A Christmas Wish.

Summery: When Bridgette sees two little words that end up sending her once normal life into a spiral, she ends up travelling to find her loved one's 'Christmas Wish' before its too late.

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Plus I'm really getting into the Christmas Spirit! I went shopping today with a friend (And ruined my bank balance in Hollister…stupid shop) And the amount of Christmas shops I saw was amazing!

Yes, I know I'm a little early, but hey, the first chapter takes place three months before Christmas, so here you go! The first chapter of my first ever 'Total Drama' Christmas Story.

Also a quick note before I start, those of you that are fans of my 'Keeping it Together' story, well rumours are going around that apparently Alejandro has a chance of winning in America, well I don't know what to make of that, but if he does win or if America release an 'alternate ending' well…I'll just have to add an alternate ending to my story too!

Chapter one: Face to Face, We Shall Embrace.

September 25th 15:39 PM.


Bridgette looked up from her book in her room when she heard a faint voice calling her name; she rose from her seat and slowly walked downstairs to meet with her mother.

She found her sitting in the kitchen with a faint smile on her face, "Is everything ok?" Bridgette asked.

"Yeah, fine…look I wanted to discuss something with you" Her Mother explained.

"Right" Bridgette said sitting down at the table too.

"I know it's a little early but I would rather talk about it with you now than later" Her Mother started, "But I want to talk to you about Christmas".


Her Mother leant back slightly, the other day her daughter had found her and asked if she had to go through with the family tradition of spending Christmas with the family, she however asked if she could spend it with her boyfriend, Geoff, instead. Her Mother at first, refused to let her go through with it, however after a few days to think about it she soon came around, her daughter was eighteen and nearly going on nineteen, she needed her independence, and maybe spending it away from the family would be good for her.

She sighed when she saw her Daughter looking at her with pleading eyes, as if she knew what she was thinking, "Bridgette…you know I really don't agree with you spending Christmas with Geoff-."

"Do you not like him Mom?" Bridgette asked quickly, "You can tell me? Is that what's bothering you?"

"No, not at all" Bridgette's Mother quickly said, "I think Geoff is a lovely boy, really. What I am trying to say is…well…you're growing up and…"

"Yes" Bridgette said slowly catching on to what her Mother was saying.

"I think…that you should spend Christmas with Geoff…if you want to that is" Her Mother said gently.

Bridgette immediately got up and pulled her mother into a bone crushing hug, letting out little squeals of joy as she did so, her Mother rubbed her daughter's back lovingly, she had to admit, she was a little sad, she was letting her little girl go and this soon as well. A small tear came to her eye as she thought about this, she was growing up, she knew that things with her and Geoff were pretty serious, still at the same time she wanted to know that her daughter was safe with him.

She slowly pulled away and cupped Bridgette's face with her hands, "Listen, I want you to be careful ok, with everything".

"Mom, Christmas is three months away" Bridgette said to her, "I think we're going to be fine".

"I know" Her Mother mumbled looking away, "I just want you to be careful with Geoff".

"I will" Bridgette said, she slowly stood up and walked back to her room, as soon as she left the kitchen she sprinted upstairs excitedly, she closed her door shut and was instantly enthralled by doing a happy dance, then she sped towards her bed and grabbed her phone to call her boyfriend.

It took a little while before the phone stopped ringing and the sound of someone answering took over the dialling tone, then she heard it.

The sweet sound of her boyfriend's voice.

"Hey Babe" Geoff's happy voice instantly filled her ears and a goofy smile spread across her face, "What's up?"

"You'll never guess what's just happened to me?" She said excitedly.

"Erm…you got a new haircut?" Geoff said a little blankly.

Bridgette sighed, "No Geoff, what's the thing that we've been trying to persuade our parents for weeks to do?"

Geoff fell silent for a few minutes before then letting out an excited gasp, "No way! Your Mom agreed?"

"Yes she did!" Bridgette exclaimed excitedly.

"No way Babe!" Geoff said again, he sounded thrilled, "Come on, this means a celebration, I'll pick you up in a few minutes".

And with that Geoff hung up, Bridgette smiled, she loved how overly excited Geoff got for every little thing good that happened to them, then again, she supposed that it was a good sign to tell that he was just as in love with her as she was.

Bridgette walked over to the calendar in her room and lifted it open to December, she smiled at it happily, December was going to be her month, nothing of good could come from it now.

The truth is however, the reason why the young couple wanted to spend Christmas with each other so badly was the fact that they wanted to spend New Years with each other too, every year Bridgette and her Mother went to spend Christmas with their family in Florida, she loved it, but sometimes she wished that she could have it her way, and plus, New Years always seemed to be a big event for her, to sit with someone she loved and bring in the New Year with them, this year now that she had someone she loved she wanted to do it.

So she told Geoff and he agreed to it, the only thing now was to persuade their parents, and now that this was all going ahead, things were looking up for her.

Bridgette jumped slightly when she heard a car horn from outside honk several times, she walked over to her window and looked out to see Geoff's car beneath her window, she smiled happily and ran downstairs to say good bye to her Mother.

"I'm going out Mom" She said before leaving.

"Going to tell Geoff the good news?" Bridgette's Mom asked from the kitchen.

"You Bet!"

Bridgette's Mom walked out to meet her Daughter by the door and smiled at her, "So do Geoff's parents agree too?" She asked.

Bridgette pursed her lips, "You know what? I don't actually know, I'll have to ask Geoff and see".

"Alright Honey, have a good time, and remember, be careful" She said.

"Don't worry Mom I will be" She said giving her Mother a quick kiss goodbye before heading out the door.

The shameful thing was, Bridgette knew exactly what she meant by 'be careful' and that was to stay safe when she and Geoff decided to get intimate with one another, she had caught onto this when she watched her Daughter on the Total Drama show, she was always in the arms of Geoff and they were always seen kissing and sometimes it would get a little heated, something she wasn't too sure of.

So, as soon as the dreaded series ended, she had to sit her Daughter down and tell her about safe sex, she could tell it all made Bridgette very uncomfortable, she didn't mean to, it was something every Mother had to tell their Daughters are some point in life, she knew that Bridgette was smart but at the same time she knew that she loved Geoff a lot.

Bridgette tried to shake it off, they had been safe every other time, and if they did something tonight it would be no exception.

She opened up Geoff's car door and quickly climbed in, only to be met by the lips of her boyfriend, Bridgette giggled slightly as she begun to kiss Geoff back.

"Hello there" Bridgette greeted as soon as he pulled away, next thing Bridgette knew she was met eye to eye with two wide eyed, bright blue eyes.

"Hey Baby" Geoff greeted back, smiling happily at her.

"Well, someone's happy!" Bridgette smirked as Geoff started up his car again.

"You bet!" Geoff stated excitedly as the two started to drive off, "That's brilliant news about your Mom, Bridge".

"I know".

"So, if we can get things planned then we're staying all Christmas until next year at my parents' beach house!" Geoff said, getting more and excited about this as he drove out of Bridgette's road.

"Yeah of course" Bridgette agreed, then Bridgette fell silent as Geoff carried on about what they could do when they were down by the beach in three months time, but all the time Geoff was talking Bridgette couldn't help but think about what her Mother had said before she left, about Geoff's parents, Geoff had been harping on about trying to persuade her Mother about letting her go, but yet he had never mentioned a thing about his own parents, she just assumed that they would have been laid back about things like he was.

But she had met Geoff parents, and oddly enough they were not laid back at all, Bridgette was very surprised, but his Father was a Lawyer and her Mother was a secretary for a big company. They were very rich but when Bridgette met them they showed no sign of wanting to let their hair down just like their sun, Geoff had told her that they used to be just like him, until they grew up, meaning they had conceived him.

Still, when Bridgette met then, they were very strict, in fact they wouldn't let Bridgette of Geoff sit alone together in case something happened, apparently like Bridgette's Mother, they had been watching their son on the show too.

"And we can throw a massive party there; so many people will be around at that time too".

Bridgette was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Geoff talking more about their New Year plans, she decided however, that it was time to ask him about what his parents thought of it.

"Geoff, your parents have said yes to you going, right?" Bridgette asked.

Geoff fell silent, "Erm…Well…"

"You haven't asked them yet have you?" Bridgette said a little stunned.


"Really Geoff?" She said a little annoyed, "We're going to their beach house, I would have thought that you would have been the first one to ask if it was ok to go".

Geoff sighed, "Babe, it's not like I didn't want to tell them, I did! It's just…they get a little funny when I talk about going away with you".

Bridgette shuffled a little uncomfortably in her seat, "They hate me" She quietly whispered.

"No" Geoff quickly said, pulling the car over, once it had stopped he immediately turned to Bridgette, "They don't hate you, really. It's just…they're like this with me and my brothers, they just get worried when we start dating, that's all, and well if I mentioned that I wanted to go away with you for Christmas they'd freak out".

"Then what we do now?" Bridgette asked looking back up at Geoff.

"Don't worry Babe, I've got it all planned out, I've got my Brothers in on it too, a few days before Christmas I'm going to go down to the beach to get my parents 'Christmas present' when on my way back the roads get closed off for repairs, preventing me from coming back home for a few weeks, simple!"

"Geoff, it's not that simple" Bridgette said, "you're parents are rich! They'll send a helicopter for you if they could!"

"True, but what if I were to say that my brothers are going to prevent my parents from doing anything like that?" Geoff then asked, raising an eyebrow at Bridgette.

Bridgette pursed her lips, Geoff really wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack, how could he expect his brothers to cover for him all the way up to January the 3rd? Still, then again she had never met his Brothers; they could all be a hell of a lot smarter than him.

"And what if we get caught?" Bridgette asked.

"That's why I was so desperate for your Mom to say yes, if you're allowed to go it's all good, then if my folks catch us out then it's all my fault!" Geoff said sounding a little proud in himself.

Bridgette immediately frowned, "I can't let you take the blame for this".

"Yeah you can!" Geoff said, "It's all my idea, if we get caught its fine, what's the worst they can do to me anyway!"

Bridgette bit her lip, "I suppose" She mumbled looking away, Geoff instantly leaned over and cupped her face in his hands, "Listen, it will all be ok!"

"You sure?"

"Positive Babe!" Geoff said, he turned the engine of the car back on and started to drive again, "This Christmas is going to be absolutely perfect".

"It will be, won't it?" Bridgette mumbled, slowly realizing the happiness in their plan, then she looked out of the window and noticed that Geoff was going down a road that she didn't recognize.

"Where are we actually going Geoff?"

"Somewhere special" He said a little grin on his face.

"Geoff, seriously" She said playfully tapping her boyfriends arm, "Where are we going?"

"I don't want to say" Geoff said biting his lip to stop himself from grinning too much, "But you're going to love it".

"Alright then, I'll take your word for it" Bridgette said ad she slide back in her seat slightly and looked out of the window as they carried on speeding down the road towards Geoff's secret location.

"Bridge? Bridgey wake up".

Bridgette's eyes slowly flickered open when she felt someone shaking her and calling her name out, her olive eyes adjusted to the light as she slowly looked up at Geoff.

"Are we here?" She asked lazily.

"You betcha!" He said excitedly, "Take a look out the window".

Bridgette did just that, she leant up and looked out of the car window and gasped.

There, in front of her was the sea, it was bright blue and sparkling in the evening sun, she pressed her nose up against the window in shock.

"No way!" She said happily, "Geoff, how did you find out about this place?"

"Well" Geoff said smiling, "If you look out of my window then you'll see the place that we'll be staying in for three weeks".

Bridgette bit her lip and slowly leant forward so she could see out of Geoff's car window, and there, sure enough, was a beautiful pine beach house, it had hammocks outside the front and the front door steps led straight out onto the beach, it was everything she thought a beach house should be, not to mention big too.

"That is insane" Bridgette gasped, not taking her eyes off the beach house.

"It's alright" Geoff said modestly.

"Alright?" Bridgette repeated, "Are you kidding? Have you not seen that thing? It's amazing!" Bridgette said now looking at Geoff.

"Yeah, you're right, it is pretty cool, you wanna check it out?" He asked opening the car door.

Bridgette nodded and obediently headed out of the car and followed Geoff towards the house, every step she took felt like a fairytale, despite loving the beach and everything she had never had the chance to go to a beach house like this, her Mother never could afford something like this, plus all of her extra money went into Bridgette's surfing lessons when she was younger, Bridgette was incredibly thankful, but now, standing in front of Geoff's beach house, every little fantasy and dream she had was now coming true right before her eyes.

As Geoff unlocked the door and led Bridgette inside, once again she had her breath taken away from her; it was decorated to look like an old log cabin inside, it was stunning, it looked like someone had worked on this for years on this, Bridgette was instantly taken aback by the wooden designs that she didn't notice Geoff sneak up behind her and pulled her close to him and wrap his arms around her waist, Bridgette smiled at this as she felt Geoff's chin resting on her shoulder, she reached out and ran a hand through his soft blonde hair.

"What do you think?" He asked her lazily.

"It's lovely" Bridgette said, "Can I live here?"

Geoff laughed, "You never know what could happen later on in life" He said to her gently.

"No, you never do" Bridgette smiled, "This is just perfect, I wish I had my surfboard so I could test out those waves".

"Well, if you go out to the car and look in the trunk, you never know what you could find" Geoff said in her ear.

Bridgette gasped, "You didn't!" She gasped happily before pushing Geoff off and running out to the car to see what was in store for her, she ran back out to Geoff's car and opened up the trunk to see right in front of her was her surfboard.

"Geoff I don't believe it!" She announced to him as he followed her outside, "I'm speechless".

"You don't have to say anything Bridge" Geoff said to her before pointing out to sea, "Go on, give it a try out here!"

Bridgette nodded, she didn't bring any swimwear with her, but she really didn't care. Still dressed in her board shorts and her trademark blue hoodie she dashed out towards the sea and climbed onto her surfboard.

Geoff smiled as she watched Bridgette surfing elegantly along the blue waves, he sat down on the beach in front of the sea and watched her, there was something hypnotizing about her, the way she smiled when the sea water touched a part of her body, the way her whole face lit up when she hit that perfect wave. Everything about watching her surf was magical.

Once Bridgette had her fill for now she slowly trudged back onto the beach to see Geoff staring at her with adoring eyes, "What?" She asked him.

"Nothing, I'm just thinking about how wonderful you are".

Bridgette blushed, "Aww" She sighed as she lowered herself down to kiss Geoff.

"Hey!" Geoff said when he felt Bridgette's body against his, "You're soaking wet!"

"So what?" Bridgette said, "I've just been surfing, of course I'm wet".

"I think you need to dry off Baby" Geoff said to her as he stood up.

"I suppose…or we could just do this?" She said grabbing Geoff's arm and pushing him into the water, Geoff gasped as the cold water hit his legs as she stumbled backwards into the sea.

"That was not cool!" Geoff snapped at Bridgette who just laughed.

"Lighten up!" She replied as she chased Geoff back into the sea and pounced on him to give him a long kiss.

Instantly Geoff forgot how cold it was and started to enjoy the warmth of Bridgette's lips against his, he placed a cold hand behind her head and pulled her in closer towards his body.

Suddenly a wave over took them both, they weren't hurt they were just knocked off each other, Bridgette slowly sat up on the soggy beach laughing as Geoff staggered next to her shaking the water out of his hair, then he bent down and help Bridgette up.

"Come on, It's getting late. We'll both get sick" He said and he wrapped an arm around Bridgette and led her back inside the beach house.

Soon, the sun had set outside and the two were now wrapped up in warm blankets and towels while sitting in front of a warm, roaring fire. They're clothes were all situated against the fire to dry. Bridgette had her legs up on the couch and her body was leaning against Geoff's while he had his hands wrapped around her waist.

"Just think" Bridgette mumbled after a long comfortable silence, "We could be doing this every day for three weeks in three months time".

"Yeah" Geoff cried out happily pumping a fist into the air, "It's going to be great Babe, I can't wait!"

"Me either".

The two once again stayed snuggled for a few minutes before Geoff decided to speak up again, "What do you say to having a party on New Years then?"

"Yeah" Bridgette mumbled, "Why not?"

"Sweet!" Geoff cried out again, "I know a load of the dudes from my old school have houses around here too and they'd be up for a party".

"As long as you do all the planning, you know I'll be there" Bridgette said nuzzling into his warm chest.

"Of course I will" Geoff said, "It's like the best part!"

Bridgette smiled up at him, "Just as long as I get my kiss from you at Midnight, it's fine!"

"You know I won't be leaving your side for a second" Geoff said looking down at her, "Just as long as my whole Christmas and New Years celebration is with you, then I know that next year is going to be absolutely perfect".

Bridgette blushed again a little, "Yeah, its going to be amazing". Geoff smiled softly at her and slowly leaning in to close the gap between the two for another kiss.

Bridgette smiled when she felt Geoff's breath tickle her lips, she leant up herself to kiss Geoff back, the two were then engaged in a long make out session, Bridgette and Geoff soon deepened the kiss and Geoff leant closer towards Bridgette so she was soon against the couch and he was pretty much on top of her.

Soon their kiss was broken and Geoff looked down at Bridgette, her cheeks were tinted red and Geoff then realized that he had accidentally pulled her blanket down during the kiss, revealing Bridgette's small body, he looked all over her before back up to her face, he leant in closer until he met her ear.

"What do you say we carry this on upstairs?"

Bridgette instantly leant up and started to kiss Geoff again, he took this as a yes and carefully lifted Bridgette up, still entwined in their kiss they both left for the upstairs.

It was now early morning, and Bridgette was left speechless from what had just happened between the two, she couldn't be happier for herself and Geoff, tonight they sealed the deal between themselves and fully gave each other a gift. Bridgette smiled at Geoff who was asleep next to her, his mouth was slightly parted and a soft breathing noise was escaping his mouth, Bridgette chuckled softly and ran a hand through his long-ish blonde hair before snuggling against his chest to go to sleep herself.

Three months from now really was going to be perfect…

But little did they know…it was going to be a disaster…

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