Metal Gear: Fox Chronicles
Chapter 10: The Rise and Fall of Big Boss.
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The Patriots... the word left a bad taste in his mouth, even when he didn't speak it, Snake, now known to the world as Big Boss, grew to dislike his former friends and could no longer stand to be a part of what they became.

During the San Hieronymo Takeover, where agents from FOX had taken over a Soviet base in South America on the San Hieronymo Peninsula. He had ben captured and taken to the peninsula where he was imprisoned and interrogated.

Not knowing that he had nothing to do with this, the Department of Defense charged him with treason, believing him to be the leader of the takeover. He could see why they thought so, the person leading things there had managed to gather other FOX members who specialized in solo sneaking missions and killed off any of those who opposed, something that they thought he was the only one capable of doing.

While he was imprisoned, he met another prisoner named Roy Campbell, a Green Beret who had been sent to take care of the FOX problem. He later managed to escape with the man and contacted Paramedic, who informed him that he and Major Zero had been charged by the Pentagon with treason since they thought that they were the masterminds. Paramedic and Sigint also helped to clear their names, seeing as they too were being partially blamed for the uprising.

The two went on to persuade members of the former Red Army, along with some other FOX operatives that hadn't joined the uprising to join with them to rise up against the renegade members.

He killed the renegade leader, Gene, but not before learning that The Bosses death was actually planned from the very beginning by a single deviously-cunning strategist. He had always believed that it was because Volgin launched the miniature nuke in Russia that the Boss had to die, but now he was told that someone had planned it.

Afterwards, with the help of the soldiers he had recruited, they destroyed the nuke that Gene had been threatening to launch on the US. But with Gene dead, that left him with a large cache of funds and supplies that Gene had extended to use to create his personal fortress.

Back home, his actions were reported and the press changed the story that had once named him a terrorist and said that he went there to take them down, once again making him a hero. After the incident, he officially formed FOXHOUND, to carry on the tradition of the FOX unit and give a home to the soldiers he recruited.

After San Hieronymo, Ocelot, who was a double agent for the US, joined up with Zero and extended an invitation to Snake to join them in the formation of a new organization known as 'The Patriots,'. An organization to honor the last wish of the Boss. Not too long after he joined, he participated in a rescue mission in 1971 in Hanoi to rescue Eva and recruited her into the Patriots. It was there that he heard the news, Naruto, or better yet, Fox was close by, having been shot out of the air by US forces and was in a medical tent at one or the US bases.

He did everything in his power to have the blonde taken to the states and healed, having grown to respect the man over the years, even keeping the sword that he left from the plane back when they fought in Russia. In no time, Fox was taken from the base and the three were returning to the US.

The AA rounds tore the blonde up pretty badly and he had to be sedated for safety the whole trip but when they landed, Zero assured him that he'd do everything in his power to get the swordsman fixed up.

Fox soon fell into a coma due to his wounds and the sedatives.

Snake then started hearing stories about him, some of which were true, some exaggerated, and other were outright lies. After some investigating, he grew infuriated to learn that it was Zero spreading them in order to gain more power. Sick of being a puppet and annoyed by Zero's lust for power, he soon began to think about leaving the Patriots.

In 1972, he was gravely wounded in battle and later learned that while unconscious, Zero brought his body to the same place they had Fox, a lab, and had his genes extracted to make genetically enhanced soldiers as well as finish up the Les Enfants Terribles Project.

Enraged at this, the project became the last straw and he withdrew from the Patriots and FOXHOUND, determined to oppose Zero and his plans. His only regret at the time was not being able to help Naruto, who had been moved to another location once he learned that Zero was also trying to do the same with his genes, keeping the blonde in a coma with drugs.

Drifting from country to country as a lone soldier, Snake soon returned Vietnam as a mercenary to participate in Long Rang Reconnaissance Patrols (LRRP) and later served with the Studies and Observation Group (SOG), Green Berets, US Army Rangers, and the Wild Geese. Afterwards, he established his own guerrilla group known as Militaires Sans Frontiers.

Near the end of 1972, he and his group were hired by the Colombian Government to work with the Colombian Army. During this time, his unit ambushed Kazuhira Miller and his guerrilla unit, wiping out the unit and nearly killing Miller, who later became MSF's second in command alongside Snake.

In 1974, after what later became known as the Peace Walker Incident, which had been a elaborate set up by Zero to have him rejoin, he learned that Miller, or Kaz, had been working with Zero as a businessman solely to expand MSF. However, he forgave the man and told him to 'assemble the men' as they were now going to be hunted down.

But on the bright side, he heard from one of his contacts that Zero and the rest of the Patriots had their hands full, seemed that someone forgot to give Fox his medicine to keep him in a coma.

Fox had destroyed much of the lab and murdered many of the staff at the hidden lab with his bare hands before getting his hands on one of the guns that security had and nearly killing Dr. Clark, aka Paramedic who had been experimenting with his DNA but managed to escape.

The blonde then vanished and hadn't been seen since.



Snake, now referring to himself as Big Boss, seeing as he now thought that he surpassed The Boss, seeing as she laid down her gun without a fight and accepted her fate to die for the country that betrayed her, now had over 70 missions under his belt. Fighting in the Mozambican Civil War, where he found and rescued Gray Fox for the third time, this time from a POW camp.

But after rescuing Gray Fox as well as a little girl, they returned to America but later returned to Africa to continue fighting, leaving the little girl behind.

Big Boss achieved near-mythical status due to his extraordinary military career, heralding him as a true hero and making the front covers of popular magazines in many countries. But none of that truly mattered to him as much as the fact that now he could consider himself an equal to Fox.

Now, he only wanted to meet the man again.

If only he knew that his wish would soon come true...


Naruto, like Big Boss, despised the Patriots for what they did, stealing four years of his life and keeping him in a coma for so long. Over the years, his body had begun to weaken and had it not been for that, he would've killed that bitch who experimented on him. He destroyed the equipment around and stole information out of revenge and anger before escaping and spending the next few years hidden away, regaining his skill and working on his body.

From what information he found, Snake had joined up with the Patriots and began to plot his vengeance.

Tracking the man down, he found him serving as a combat instructor who worked to reintegrate former child soldiers into society on government base.

Sneaking in, he found the man training the children in hand to hand combat and drew a handful of throwing knives before slinging them all towards the man.

Big Boss, who was watching the growing child soldiers practice in the only thing they knew, heard the sound of something flying towards him and jumped aside just in time for seven knives to stab into the ground where he had been standing, casing the child soldiers to stop what they were doing in surprise.

Turning, Big Boss saw a shadowy figure falling towards him and backpedaled in time to dodge a heel drop that cracked the pavement below.

Far enough to get a good look without being close enough for an attack, he studied the attacker. He wore a short hooded cloak much like The Boss had worn back in Russia with the hood up and a half mask over his lower face.

"Who are you?" Big Boss growled out while dropping into his CQC stance, "Identify yourself,"

"The one you've made an enemy," the person stated coldly before rushing forward.

Big Boss grunted as he blocked a high kick, which felt like someone had hit him with a bat, and continued to block or dodge what he could before a solid blow to his chest knocked him back.

Coughing from the strike that surely bruised his ribs, Big Boss stared at the man in shock, "That stance... those strikes... Fox?"

Fox lowered the hood and showed his cold blue eyes and short blond hair while keeping the mask over his lower face. "Indeed John... or is it Big Boss now, but no matter, you will soon die for what you've done."

The child soldiers watched in amazement as the man attacked their trainer, both fighting on even ground and beating each other to death.

Fox managed to gain the upper hand and got Big Boss in a strangle hold, tightening his grip and trying to snap his neck. "I'll fucking kill you Patriot dog!" he hissed out.

"I'm not... a Patriot," Big Boss gasped out, spots appearing in his vision, "I... tried to... help you..."

One of the children must have liked Big Boss and saw him as their hero, because before his neck was broken, someone had thrown a rock at Fox, forcing him to loosen his grip a bit as it his him in the back.

Throwing his head back, Big Boss struck Fox in the face and managed to escape his death just as the soldiers of the base made their entrance, rushing in with guns at the ready. Just as they began to raise the guns to fire and Fox drew a pair of larger, more solid knives, he yelled out the order to stand down.

The resulting stand off was intense, both the American soldiers and Fox were prepared to kill, waiting for the other to make a move or for the order to be given.

"Listen," Big Boss started in a pacifying manner, "I know what they did to you but I swear that I didn't know until it was too late. They hid you before I could do anything. Just... can we just talk like human beings? If you don't like what I have to say then we can continue this."

Fox narrowed his eyes before flipping the knives in his hand and sheathing them, "Fine... let us talk before I draw my conclusion."


Despite the slight animosity the blonde held for him at the time, Big Boss managed to prove his innocence to Fox, although it had taken all his negotiating skills and nearly ended in disaster a few times but in the end, he had convinced Fox that he had nothing to do with keeping him in a coma for so long, only being the one to find him and get him taken to the US.

"Hmm," the blonde exclaimed after having things explained to him, "I guess I should've taken a bit more time to look into things before setting my sights on revenge."

It wasn't a real apology per say, but Big Boss saw it hidden in his words as they walked in outside in the afternoon sun, away from prying eyes and curious ears. "I am glad that you are here though, Naruto," he stated after a moment, using the blondes real name as a show of friendship... however twisted it may be. "I need help with something and honestly... well your probably one of the only people in the world that feels the same as me that I could trust."

Seeing that the blonde was waiting, Big Boss continued, "I need someone that I can trust to aid me with my vision... I want to stop the Patriots abuse of soldiers, to create a haven for our kind..."

It went without saying, Naruto's contempt of the Patriots made a perfect motivation and he agreed to aid the man.



Fifth teen years had past since Naruto agreed to join Big Boss in his vision. A military fortress had been created using the funds of both the Legacy as well as the money that Big Boss had amassed as a mercenary. It was stationed deep within South Africa and was used as main base for his personal mercenary dispatch company. It was named, Outer Heaven.

In the early nineties, Big Boss had returned to the US and retook command of FOXHOUND, the special forces unit he had founded almost two decades before and used it to secretly build up his mercenary company into a larger military establishment while Naruto took command of the forces already there, keeping the men in line and in prime condition.

But both knew that they needed more power to confront the Patriots, even with the soldiers and notable mercenaries they had recruited, it wouldn't be enough to ensure a victory. That was when Naruto remembered something.

Years back, when he had been sent by Volgin to retrieve Granin from Graniny Gorki, he had found some plans for a weapon that the man had been planning on sending over to the US and stole them. It was for a strange revolutionary new weapon that he believed would change the way war was fought... Granin called it a... Metal Gear.

Big Boss remembered the plans that Granin had drunkenly showed him and quickly sent the swordsman out on a important mission to capture a Russian scientist who wanted asylum in the US with his daughter. With one of the more highly trained units, they captured both and took them back to Outer Heaven where the Scientist, Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar was forced to develop the TX-55 Metal Gear, which was based on Granin's designs.

Initially, they had to use his daughter, Ellen Madnar, a former Bolshoi Ballet star as a hostage to force him into doing as he was told. But during his captivity under Outer Heaven, Big Bosses philosophical outlook began to resonate with him and he soon began to work more willingly, especially with Fox keeping his daughter safe and out of harms way, threatening to torture rapists to death.

But soon, the US had finally learned of Metal Gear's development in Outer Heaven and commissioned FOXHOUND to infiltrate the fortified Nation and destroy the weapon, not knowing that it was in fact, Big Boss who was not only in command of FOXHOUND, but Outer Heaven as well.

Using the opportunity to spread misinformation, Big Boss first sent in his most trusted FOXHOUND lieutenant, Gray Fox; once Gray Fox was captured, Big Boss briefed FOXHOUND's least experienced member Solid Snake on the situation and sent him in.

Solid Snake, or David was a former Green Beret who had fought in the Gulf War and joined FOXHOUND. Big Boss knew that David was one of his sons and gave him the codenamed Solid Snake, after his former codenamed of Naked Snake. Big Boss taught Snake the techniques of CQC and the importance of having the will to survive on the battlefield but aside from that, Snake had no real experience in the field with FOXHOUND.

Big Boss's plan was for Snake's inexperience to delay him enough to have the Metal Gear be completed, Big Boss even sent him off to take care of another matter while he handled this, but to both his surprise, Snake managed to infiltrate Outer Heaven while Big Boss was on the way over.

Naruto later learned that while he was gone, Snake had destroyed the Metal Gear, defeated Big Boss, and escaped with his life.

Big Boss had revealed himself as the true commander of Outer Heaven, thinking that he could kill Snake but now, everyone knew the truth and he was once again a war criminal while their plans were ruined.

And despite the years they had spent working together, Naruto's thirst for revenge and the failure of the Outer Heaven uprising, tore a rift between them and one day, he just vanished, leaving Big Boss on his own to lead the band of mercenaries.

Later on, Big Boss and his followers participated in the Mercenary War and helped give a fledgling nation on the border of the former USSR, Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan, its independence. Zanzibar Province, a former autonomous zone of the USSR, thus became Zanzibar Land, with Big Boss as its president. Recruiting war orphans from across the Third World and raising them as soldiers, Big Boss hoped to create a nation by and for soldiers, where soldiers were honored and not treated as political tools. Big Boss also recruited Gray Fox to his cause, and to ensure Zanzibar Land's success, he once again commissioned the creation of Metal Gear D, a more advanced Metal Gear prototype. This time, Dr. Madnar developed the new model of his own free will, after being branded a madman in the US. Dr. Madnar was also rumored to have provided Big Boss with cybernetic body parts to compensate for the injuries he received in Outer Heaven, under orders from an Eastern Bloc despot, who couldn't resist getting his hands on the legendary soldier.

But as time passed and he continued to hear nothing about the missing blonde, he found himself understanding what Naruto had told him so long ago.

In 1999, ex-FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake was called on to infiltrate Zanzibar Land's stronghold and succeeded in destroying Metal Gear D. Snake eventually defeated his former comrade Gray Fox, hand-to-hand, in the middle of a minefield. Injured and unarmed, Snake was once again confronted by a machine gun-wielding Big Boss. Having spent his entire life on the battlefield, Big Boss could not conceive of a world without war, and also stated that the best soldiers could get outside of the battlefield is being interviewed by a "two-bit journalist for a cheap tabloid" and otherwise are dead weight and useless when off the battlefield. Big Boss paraphrased his mentor's final words as well as the lesson that Fox had taught him to Solid Snake before challenging his son to one final battle.

'Whoever wins, our battle does not end. The loser is free from the battlefield, but the winner must remain there and the survivor must live his life as a warrior until he dies."

Evading Big Boss's attacks, Snake managed to cobble together a makeshift flame-thrower, which consisted of a can of lacquer spray and a cigarette lighter. He used it to incinerate Big Boss, although not before Big Boss revealed to Snake that he was, in fact, his father before uttering a farewell to his missing blonde friend, hoping to see him again one day in the next life.

A grave was laid next to The Boss's grave, which read: "A Hero Forever Loyal to the Flames of War, Rests in Outer Heaven. 193X - 1999."

To be continued...


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