Big Time Love

Authors Note: I don't own BTR. Logan story with my OC. I don't own any BTR songs. I do own two of the songs mentioned in here since I wrote them. Nora Baker is my OC. I own her.

Logan hasn't been the same since he found out Camille and James kissed. He hasn't wanted to trust girls or even date them. This doesn't mean he's gay though. Last week Camille started to date James; breaking his heart even more. He wasn't made at James anymore; how could he be mad at one of his best friends for being happy?

He was walking around by the pool waiting for the rest of the guys to be ready to go to Rocque Records when someone knocked in to him, since it was a bad day for him, he yelled, "Hey watch where you're going." When he stood up and looked at who ran into him he instantly felt bad. "I'm so sorry for yelling." He helped the pretty brunette up.

"I should've watched where I was going. I would've yelled too, don't apologize." She replied to him. "I'm Nora Baker."

"Logan Mitchell." (Did I get this right?) They shook hands.

"Your from Big Time Rush, Right?" She asked. When he nodded she said, "cool you guys are good singers. I'm a model who's trying to break into the music industry."

"You've modeled for Vera Wang I think. I saw you in one of James' magazines."

"Yepp that was me."

After a moment of silence Logan asked, "Why were you running anyways?"

"I was trying to get away from my dad. He's trying to get me to go to Rocque records to day to meet with this awful music producer, Gustavo. I'm looking forward to it." They walked into the lobby.

"He's my producer. He was talking about having a girl come in to sing with us."

"That would be me." She answered him suddenly looking happier about going to the studio.

"Come with me then. I and the other guys leave in about 10 minutes."

"Cool, I'll get my stuff. My room is 2I."

"That's right next to mine." Logan yelped excitedly causing Nora to laugh.

"Well this should be fun. Can I hide my hockey stuff in your room? My dad doesn't know I brought it with me and he'll flip. Something about acting like a girl and being a lady and not having bruises." They walked into the elevator and pressed the button to bring them upstairs.

"A girl hockey player? Cool, we all play hockey too, of course you can hide your stuff there. I'm sure the guys won't mind." Logan instantly wanted this girl. She was thin. She probably stood at about 5'8" and weighed 115 pounds. Her hips were slightly curved. Her breasts were about medium sized; probably a c-cup. Her eyes held his gaze for a minute. Those eyes were hypnotic, a beautiful blue- green with yellows streaks near her pupils. She was pal with some freckles and full, pouty red lips. She was absolutely gorgeous.

"Awesome, well I'll grab my purse and hockey crap before dad comes home. See you in a minute." She disappeared behind the door of 2I. Logan just smiled to himself.

"Logie, there you are." Kendell said as he walked into the apartment. "Why so happy?"

"I met the girl we'll be singing with. Her name is Nora Baker." He told his friends when a knock came from the door. "That's probably her. Come in!" He shouted at the door.

"Logan, quick, dad coming. Hide this now." Nora burst through the door throwing a hockey bag at him. She felt the others stares of her. "Hi, I'm Nora Baker and I'll be singing with you for the next months." She smiled sweetly to the others while Logan put her stuff in his and Kendell's room.

"I'm Kendell."

"I'm James."

"And I'm Carlos." He said between bites of corndog.

"Oh, corndog! Can I have one? Dad won't buy them anymore."

"So girl hockey player and corndog lover? New best friend!" Carlos shouted from the kitchen. He walked back into the living room with a corndog for Nora who bit it hungrily. Logan came back in too.

"Guy's we'll be dead if we're late for rehearsal. Let's go. Kendell said as he walked to the door and ran into an older looking man. "Can I help you?"

"Is my daughter, Nora, in here?" he asked.

"Hi Dad. I met the boys I'll be singing with. This is Logan, James, Kendell, and Carlos. Kendell is the one you talked to. I decided to go to the recording studio after all. But we really gotta go. I'll see you later, love you, bye!" She pushed all the boys out of the room into the elevator to go down to the lobby.

The boys took her in. She was wearing dark washed, ripped skinny jeans, ballet pink fuzzy moccasins, and a red v-neck shirt. Her dark hair was down and there was a hot pink streak in it. Brown eyeliner and thick black eyelashes surrounded her pretty eyes. Carlos wanted her. Logan wanted her. But who did she want?]

They got to Rocque records two minutes late. Gustavo was mad.

"You're Late!" he screamed. "Oh, I see you met Nora. Be nice!

"So this is a good mood, right?" Nora whispered to Logan who just nodded.

"Recording Booth, Now!"

They all pilled in and ran to not be the last one in.

"Now, only one of you will be doing a duet with her and there with be a group song also." Gustavo watched for the reaction.

The reaction was a fight. All the boys jumped in and Nora joined them. All the sudden a bright light blinded them, causing them to stop and drop to the floor covering their eyes.

"Great, nice to see that the new bulb I put in is working." Kelly commented.

"Now, the duet is called "On My Side." (I wrote this. I own it.) The group song is called "One of the Guys." (Also wrote this one.) Nora will chose who she wants to sing with. Each of you will sing a part of "The City is Ours" (BTR owns) James, you first." Gustavo told them all.

"The night is young and the music's up, today was crazy but tonight the city is ours, the city is ours." James sang beautifully.

The rest of them sang the same part.

"Nora, choose!" Gustavo yelled.

"I choose Logan."

There was a chorus of boos and Logan just smiled at his good luck.

"You two, go into the office to work on the song together. Nora there is a guitar in there. We'll be doing this song acoustically.

Logan and Nora walked into the office. They sat down with the guitar to go over the song together.