A/N: my own take on Connie Nervegas's challenge…hold on for the ride.


He struggled with the straps of leather attached to the pole, throwing his weight back and forth despite the pain it caused before struggling to bite through the straps and tugging again.

The containment unit he was in was clear glass, six foot by ten foot, the post in the middle was solid, smooth, metal that kept the leather straps held tightly.

Around him on all sides was water, water, pushing in around the glass container.

The cement slab below him, held the post solid.

There was a camera with the light on, and a communication box blow it.

It had been silent for a while.

He panted with exhaustion, struggling to sink to his knees, but his wrists were yanked upward.

Good, now that you've calmed down we can start…hold long can you hold your breath Leonardo?

A/N: Hang in there…everyone.