"McGee." Tony stood in front of Tim's desk not fifteen minutes later. He'd washed the redness from his face as best as he could, but he knew traces of it still remained. It was obvious he had been crying, and if he was honest with himself, he didn't really mind McGee knowing what Gibbs had done. He had been pretty obnoxious.

Tim looked up expressionlessly.


"I'm sorry I was an idiot to you. I'm sorry I made fun of you for being a writer…it's actually you, know, kinda cool. I should've handled my problems in a better way."

McGee stared up at him, wondering just how hard Gibbs had hit him to change his attitude so thoroughly. "Boss helped me realize what "an ass" I was being." Tony gestured to Gibbs behind him and gave Tim a little half-smile.

Tim nodded, flicking his eyes to Gibbs, who was sitting at his desk listening to the proceedings.

Tim grinned. "Apology accepted, Tony."

Tony nodded and went back to his own desk, grabbing his bag and coat.

"Hey, uh…" Tim said. Tony looked up expectantly.

"Ziva and I were talking about going to grab a drink or something, with Abby too. You wanna come?" McGee looked at Tony and Gibbs, aiming the invitation at both of them.

"Sure, Probie." Tony said. He slung an arm around Tim's shoulders. "As long as I don't have to sit."

Gibbs got up and flipped of his light, following his agents to the elevator. It seemed like things were going to be back to normal.

For a while anyway.


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