She screamed jumping into the volturi member's arms.

"Isabella Marie…what are you doing here"

"Isabella Marie…what are you doing here" Dimitri asked. She shrugged sheepishly in response, waiting for him to figure it out. "Wait you're the…" the pieces all clicked in his head. "You've got to be screwing with me…MY SISTER"

"I thought Kayne was the oldest" Emmett asked Blaine, who was shaking with laughter.

"Us too" he managed to get out between snorting.

Jasper reached for Bella but Dimitri growled. "He's my mate" Bella whispered.

"Like hell he is…you're banned from going near him...and Peter…and Caius for that matter- I'll be damned -again- if I let you get into this …" he growled, practically cradling her.

"Dimitri…stand down" one of the bigger hooded figures hissed. "NO" he shot back.

"Hello old friend it's been a long time" Aro smiled, completely unaffected by what was taking place. Carlisle nodded solemnly in greeting. "I see you already know about…" Carlisle sighed softly, shaking his head a bit at the argument that was taking place.

"I really don't have time for this…where is Kai" she mumbled, looking around. She honed in on Emmett's guilty face. "What did you do?" she asked, "Where is he…I know he's not dead…"

"Define...dead…" Emmett mumbled looking everywhere but at his little sister.

"he better not have any permanent brain damage or so help me you will get your butt kicked" she warned with a sigh. "I'm fine…and why are you outside you're still sick" Kai mumbled, rubbing the ever growing bump on his head.

"I'm fine…are you…" she asked, pulling his head down to inspect the damage. Before she could finish she was pulled away by a stranger. Her fear levels spiked and she was, again, ripped away, this time into the arms of her mates. She didn't even know she was crying until Peter wiped the tears from her face.

"Boys we talked about this- Caius of the Volturi is her protector, he will not harm her…" Hermes sighed, shaking his head.

Caius arched his brow slightly, "Kai said she was sick…why did you let her outside…Isabella you need rest and plenty of fluids…" "I Think Hermes is right...he isn't that bad...I'm sure." she whispered, eliciting a growl from Jasper. "Isabella remember the boys are very upset about some things…they are in protect mode. For right now I would just let them calm down…" "how long is this gonna take…?" She asked, tilting her head towards Carlisle and Hermes.

By now Jasper and Peter were licking and sniffing her neck. "It will stop eventually…" she groaned, and glared at her uncle. "I'm fine…he just startled me" she tried to reassure them. They growled at everyone else backing up with Bella in between them. "Both of you calm down…I'm fine…" she tried to say over their growling but her throat was still sore. Peter shushed her and kept sniffing her neck.

"Okay guys I think we should get her in the house, she's sick enough and the meds are probably wearing off" They growled in Emmett's direction. It started raining harder, almost blinding Bella. The rain hit her bruises making her whimper. "Isabella…" Caius sighed, cupping her cheek. The boys ignored him, finally not seeing him as a threat. "You're tired, this is too much for you to handle…rest II mio dolce bambina (Rest my sweet child.)" she nodded her head, tiredly. "Lei parla italiano (You understand Italian)" he asked, slightly surprised.

"Sì, un eroe è nato dislessico, il nostro cervello è già cablato per il greco antico, faccio parte dei pochi che capiscono latino e italiano, come pure (Yes, all heroes are born dyslexic, our brains are hardwired for Ancient greek. I'm part of the few who can understand Italian and Latin) " She whispered, the vibration from her mates were making her sleepy again.

"But you can speak and read English" She nodded.

"Taught myself" she shrugged, wincing as she did so. The boys growled before whimpering and littering her neck with little licks and kisses.

"S…stop it…you're making me…sle-" she passed out before she could finish her statement. Jasper, who was behind her, caught her. Her picked her up and took her back into the house, telling Peter to go and get her some dry clothes. He was back within seconds, stripping the sleeping girl of her wet shirt. Caius winced as he took in her bruised flesh.

"This bad…Oh Isabella" he murmured, gently touching the bruised flesh. The boys growled when she gasped and shivered involuntarily.

"Calm down…he means no harm" Kayne grumbled, turning his back on them so he wouldn't have to see his sister like that.

Peter peeled the soaking wet pants of her shivering legs and quickly replacing them with a pair of his boxers. Jasper chuckled when he saw they were the Simpsons ones.

"Cleanest ones" he replied, shrugging. Bella squirmed in her sleep but stopped moving when Jasper kissed her jugular. "Isabella…Isabella…wake up sweetheart" he murmured. He could feel her brothers' slow building anger.

"Hermes…please make them stop…" Kayne begged his uncle who simply shrugged. "Their relationship…who am I to tell them otherwise" Hermes smirked. She murmured in her sleep, attempting to turn her head away from them.

Kai rolled his eyes, "This being a big brother thing is going to suck."


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