the Elders awaited the big news.

"So how did the mission go Jiraiya" asked an impatient Tsunade.

"We failed as the leader clearly stated that he wasn't going to step in the war anytime soon. He stated that he told Orochimaru the same thing too who went in before us. The only offer we successfully made was the trade with Hinata." Hiashi perked up to this.

"What did the Hyugas get out of their deal?"

"Well he offered 300,000 dollars and Kiba took the deal. He has the suitcase with him." Kiba slid the suitcase to hiashi. Hiashi opened the suitcase and smiled.

"Well at least she wasn't as totally useless as I thought." Lily turned to Sakura.

"What happened with our mission Sakura? Why didn't you seduce him?"

"I would have if his wife wasn't there. It was basically another Minato and Kushina thing." Lily knew what that meant as she could not get Minato to get with her when he had Kushina. Jiraiya seeing the grim looks tried to lightened things up.

"Well we do have good news though. We ran into a child that belongs to Naruto. He looked exactly like him too except that he had light blue eyes." Tsunade's head snapped in his direction.

"Then why didn't you bring him back here. If he truly is Naruto's child then he should be here and not all the way in the west." Homura added onto that.

"We can't allow the Namikaze clan to reproduce elsewhere. We need them here so they could grow up to be loyal ninjas just as Minato and Naruto was. They could all reach kage level if trained well enough then there is the possibility that Sasuke could produce kids and we could make those children have kids of their own. Imagine the possibility of a child with the blood of a Namikaze and an Uchiha combined." Koharu saw where this was going.

"Tsunade we need to send a retrieval team to get Naruto back. This village needs our savior back if we are to win the war plus we could offer the young Namikaze kids protection. But why didn't any of you try to bring him back as Tsunade stated?" The toad sage scratched his head sheepishly.

"We did at first by sending Sakura but he had a few guards. Shikamaru made a plan to take them out but right as Sakura went to grab him, he sunk into the shadows. We could follow him like before since we only found him through Hinata. She found him or rather he found her at the park. She watched him without any of knowing about him. It was only through Kiba and Akamaru that we pieced together that it was Naruto's even before we saw the little guy. If we are to find him again then we'll need an item that had his scent over it."

"Then why not use this white dress I took from Hinata." Everyone looked over to see Sakura in a dress that they had not notice before. "Hinata wore this when she was close to him so maybe we could get a scent from this." Tsume and Kuromaru moved close enough to smell the dress.

"It smells like Naruto alright. We can use this to track down the baby. The baby shouldn't be far from the father himself. Just give us the go Tsunade and we'll grab him." Tsunade held her hand out.

"Don't bother, I'll send the fire Daimyo a letter asking for him to speak to the Emperor to not only come to our village and make a possible alliance but also ask him to bring Naruto as well." The others agreed except Danzo who was busy in his own thoughts. 'Maybe I could get the boy to impregnate several of my root members to create strong ninjas. I won't be able to make him into a weapon or his child as I'm sure he would be closely monitored by the clans. I'll need to see what I can do.' Tsunade then dismissed them.

Blade country

Naruto left dragon sanctuary to confront hinata about how she found out and how many knew. He walked in on the sight of naked Koyuki sucking on an equally naked Hinata's DD-cups and fingering Tayuya. He guessed Koyuki managed to convince Hinata to join their activities. She was very persuasive without making anyone feel uncomfortable. She persuaded Naruto to spice up their activities such as switching positions and toys. Just watching the three made him think just how persuasive she was. He cleared his throat to get their attention. They all separated and sat on the bed they were close to. Naruto took off his armor and mask thus giving Tayuya and Hinata a clear image of what he looked like. Tayuya recognized him as the genin she encountered during the Suna/Oto invasion that took place several years ago. But seeing him here as a leader meant he was no longer that weak genin.

"All right Hinata I want to know how you knew who I was and how many others know about me."

"Well no one knows you're the leader but as to how I knew, it was your son Minato. He looks exactly like you so seeing him in a secured place even though it was for a second made me realize that you would have to be here too." He sighed in relief that no one else knew.

"Where did you meet my son?"

"He was the one to meet me in the park. I saw him alone in the park and well as to how I knew he was yours other than his looks, he has whiskers just like you did. Then as I spent time with him, he showed that he had your appetite as well which further proves he was yours. I did not tell the others anything until Kiba's nose along with Shikamaru's brain picked up the fact that you have a son. And as for the name, it's on his shirt." Naruto rubbed his templates.

"What happened to you, Hinata? Why would they sell you to someone they don't know?"

"It's because the elders of my clan view me as too weak. They not only sealed away my byakugan but my chakra as well. They tried to marry me off to Kiba but I declined because Naruto after several years of holding in my emotions, I will not let it all go to waste." She took in a deep breath. "I love you Naruto and I always have. I've been in love with you since the academy days but was too afraid to tell you. After you were banished, I berated myself for not telling you. I forced myself to get strong enough to tell you. Please Naruto; give me a chance to be with you. I'll offer you everything I have to be with you. I'm talking about my body, soul, and everything I possess including the clothes on my back." She got on her knees after saying this. Koyuki after seeing this moved to her and wrapped her arms around her before pulling her into a hug.

"Come one Naru-kun, this girl poured her heart out to you so why not give her a chance. Besides, look at her breast, she could breast feed our children until my own breast grow. She is also good looking too. And if it helps, you'll have many women to satisfy you." She pouted knowing Naruto could not resist it.

"Alright I'll accept the both of them. But first I'll introduce them to both of my kids. You already saw Minato Hinata so it's time for you to meet Arashi." He snapped his fingers for his phantoms to appear. 20 appeared holding both Arashi and minato. Seeing 20 of them gone meant that the other 20 was killed. He already guessed that this was konoha's doing but luckily his son was evasive at times. That was the reason why Naruto let them crawl around on their own. Both of them were sometimes hard to catch. Naruto would have to bribe them to get them to come to him. Looking over, he spotted a familiar toad wallet.

"Hey Hinata is that gama-chan?" Koyuki, Tayuya, and Hinata giggled at the name he gave the wallet.

"Yes it is Naruto-kun; I gave it to him at the park and left it with him. He likes toads just like you." A loud grumble was heard coming from the two baby stomachs. Hinata moved to pick them up before having them suck on her breast for milk. Koyuki couldn't help but feel turned on by the scene as did Tayuya and Naruto. Koyuki saw naruto's erecting.

"Well naruto-kun, why don't we get to know each other a little better. I'm sure a little four ways session can help us do that. Besides Tayuya I'm pretty sure you're tired of being a virgin. Naruto, just have Hinata make some bottles for them so we could get started soon. Tayuya and I and will freshen up a bit." She grabbed Tayuya before leading her out. Naruto separated the babies from her breast then using chakra drew out enough bottles of milk to satisfy them making Hinata moan in pleasure. He assigned a nanny to continue feeding them in a different room then putting them to sleep after they were fed.

Naruto took off his clothes until he was naked. Tayuya and Koyuki came back smelling like strawberries and cream. Koyuki led Naruto to the bed before having him lay down on his back. Koyuki grabbed his cock and gave it a few pumps. Tayuya wanting to experience her first time gave it a few licks as Koyuki pumped it. He felt himself getting harder until it extended about 12 feet out. Koyuki turned to Naruto.

"Alright Naruto I want you to make her as moist as you can while I work on Hinata. Their virgins so it will hurt them. We'll try to minimize that pain. Tayuya, I want you to place your pussy in his face and you Hinata to taste what you will have inside of you soon." Tayuya placed her vagina in his face for Naruto to lick while Hinata gave his cock a few licks before taking in the head and slowly engulfed it until most of it was in her mouth. Koyuki moved under Hinata who was on her knees and began licking her vagina while fingering herself.

Soon each of them was in a world of pleasure. Tayuya felt Naruto's tongue lick her clit a few times. This action made her shudder a little. She felt his tongue enter her a few times and licked outside of her vagina.

Hinata sped up her pace on his penis causing a moan to escape his lips. She pulled her head back to the point where only his head was in her mouth before swirling her tongue around it. She used one of her hands to massage his balls and the other to pump him a little before taking all of him in. She felt it in her throat so she hummed on it. Naruto felt weird sensation travel from his penis.

Koyuki attacked her clit without mercy. This action caused Hinata's hips to buckle a few times. She stuck her tongue inside only to have the inner walls squeeze a little before releasing fluids onto her face. Naruto's toes curled up before she shot down her throat and Tayuya released several burst in Naruto's tongue. The three disconnected from each other. Koyuki got Hinata and Tayuya to bend over on the bed. Naruto moved over to Tayuya and placed the tip inside of her vagina. He waited for the ok signal before slowly pushing himself in.

Tayuya grit her teeth in the pain she was in but said nothing as she knew that once the pain was over, there would only be pleasure left. As soon as he was fully in, she clawed the bed as her insides stretched to new lengths. She closed her eyes and waited for the pain to go away. Once that was established, she moved a little to show Naruto it was ok for him to go.

"Alright naruto I want you to fuck me until I'm unconscious." Naruto after hearing her declaration grabbed her waist and pulled most of him out only to slam into her hard and fast. He did the same again only to have her moan. Repetitively, he slammed his penis into her vagina and increased the speed causing her to moan loudly. Not wanting to leave Hinata and Koyuki out, he first had Koyuki bend over on the bed before fingering both of them. All three women moaned loudly as naruto pleasured them.

Tayuya felt him churn the insides of her and her energy leaving her body. Her knees weakened a little but she forced herself to stand. After 30 minutes of pounding and several orgasms, she felt his rod twitch before squirting inside her. She felt her womb fill before passing out. Hinata and koyuki felt their orgasm wash over them for the second time. Naruto pulled out Tayuya only for some cum to leak out.

Koyuki licked it clean for him. "Hinata, could you lay on your back for me?" She did as he asked. Naruto placed both of her legs over his shoulders before placing his still hardened penis halfway in. He stopped as her body stiffened indicating she was in pain. He waited until the pain subdue before ramming into her. The way it felt almost made him sum early. It was tight, warm, and soft. He focused on lasting longer for her to experience what tayuya went through. He increased his speed as she made short burst from her vagina. In less than 20 minutes, he came inside her. Not wanting to disappoint her, he continued to thrust into her until she was unconscious. He placed them side by side before turning to Koyuki.

"Well now it's your turn to sleep." He fucked her for 35 minutes non-stop until she was out like the others. Naruto smiled at the three unconscious girls before heading off to bed himself.