Jellal made his way to the meeting room slowly. He still had time to spare after all. Smiling to himself, he allowed himself to relax. It had been a successful ascension to the throne, even more so as he had kept his past, including his identity as Mystogan, a secret. Many had witnessed his triumph over the 'evil Lord Dragneel', but none would be able to recall what he looked like at the time, and none would even know what he looked like with his bandana and mask on as Mystogan.

His hand closed around the door handle. Now, it was time for him to fulfill his duty as King of Edolas to rebuild the kingdom in the absence of magic. Steadying himself, he turned it and walked in. There were already four people seated around the table and all four stood up and bowed as he entered.

Waving a hand, Jellal took a seat before speaking.

"I called this meeting today is so that arrangements can be made regarding the army. As Pantherlily is no longer here, the first division will now be led by Mystogan." Jellal nodded towards said person in acknowledgment. Raising a hand to silence the interruptions, he continued. "Mystogan is a…close acquaintance of mine from Earthland and I trust him with my life."

The others did not speak but Jellal could sense their distrust. Ignoring it, he carried on. "The other divisions will remain the same, but now Hughes' team will be in charge of the safety of the town, Sugarboy's team will be in charge of the castle's security". He looked over towards his right, catching the eye of the stunning redhead next to him. "And Knightwalker's team will be in charge of foreign affairs."

Erza Knightwalker, captain of the second division of the Edolas army, nodded curtly. It was very well known that she did not like or trust the new king but she still remained loyal to Edolas. Clearly she also resented the fact that a mere stranger was appointed captain of the first division but she did not voice her concerns. Standing up, she turned to leave. An obvious sign of disrespect as the king had not dismissed her.

Jellal grimaced. Coldly, he uttered two words. "Captain Knightwalker."

Erza paused. Turning slowly, she glared at him. He could see it in her eyes. The silent challenge there, taunting him to make a false step. Jellal couldn't help but grin at her blatant defiance. He had always held a soft spot for Erza ever since he had arrived at Fairy Tail seven years ago. The captain was obviously getting irritated and Jellal grinned even more.

"I wouldn't stand near that door at the moment if I were you."

As if on cue, the door was flung open, narrowly missing Erza's face by inches, and a man swept into the room.

"How's it all going guys? Did you miss me?" The blonde boomed.

Hughes laughed heartily and slapped his knee. "Laxus! What are you doing here?"

The blue haired man stood up and slapped Laxus on the back. "Captain Dreyar is back because I recalled him from the border. Division five will be my bodyguards, directly under my command."

Laxus rolled his eyes and waved a hand dismissively. "Yeah, yeah, whatever man." His eyes suddenly landed on the masked person behind him. "Dude, who that heck is that?" he asked, pointing a finger at Mystogan in a dramatic fashion.

Jellal shook his head. "Meeting dismissed. Captain Dreyar, stay behind." Laxus grinned knowingly as the other three captains filed out.

Jellal did not speak as he regarded the captains, especially the second division captain. He inhaled deeply. The way her hips swayed temptingly and the way her amber hair fell over her shoulders was enough to make him swallow nervously. She turned ever so slightly for a brief moment before continuing on her way, oblivious to his stares.

As the door eased shut, Mystogan stood up. Jellal's image slowly faded partially into transparency before flickering out of sight. A hand reached up to pull off the bandana and the mask. Laxus grinned widely.

"A thought projection, nice move." Laxus nodded approvingly. He slapped a hand against Mystogan's. "Now, you have some explaining to do after leaving your best friend here alone for seven years."

Mystogan smiled. "I'm a mage. I've been a mage for seven years." He glanced out the window, "I like fighting. I want to be on the frontlines, fighting to protect what is mine." He turned back to face his friend. "They will never allow the king to go to the frontlines or into enemy territory. But with Mystogan as my alias, I can have the freedom to do what I want."

The blonde smiled encouragingly and placed a hand on the other's shoulder before steering him towards the balcony. "Come, we have seven years worth to catch up on." Mystogan laughed softly. Laxus grinned.

"So, you like Knightwalker, don't you?"

The next thing he knew, Laxus was flying through the air, having been tossed off the balcony, laughter echoing in his ears.

Erza hated the fact that she had to obey the king's orders. He had escaped from his duty for seven years before appearing suddenly and taking the throne from his father. Yet he was still a coward, a weakling who did not deserve her respect. She did not trust his judgement either, especially his appointment of the first division captain. Her eyebrows furrowed as she struggled to remember what Mystogan had looked like. She shook her head. It didn't matter. He was weakling as well.

The red head turned the corner just to see Mystogan leave the meeting room. He looked up and nodded. Erza strode forward.

"Mystogan," she murmured. "You and I need a little talk now."

The man nodded once more and they set off for the town's nearest bar.

He held the door open as Erza strode in. Ignoring all of the lustful glances sent her way, she settled down at a table in the corner. The masked captain followed her, cape billowing gently behind him. He waved a hand and the bar tender scuttled off to get some sake for his latest customers.

As the waiter placed the small, transparent cups before them, Erza growled, "Why don't you start by telling me who you are, Mystogan?" She did not hate the captain as much as she did the king, but she was willing to give Mystogan a chance, unlike the king.

Mystogan calmly took the sake and poured out some for his companion and himself. "I will tell you what you need to know, no more no less." He pushed a glass towards Erza and continued, "I was a S-class mage of Earthland Fairy Tail but now I serve under King Jellal." He looked up at the red head. "End of story."

Erza withdrew her sword from her sheath and stabbed it into the chair between them. She threatened him, "You'd better remain loyal to Edolas, or else I'll personally kill you."

Mystogan slipped the drink under his mask. "So be it," he bit back tersely, unfazed by her aggression. He did not waste time on meaningless words, instead allowing Erza to come to a conclusion.

Erza sheathed her sword. Her companion was apparently a strong fighter and was not one to be intimidated easily. He knew what he wanted. Erza grinned. She was beginning to like this guy.

Mystogan took his time studying Erza's features, memorizing each carefully. She had not lowered her guard but she was less hostile to him than before or as Jellal. He groaned silently but opted to continue drinking. He would find out the reason behind her hatred for the king, but not today. Maybe someday later. Someday.