Freddie's POV

It's been a month since Missy regained her sight. Everything's going fine, but something's still bugging me.

"Remember the time Carly broke up with me?" I asked Sam.

"Oh, that time she dumped you?" she teased.

"No," I rolled my eyes. "We both found the people whom we really liked and broke up. Anyway, she hasn't told us who it was yet?"

She chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"You're killing brain cells just thinking about the guy whom she dumped you for?" she teased. "You're such a dork."

I sippped on my smoothie and bit on the straw.

"Besides, she promised that she would bring her new boyfriend here to meet us today," she replied. "I'm sure he's a hundred times better than you considering that she dumped you for that guy."

I was steaming. Not at the possible hot guy whom Carly is dating right now, but over the fact at how lowly Sam thinks of me. "Am I such a bad guy?"

"Yup," she replied nonchalantly, still chewing on her fries. "But you're my type."

"That's more like it," I smiled.

Just then, Missy and Jonah entered the store. "Hey, how's it going guys?" Jonah asked.

"Carly hasn't arrived yet," I replied. "She just texted me and told me that she would be late."

"Oh," he took the seat beside me. "Then, I'll go get myself a smoothie. You guys want anything?"

"Are you paying for it?" Sam asked.

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "No..."

"Then get outta here," she replied.

Missy looked at her boyfriend sweetly. "Can I get some fries please?"

Jonah turned back to face her. "Sure, would you like a smoothie with that?"

"Strawberry splat," she replied.

I can't believe how formal they're talking to each other. It's like she's ordering food from a waiter. How do they do that without feeling awkward? I'm sure that Sam and I would never achieve that.

While Jonah was ordering food, Missy was staring at him, daydreaming as though he was some hot guy. When Jonah turned back to face her, she did a flirty wave at him and he waved back. It felt strange to be watching the entire time as they sent chills up our spines when they made contact.

When Jonah returned from ordering food, Carly entered the store. She was smiling while pulling someone's hand behind her. Is that who I think it was?

"Gibby?" the four of us looked at the couple.

It was an epic awkward moment where the entire store was silent. But a chinese guy broke the silence as he left the store while freaking out when he saw the Gibster. Well, he wasn't the only one who's shocked.

"You're dating Gibby?" Sam asked harshly while Carly nodded enthusiastically. "I thought you were dating some hot guy."

"Gibby's a really nice kid," Carly replied.

"Yeah," Sam said sarcastically. "A nice kid."

I smiled at Gibby and offered him the seat beside Sam. I'm sure he felt more comfortable sitting beside her than Missy.

"Hey guys," he greeted humbly. "I'm sorry to bother you. Carly asked me to come along, so I-"

"We get it, Gibby," Sam replied. "We get it."

Instead of sitting down, Gibby continued standing up while asking us if we wanted anything.

"Are you paying for it?" Sam asked, as usual.

"Yeah, sure," he replied.

"Get me an extra Fat Shake and two bags of calamari," she ordered.

Carly smiled at him sweetly and asked for a Strawberry splat, just like what Missy had ordered. You never know how good a Strawberry splat tastes like, especially if you haven't tried T-Bo's ingenius liquids.

"Why are you dating Gibby?" Sam asked straightforwardly. "He's not even a real person."

"Gibby's real," Carly replied. "And he's really really sweet."

Missy smiled and placed her hand on Carly's. "I'm on your side, Carly. But I do have to agree with Sam that Gibby's not really suitable for you."

"Why?" Carly asked. "At least he treats me as well as how Jonah treats you. And Sam, he even offered to pay for the Fat Shake and calamari."

"True," Sam replied. "Food don't lie."

I placed my hand on Sam's shoulder to calm her down. "It doesn't matter who it is, as long as Carly's happy, we're all happy for her too."

Sam forced a smile on her face. "Well, if you insist. But that's because Captain Anti-bacterial Underpants said so."

Carly smiled in response and gave her a hug. "Thanks for understanding, Sam."

Gibby came back with the orders and distributed them. He was faster than Jonah as the queue wasn't as long as his.

I raised my cup of smoothie and offered a toast. "I would like to give a toast to Gibby, for warming Carly's heart and being a good partner to her. And one to Jonah for helping Missy regain her sight. One to Carly for breaking up with me and one to Missy for letting Sam return to iCarly as a co-host. To iCarly!"

"To-" we were cut-off at our sentences when Sam cleared her throat.

"What about me?" she punched me in the gut.

I smiled. "I would never forget you. You deserve more than a toast." I left a peck on her cheeks. "There's more where that came from."

And we continued with our little toast. "To iCarly!"

And to all of you, who made iCarly a success!

A/N: I sure hope you guys like this ending. If you find that it doesn't end well like this, I would mind writing just one more chapter to end it all :D Also, please check out the new fic, a continuation or sequel to the first fic I ever wrote; iAm the Stepsister 2: Winning Hearts. See ya guys soon!