Metal Gear: Fox Chronicles

Chapter 1: Virtuous Mission Aftermath

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The sound of whirling chopper blades pervaded the air as a blonde woman looked down from a robe bridge with an unreadable expression on her face. She had just thrown her pupil over the bridge after defecting to Colonel Volgin's unit, but she knew that he would live... even with a broken arm she knew that he would live, she trained him too hard for something like that to stop him.

"Lets go," She said in a cold tone while looking at the rushing water many feet down below.

Volgin, a tall beast of a man, shook his head, his scared face twisted into a smirk. "No, not yet."

Boss looked at him with a frown, "What's the hold up!"

The bridge suddenly shook just enough to notice and the Boss turned to see what it was. Had she been anyone else she would've screamed in fright at the sudden appearance of a man wearing a gas mask with red lenses. He also wore an all black BDU much like the Ocelot units but more combat ready instead of looking like they were about to go to a ceremony. He also had a pack around his waist that would normally have a pistol and extra clips on it. But it didn't, it had multiple pouch with the top closed, hiding what was inside.

"The KGB around the facility have been eliminated." the masked person reported, his mask distorting the sound of his voice.

Volgin nodded, "Good, Fox let me introduce our new companion, the leader of the cobra unit, Boss."

Fox looked at the woman, "Yes... I have heard of her..."

"Boss, let me introduce-"

She cut him off, "Fox, also called Big Fox and Boss Fox, known, hated, and feared for his skill with a sword or any bladed weapon,"

Fox hummed, "You've done your homework Boss lady, Head of the cobra unit and lover of the dead cobra, The Sorrow, the same man that you killed not to far away from this vary river... I also did my homework."

Her cold gaze got even colder as she glared into his mask.

"Your hateful glare does not effect me, there is a reason your former employers named the very unit that your pupil works for the Fox Unit." He stated coldly before turning to Volgin, "If that is all, I'll be waiting on the Hind," He then turned and leaped up onto the closest chopper, landing right next to the Fear, who took a step back when he looked at him.

Volgin chuckled, "You'll have to forgive Fox, he's a great soldier to have but his communication skill leave something to desire."

Boss looked up to the Hind and saw the bloody sword on his back.


Fox passed the Fear, sparing him a glance and sat down across from the terrified scientist that Snake had been sent to bring to America. Beside the man was a blond KGB officer wearing a small pair of glasses. He saw the way she was sitting close to the man and knew that she was ether his lover or guard, and seeing as she was alive, it was most likely the first.

Fox's eyes studied her behind his mask and watched as she slowly reached into her coat pocket.

The Hind lowered itself to let Volgin and the Boss get on along with the 'gifts' that she had brought.

Fox's seat was right next to the door and Boss took the chance to try and 'accidentally' hit him with the heavy metal case in her hand, but the masked man leaned slightly to the side, just enough so that the case barely missed him. Volgin followed behind her and signaled for the pilot to get moving.

Over in the front of the chopper, an elderly old man in a wheelchair dressed in a old snipers suit with a green parrot on his sholder opened his eyes, which bulged slightly, "Welcome back... Boss,"


Fox sat there as the chopper landed a little ways away from the Shagohod, the large tank like machine capable of launching nukes over long distances. It wasn't complete yet, that was why the scientist was so important and why Volgin needed him. Right now Volgin had been testing it on a ridge not too far from the robe bridge, seeing if it was launching correctly.

As the choppers set down, Volgin started ordering for the soldiers to start preparing to transport the Shagohod while Fox stood up and exited the Hind before walking off and finding a place off to the side and out of the way.

Boss watched him walk away and looked to the Fear, "What do you know about him?"

The Fear looked at her, "Not much Boss, he was working for the Colonel before we joined and usually takes on assignments by himself. But I do know one thing, his skill with a sword is amazing to see."

The serious blond looked at him with a questioning look but dismissed it and walked away.

It didn't take long for the Shagohod to be hooked up to a number of helicopters to be transported, soldiers and engineers rushed around to attach extremely strong cabled between the machines.

Fox watched all of this under the shade of a tree, overseeing everything to make sure it all ran smoothly. There was a reason that Volgin had him come along, other than killing the KGB guarding Sokolov. He had an eye for catching things that others would miss. A skill that had already help catch a few spies and even pointed out a few assassins sent by the Russian government.

"Sir, Colonel Volgin wants to speak with you,"

Fox turned his head and saw a soldier standing nor to far away, dressed in the normal uniform.

After a tense moment, Fox nodded and walked towards Volgin's Hind where he found the man looking in the metal cases that the Boss had given him.

"A Davy Crockett?" Fox mused from behind the man, making him look up quickly, "Strange that a defected soldier like her can get her hands on a nuclear weapon like this," he questioned while looking down at the bomb and it's launcher.

Volgin scoffed, "Americans are so foolish, with the right connections and money, you can easily get your hands on something like this,"

Fox hummed and crossed his arms, "If you say so, now, what did you wish to speak with me about?"

Volgin closed the cases and stood up, "That KGB with Sokolov, his lover,"

Fox nodded, "What about her?"

"I want her watched, something strange about her."

Fox nodded, "Of course Colonel,"

Volgin nodded and walked out of the hind, ignoring the engineer who saluted him, "Also, I've heard that some of the men have started questioning you. Spreading rumors that your a fraud."

"Their opinions mean nothing, they can think all they want, but I know my capabilities, as do you,"

Volgin laughed, "Yes, I'd love to see some of the men try and deflect bullets with a sword."

Fox stayed silent as he laughed,

"But if they question you, they question me," the tall man stated while whipping the sleeve of his trench coat, "And if they question me, there will be problems."

Fox nodded, "Yes the last thing we need around here is a rebellion among the troops."

"Yes, and as such, you will be testing the Boss in unarmed combat before we leave," Volgin stated calmly.

"You mean fight her for your amusement," Fox stated flatly, making Volgin shrug, He looked away and sighed, "Fine, but you will inform her that you want to test her,"

Volgin nodded, "Fine,"

A few minutes passed and most of the soldiers were now looking on as two well known Legends circled each other like a pair of predators fighting over a kill. The woman's stance was her normal CQC form, something that the young man Ocelot cursed at after seeing, having been beaten by that same style by the woman's apprentice not too long before. The man known as Fox was like her polar opposite. Where her stance was ridged his was loose, It was an unknown style that none knew but most feared simply because of its user.

The distorted hum from Fox gave away that he would make the first attack, after all, he knew that the Boss would most likely wait for him to attack first, seeing as she didn't know how he would counter.

He rushed forward and fainted left, making her tense, but instead of attacking he simply made her take a step back.

"Your nervous," he stated in his distorted tone. "You hide it well but the small signs give it away. Before your forearms were relaxed but now I can see them moving slightly, Your eyes also have a certain glint that only appears with the presence of adrenaline, meaning that your hearts pumping harder. I can also see that your lips are suddenly dry and that you have yet to lick them... you are a good soldier, you know that a single moment can decide victory or defeat."

Fox slowly removed the sword from the sheath on his back and slung it to the side, burying it into the side of a tree not too far from an engineers head before retaking his stance, "Hand to hand, the basis of all combat, Come girl, show me the reason behind the name Boss,"

Boss looked at him coldly and rushed him at amazing speed, getting up close and grappling him in CQC before throwing the man over her sholder.

Fox rolled in the air and landed in a crouch, "That's good, even after being absent from the field for so long your skills haven't dulled, do you remember it... the feel of battle?"

This time Fox shot forward and instead of feinting left, he thrust his fist toward her chest but didn't connect as the Boss was quick enough to dodge.

Boss quickly lashed out and kick him as he passed but he caught it in a vice-like grip, somehow turning in the blink of an eye and then slinging her around by the ankle. Fox let her go and sent her tumbling though the air where she landed on the grass with a roll.

Looking up, Boss saw Fox in the air above her, coming down with a heel drop that would knock the breath out of her. Rolling out of the way, just in time to keep from being hit, Boss lashed out with a leg sweep that knocked the man off balance long enough for her to kick him in the face, shattering the lenses of his gas mask and sending shards of red glass into his face.

Boss let out a small rare smirk as the man reeled back, hissing in pain as the glass obviously cut into his face and possibly even blinded him. He may have been a comrade to her new employer but he just seemed to get under her skin and piss her off.

Fox took multiple steps back while covering his face with his arm, "Yes..." his voice hissed before a deranged laugh echoed around, "That's it... make me feel alive,"

He grabbed the straps holding the broken gas mask on and pulled them off leaving only the balaclava over his head before he ripped that off.

He was handsome to say the least, His hair was golden blonde and spiked out towards the back, His eyes were a deep sky blue that pierced your soul and seemed to see everything within, like you couldn't hide something from him. Some people finally realized why he called himself Fox, a series of scars on each side of his face made him look just like one.

The mask skidded across the ground as he threw it, "Its been far too long since my last decent battle," he growled while he wiped the blood from his face, caused by the glass.

Before their eyes they saw that beside his scars, his face didn't have a mark on it to suggest that he had been bleeding.

The blond man rushed forward and overwhelmed the Boss with his attack, wildly swiping at her in random ways that she was hard pressed to dodge let alone block. This went on for a minute before Volgin stopped him,

"That is enough Fox," he called just as he had picked the woman up by the neck.

Fox looked at him and shrugged, "Fine," he muttered before dropping her.

The blonde woman fell to her feet and wobbled for a second. His attacks weren't as powerful as they had looked, but she could feel that he had been holding back. She watched him as he walked away before standing up and walking over to her unit.

Volgin turned to his troops, "Aright, shows over, lets get going,"

Fox retrieved his sword then walked toward the Hind where a couple of guards were watching Sokolov and the KGB officer who was applying lipstick from a slim silver tube. His eyes narrowed, she had been doing the same thing since the rid over here and yet... her lips were sill the same color.

The soldiers saluted him as he approached,

Fox passed them and looked the officer in the eye, who fidgeted slightly, "What is that?" he asked coldly.

"Lipstick," she answered while showing him the inside, which was a dark pink color.

He snatched it out of her hand faster than she expected. "You've been using this for awhile now," he said aloud while twisting it up, he then broke the sticky pink stick of make-up off and looked inside it, "So the KGB use lead for make-up these days?" he asked while showing the exposed bullet, "You might've fooled the others but not me,"

He took the Kiss of Death, a hidden weapon developed by the KGB and placed it in his pocket.

Volgin approached the Hind and to the KGB officers surprise, the blond man didn't tell him about the weapon she had. The Colonel climbed into the Hind followed by Ocelot, the Boss, Sokolov and his lover, Fox, and the Fear before ordering the Pilots to lift off.

Halfway through the flight Volgin got a sick idea and opened the weapons cases. He loaded the miniature nuke into the launcher and aimed it out the door toward the OKB-754 research facility.


Down the river, where it slowed down and took a turn, an American laid on the bank gasping for breath with his face in the dirt. His collar buzzed for what felt like hours while he tried to work up the strength to turn the small switch to his radio. Slowly but surely, he was able to roll to his back, careful not to further harm his broken arm then turn the switch with his good arm.

"Come in Snake, do you read me?"

Snake breathed hard, "... Yeah..."

"Just hold on Snake, we'll try and get you some help... ParaMedic."

There was a pause as Major Tom moved away so that the medic could take his place, Snake didn't have the ability to change to her channel right now so she would use Tom's link.

"Ok Snake just relax, you'll get through this," ParaMedic told him softly as he slowly took deep calming breaths, "Ok, now your arm is broken and your suffering from multiple other injuries. Your going to need to reset your arm and put it in a splint..."

Snake worked his way up out of the water and crawled towards a tree where he leaned against the trunk and started healing himself. It took a few hours but he was able to set his arm back to it's correct position, put it in a splint, and wrap it in a sling. It wasn't perfect, but it would work until he got somewhere where he could get it looked at by a real doctor.

He leaned back against the tree trunk heavily and looked out at the river just as the far off sound of helicopters reached his ears.

Snake looked up and saw the Russian choppers flying by, the Shagohod hanging below them by cables. But out of all that he saw the Boss leaning against the door, looking out at the passing landscape. For a minute, their eyes seemed to lock with each others. She made no motions showing that she had noticed him but spun around suddenly.

He cried out as a bright light way off over the mountain blinded him, He covered his face as it hurt his eyes then gasped as a huge gust of wind blew him to his side. throwing leafs and small branches around with its power.

By the time he uncovered his eyes, the chopper was way off in the distance and he could barely hear it at all.


Near the end of the ride, they were close to the military fortress known as Groznyj Grad, a large mountain stronghold under GRU Colonel Volgin located in Tselinoyarsk, USSR. The choppers lowered the Shagohod until it touched the ground then hovered, keeping the cabled tight.

Volgin looked to Fox and nodded.

Fox nodded back and stood up, making everyone look at him in interest as he walked to the door and pulled out his sword. There was a good twenty to thirty feet between the Hinds and the Shagohod but it didn't stop him.

He jumped out and sliced through the cable before leaping to the next and slicing through it. He repeated the process multiple times as there wasn't as much room to land all the choppers without hitting something important until the Hinds were able to fly over to the landing pads and land.

The blonde man sheathed his blade and crossed his arms as the engineers who had stayed at Groznyj Grad rushed out of the main building and started preparing it to be moved back into the hanger where it would be worked on.

The groups from the choppers made their way over in little groups, Volgin and the few officers that he brought including the Ocelot unit who were guarding Sokolov and the KGB woman. Behind them was the other engineers who passed by the Shagohod, returning to their quarters to rest and get cleaned up, seeing as they were given time off for working on the Shagohod out in the field while the ones who stayed back got the time off while they were gone. Lastly, the soldiers that came with them staggered behind, lazily walking towards their barracks while joking with each other.

"Fox," Volgin spoke as he walked up to the shorter man, "Take the girl and put her in a cell until I figure out what to do with her, after that you have the rest of the day to yourself."

The man nodded and walked towards the blonde girl, "Come,"

That was all he said, but the way he said left no room for argument. The girl followed as she was told and made no fuss as she was put into a prison cell at least until the door was locked and a rat scurried across the floor.

"Please, you can't be serious?" she asked while sitting on the bed, her legs up to her chest.

Fox looked at her coldly, "I'm dead serious,"

"So you just going to leave me here, alone, where some guy could try and take advantage of me?"

His cold look never changed, "This is a prison, not a hotel, you are a prisoner, not a guest, if you are raped it comes with the territory," he told her while reaching into his pocket, making her gape at his cruelty.

"But I do not support such a thing and their fear of me and a painful death will make them think twice. After all, who would risk being tortured to death for a few minutes of pleasure?" He then threw her her weapon back. "Use it if someone if foolish enough to do something... unsavory... and don't get caught with it again, you might not get it back."

She looked at him with wide owlish eyes, surprised that he would give her weapon back

The sound of groaning reached their ears and the door down the hall opened up with a sighing soldier walking out with his eyes closed and rubbing his stomach.

"Johnny," Fox barked, making the man yelp and jump back in fear.

The man shook and held his chest, "L-Lieutenant Colonel Fox!" Johnny stuttered before giving him a salute.

Fox raised an eyebrow, "Stomach still giving you problems" he asked in a bland voice while motioning for him to stop saluting.

He muttered about his weak stomach and nodded, "Caught a damn cold too and can't get anything for it until next week,"

The blond hummed and pulled a small bottle from one of the pouches on his belt, "Here," he said while handing him the bottle.

Johnny took it and read the label before giving a sigh of relief, "Thank you sir,"

Fox waved it off, "It's not like a need it, never been sick a day in my life, but they keep giving me a bottle each week with my rations."

Johnny nodded while opening the cap and breaking the seal. He popped two of them and stored them away for later.

"Anyway, Johnny, meet your new guest," Fox spoke while motioning to the girl in the cell, whom Johnny had yet to notice until now, "Now, I trust that you can keep your hands to yourself,"

Johnny nodded, "Of course sir, I'm married,"

Fox nodded, "Good, then your in charge of keeping watch over her, if she is harmed in anyway because of your neglect, you'll suffer the same... think about it."

As Fox left the prison block, Johnny stood still and tried to figure out what Fox had said. Then he paled, if she died, he died, if she was tortured, he would be too... if she was raped...

Johnny gulped, he already had weak bowls but the thought of someone like the Major getting to know him 'Personally' suddenly made him lock up.


As Fox left the Prison block, he ignored everything around him and walked towards his personal barracks where he would spend his time reading, sharpening his sword, or meditating. He wasn't some emotionally dead super soldier like most people thought he was and he certainly didn't spend his off time staring into space, waiting for his next mission.

"Hey Fox!"

He stopped as his name was called and turned his head to see the Ocelot unit leader standing behind him. He was a pale blonde with a near permeant look of anger and arrogance on his face, probably because of his position as commander of the Ocelot unit.

"We never finished our match,"

Fox cocked his head to the side, "By my count, I blocked every shot you fired and was never hit. So I won as per our agreement,"

Ocelot frowned and shook his head, "No, I fired all but one,"

"Because your little hand loading trick cause your pistol to jam," Fox shot back.

The man growled, the same trick had also caused him the battle with Snake. He then smirked and patted the shiny silver revolver at his side, "I got a better one now, no mistakes like last time,"

Fox looked at the weapon, "Sure, you may not make the mistake with loading the gun, but I know that you just got it... Can you even aim it correctly, do you know how bad the kick is? You already made the mistake of rushing into something not knowing anything about your pistol and as much as I'd like to see you shoot it and have the recoil knock it out of your hand, I'll have to pass. No use in wasting my time."

Ocelot growled but accepted it, admitting to himself that he did overlook the fact but promised himself that once he practiced, he would challenge Fox again.

Turning from the young man, Fox continued his walk towards his barracks, "May I help you,?"

The Fear gave a surprised look under his optic camo, which made him nearly invisible as he crawled down the wall.

"I know you've been following me for a while, ever since I went into the prison block., but the question is... why?"

The Fear stepped off the wall and deactivated the came, seeing as he had already been caught, "Well, ah..."

"I see, gathering information... don't look so surprised, I've read the files on your team and I know your the recon and information gathering member of your unit. So Is the Boss trying to find my weak point or something?" he asked making the Fear's eyes widen again.

Fox shook his head, "If she wanted to get to know me, she could've asked, could've taken her out for a nice dinner too. But knowing her, she'll just settle for my file, which is in the Colonel's office,"

The Fear blinked, "Ah... thanks... I think?"


The Boss sat down in her room that she had been given with the file she had been waiting on. She had always heard rumors and stories of the man known only by the code name of Fox, as well as the other variants such as Boss Fox and Big Fox, during her time in the CIA as well as the SAS but never nothing solid or really valuable, The most they had on him was that he was male and had unrivaled skill with a blade, or that he was suspected to have participated in multiple battles as well as a few coups all over the world.

The file was surprisingly thick compared to the CIA's including things like X-rays and blood work, but surprisingly enough, she found his name and birth date.

Naruto Uzumaki, Oct. 10, -

It lacked the year but it wasn't needed seeing as the name and date could be run through any hospital database to find out the rest. She also found that he had clearance to acess to any part of the base he wanted and was only outranked by Volgin, who saw him as a secound in command, giving him the rank of Lt. Colonel.

Boss flipped through the file and found a medical journal with his name and picture on the front. It listed and dated every injurie he ever suffered as well as how long it took him to heal and serprisingly, the worst she could see was a broken rib and punctured lung. But strangely enough, he walked out as if nothing had happened a day later, his ribs and lung compleatly healed. Looking at the dates, she found that everything from stitches to broken bones or the rare bullet wound was healed rather quickly, never taking longer than one day to fix.

In the back she found a letter from one of the docters suggesting to the Colonel to have Fox keep and maintain a journel, fearing that his anti-socal behavior would lead to depression, suacidal thoughts and actions, or god forbid, a phycodic breakdown. The docter wrote that while she wasn't a psycologist, she knew that it would help him vent.

There was no evadince that he did keep one but even if he did, she doubted that he would keep in in the Colonels office with his file.

Closing the file, the Boss crossed her arms and leaned back on her bunk. Thinking on what to do.

To be continued...