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Chapter 16: Faith is in Our Hearts Today.

December 24th California, 17:35 PM, One year later…

Ring out the old, Bring in the new,

A Midnight wish, to share with you

Your lips are warm, my head is light,

Were we in Love? Before Tonight…

"I'm home!" A loud booming voice called as none other than Geoff walked through the door, wearing his usual business attire of a pair of smart trousers and a buttoned up shirt, aside form the first three buttons which were always left undone, and a smart jacket, he smiled happily as he set foot into his house, the smell and the sights in front of him never seemed to get old.

This was his home, his house in California that he and Bridgette had purchased a little while ago, after the incident at the airport, both Bridgette and Geoff had decided to catch up for the years that they missed, they got married fairly quickly in a small ceremony with their closest friends and family there to watch, of course, Geoff's parents weren't invited, and they knew none the wiser about their son's proper marriage.

Then, they proceeded to move out of Courtney's apartment, which she had to admit she was a little glad about since she and Duncan had finally admitted the fact that they were a couple and she had invited him to move in with her, using both Geoff and Bridgette's savings they purchased a small town house that was close to they city so that Bridgette could still work and Mari could still go to school there.

Geoff ended up finding a job fairly quickly after he left his old company, he as pretty surprised at it, the job was for a party planning business, which ha adored. He still wondered how he managed to get that job so quickly…until he realized on his first day there that the papers that were filed in front of his desk had a small signature on them.

'Fabray Corporations'.

It all clicked, this company was involved with Macy's father's company, so it was pretty obvious that Geoff's name was like a blessing to them all, Macy had in fact got him hooked up there and Geoff was moving fast up the ladder there.

It was all a little overwhelming for him since so much had happened in the past year, but still, Geoff always made it home to his small house and adored every minute to his life.

And something else that never seemed to get old was the small, little blonde girl that skidded around the corner and threw herself into Geoff's legs.

"Hey!" Geoff said as he laughed to himself, "Let me take my coat off, Mari!"

The little blonde girl looked up at her Father and smiled up at him, "I missed you Daddy!" She said happily.

'Daddy' that magic word that always sent tingled down Geoff's spine whenever he heard it, yes Mari had started calling Geoff by his proper title, it happened at the beginning of the new year where Mari accidentally let it slip out, she immediately covered up her mouth and started crying until Bridgette explained to her that it was ok, and that Geoff was her Father.

Ever since then Mari had gotten used to it and used the term on a regular basis, Geoff and Bridgette knew that they would tell her all that happened when she was younger when she was old enough to understand, but for now they let her know none the wiser.

Geoff rubbed his little girl's head and she let go and walked back towards the living room, Geoff placed his coat down on the sofa and looked around for his beloved wife.

"Bridge?" He called out, expecting to see her smiling face.

"Coming" He heard her sweet voice from the kitchen, Bridgette soon appeared in the doorway of the kitchen wiping her hands on a cloth, nothing much had changed about Bridgette…well except of course for her now very swollen stomach.

Yes, about seven months ago, she had found out that she was expecting again, this time things were all very different since she was no longer 18 and unable to look after a child, she was 24 and perfectly able, and after having Mari both Bridgette and Geoff were looking forward to the arrival for their new baby.

"There you are" Geoff said happily as he walked over and gave her a hug.

"Missed you today!" He told her as he pulled away.

"Geoff, you miss me every day" Bridgette laughed, as she smiled back up at her husband.

"How are you feeling today?" He asked her, as Bridgette looked down at her swollen midriff.

"Ok" Bridgette mumbled, "I think it's gone to sleep now, so as long as no one-."

She was cut off by Geoff suddenly approaching her and placing his hands on her stomach and gently caressing it, "Touches it" Bridgette finished her sentence with a loud sigh, "Come on, Geoff! This is the most peaceful it's been all day, and now you're going to wake it up!"

Geoff chuckled, "Oh come on, Babe! I told you the day you found out that you were pregnant that I wasn't going to miss a single thing about this pregnancy".

"Yeah, then watch it sleep!" Bridgette hollered back as she winced slightly.

"Baby giving you grief again?"

"Pretty much" Bridgette mumbled as she rubbed the top of her stomach, Bridgette had found that this pregnancy was a lot harder, the baby seemed to be a lot more active than Mari was and liked to kick Bridgette in the ribs a lot and also whenever Bridgette seemed to get comfortable, the baby wasn't and wriggled around until Bridgette was fed up, it liked to work her last nerve, but she knew that it was just an active baby, nothing more and nothing less.

"I'm sure the baby's just excited" Geoff suggested as he moved away from his wife and to the sofa.

"It always seems to be 'a little excited' I swear I think he's just like his father" Bridgette mumbled, not realizing what she had just said, but Geoff sure had.

He bolted straight back up off the sofa and looked at Bridgette dead in the eye, "did…did you just say 'he'?"

Bridgette looked up at him and quickly covered her mouth in shock, Geoff immediately approached her, "Come on, tell me the truth, did you just say 'he'?"

Bridgette looked down at Mari ho was standing behind Geoff with a pleading look on her face, realizing that she couldn't lie to her husband anymore she let out a sigh of defeat.

"Yes Geoff…I said 'he', Merry Christmas…we're having a boy" Bridgette whispered, as she let a huge smile spread across her face.

Geoff's mouth dropped open as he immediately pulled Bridgette into a bone crushing hug, "NO WAY!" He cried out loudly as she kissed Bridgette's cheek several times, "We're having a boy!"

Heir sweet moment was short lived when they heard an angry huff behind them, they both turned to face their daughter who was looking up at her parents with her arms folded.

"Mommy!" Mari scolded, "I thought you said we weren't gonna tell Daddy until tomorrow!"

"You mean you knew too?" Geoff asked Mari as he bent down and scooped a giggling Mari up into his arms and brought her to Bridgette, the three them embraced in a hug, as their family of three and their newest addition still squirming away in Bridgette's womb.

"So, how were you going to tell me then?" Geoff asked as he sat Mari back down on the ground.

"Sweetie, go get the card for Mommy" Bridgette said to Mari, she nodded and hurried over to the green, decorated tree in the living room, she rummaged around behind the tree and pulled out a small white envelope which she then handed to Geoff.

He opened it up straight away and pulled the small card out, it had written on the top 'Merry Christmas, Daddy' and a pictured of a small cartoon baby boy on the from, when Geoff slowly opened the card he realized that there was a scan picture inside, of his son, tears welled up in his eyes as he saw his son for the first time, he was so precious, so tiny and adorable.

"Since you couldn't come to my doctors appointment yesterday, I thought I'd have this made up for you, I hope you like it" Bridgette said smiling at him.

Geoff quickly wiped away the tears in his eyes as he leant in and gave Bridgette a long kiss, "I love it" He said to her with a smile on his face.

Bridgette beamed back as she left her husband and walked over to a small table by the front door, "Here" She said handing him a letter, "This came for you today, I have no idea who it's from though".

Geoff frowned and looked at the letter, it was in a pale pink envelope and a faint smell of perfume was coming from it, he placed the card down on the table and opened up the new envelope.

Inside were two pieces of paper, one looked like an invitation and the other looked like a letter, Geoff looked closely at the letter and started to read it:


Wow, it's been a whole year since we've last seen each other; I hope that you are ok?

It you're wondering who it is, its Macy, I wanted to write to you since I don't have your email address, I just hope that you still live at the sae address!

I wanted to know how things were going with you, and whether you're still with Bridgette? I hope you are since you two look super cute together!

Just so you know, your parents think that we're still together, however my parents know that we split, partly because I did just what you did and told them how I felt, that I didn't want to be set up in arranged marriages and find a man that I love, thankfully they accepted and all plans were soon scrapped.

If you look at the other letter, its actually an invite to my wedding next year, in January, yes its soon, but I want to get married to my wonderful boyfriend as soon as the new year starts.

I hope you both can make it since it would be great to see you again.

Best Wishes

Macy Fabray AKA Your Guardian Angel.

Geoff smiled and looked at the other paper, sure enough it was a wedding invite to her wedding on the fifth of January, Geoff had to admit that he was incredibly happy that Macy had also managed to find happiness in the mess that was their relationship.

"Who was that from?"

Geoff turned around when he heard his wife talking to him, he handed her the wedding invite and Bridgette scanned it over, "Macy's getting married" Geoff explained, "You wanna go?"

Bridgette nodded, ever since Geoff explained what happened between them Bridgette had no problem with Macy, she in fact found her a wonderful girl to have stayed with Geoff until the two of the were reunited, in fact when they went to New York again to move Geoff's things out of his old apartment, she went to apologize to Macy for her behaviour, Macy accepted and also apologized for jumping the gun between the two.

Bridgette then looked at the date of the wedding and frowned, "Oh no, Geoff, this is the same day as my eighth month, I don't think it's wise" She mumbled.

Geoff looked down at her protruding stomach and sighed, "Oh God, right, well, if you're worried we don't have to go, I just thought it would be nice".

Bridgette frowned again and wrapped her arms around her husband's neck, "Tell you what? I'll talk to the doctors and see if she thinks it's ok if we go a for a few days".

Geoff smiled, "Thanks Babe!"

"Although, I'm pretty sure that all of Macy's friends will look stunning, I don't want to look like a pregnant beached whale in front of them all" Bridgette moaned as she rubbed her abdomen.

Geoff chuckled, "You don't look like a beached whale, you're beautiful, and you'll shine at the wedding, don't you worry" He said sweetly as he kissed her neck.

"Plus I love you no matter what you look like; you're my little Schmoopy-Schmoo no matter what".

Bridgette beamed at this comment and relaxed into his touch, "I love you, Geoff"

"I love you too, Bridgette".

December 25th 02:38 AM…

"Bridge? Bridgey-Bear, wake up!"

Bridgette's eyes slowly flickered open as she looked up at Geoff who was sitting up in their double bed looking out of the nearby window, Bridgette propped herself up on her elbows as she looked at Geoff.


"It's snowing!"

Bridgette peered over his shoulder, and sure enough the snow was tumbling down outside, the small white flakes drifted lazily gone onto the grounds around California, Bridgette smiled at this sight and looked back at Geoff.

"It's beautiful" She whispered.

"I know" Geoff mumbled, he looked down at his wife and beckoned her closer to him, "Come on, sit up I want to talk for a bit".

Bridgette sighed, "I can't sit up, you're going to have to give me a hand!"

Geoff chuckled, "Sorry, baby! I forgot that our little man gets in the way of things now".

He reached over and placed one hand behind Bridgette's back and she clasped hold of the other hand as he helped her sit up, she then moved closer to him and sat in between his warm legs and leant back into his warm chest, with a contented sigh she closed her eyes.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" She asked.

"Everything, I don't know I can't sleep, I'm too excited" Geoff said like a little kid.

Bridgette rolled her eyes, "Sometimes I wonder who the kid is in the family, even Mari's fast asleep!"

"I know, I'm just excited, how can I sleep after finding out that we're having a boy" Geoff said as she snuck a hand up her shirt and rubbed her rounded stomach delicately, "That's our baby in their, Bridge" He reminded her, "Our second kid together, how mad is that?"

"It's pretty crazy" Bridgette replied as she placed a hand over his hand to stop him from rubbing her stomach and held it in place, a small smile came to Geoff's face as she felt the warmth of Bridgette's growing belly and her soft hand against his rough hand, it felt complete, after all these years of feeling like something was missing, he had it all, a beautiful wife, an adorable little girl and a son on the way, it was like the perfect American family that you see in TV shows, nothing was going to get in the way of them now.

"Hey…are you cold?" Geoff asked as he turned his attention back to the snow.

"Not really" Bridgette murmured.

"Do you think the baby's cold?"

"I don't think so, why are you asking all these questions?" Bridgette asked him.

"Well, I don't want you too getting cold in the night because of the snow, are you sure you don't want an extra blanket or something?" Geoff asked as he started to rub her belly again.

"No, I think we're fine, besides if we get cold in the night I can just snuggle up to my big, strong, handsome husband" Bridgette cooed as she kissed Geoff on the neck.

"I could agree to that" Geoff said as he rubbed her stomach lovingly, "Hey…I'm not bothering him, am I?"

Bridgette shook her head, "No, I think he's asleep, I think he's going to turn out just as you, he's excitable and trying to break out of my uterus when he's awake but as soon as he's asleep he's out like a lamp".

Geoff chuckled again, "That's my boy" He whispered as he reached down and kissed her stomach several times.

"It's pretty warm" Geoff remarked as he leant back up.

Bridgette snorted, "Well I should hope so! There's something living in there, Geoff".

"I know, I'm just saying he must be all snug and comfy in there" Geoff mumbled, "It's kind of sweet".

Bridgette nodded in agreement, "Yeah it is".

"Do you know what would be even sweeter?"

"Geoff, I'm really not in the mood to have sex tonight".

"No! Not that, I meant it would be nice if we had Mari here…can we wake her up?"

Bridgette hastily shook her head, "No, I'd rather let her sleep, we're going to have a busy day tomorrow, I'd rather she stayed asleep because if we woke her up she would get over excited and won't go back to sleep".



"It's already today, Bridge" Geoff remarked nodding over to the clock by their bedside table, "Merry Christmas!"

Bridgette smiled, as she nuzzled into his neck, "Merry Christmas, now come on, we've got a busy day too, and I think I'll pass out tomorrow if I don't get a decent amount of sleep tonight".

Geoff nodded, "Alright" He said as Bridgette climbed off his lap and crawled back to her side of the bed, Geoff joined her and pressed his warm chest to her back and wrapped his arms around her stomach.

"I told you I was going to keep the both of you warm" Geoff commented.

"Thanks" Bridgette said to him as she felt his lips connect with her face, "I love you, Geoff".

"I love you too, Bridgey-Boo" Geoff said as the two drifted back off into a peaceful sleep.

They were together now, after five years of pure pain and hurt they had to go through, they both felt that nothing could get in their way now, they were a family, a growing family and in love at that. They had a beautiful daughter and a son on the way, everything right now seemed to be perfect and the fact that it was Christmas and snowing seemed to top it all off.

Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas…

The End.

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