Hakureisaiga- Hello, people, this is my new fic, Nothing, inspired by Sephieroth's Naruto: God of Blades fic. Instead of using the Final Fantasy Versus 13 idea, I sought to use the idea of the Organization XIII. Why? Because the weapons are badass….now enjoy the chapter

Chapter 1- Feeling the Power of the Moon

A bestial roar cried out in the night. On the night of the tenth of October, the Kyuubi no Kitsune was released from its own host, Kushina Namikaze nee Uzumaki due to her weakness at childbirth and Madara Uchiha's meddling affairs. Her secret husband, Minato Namikaze faced off with the beast with his summon, Gamabunta, the Toad Boss.

He shared one last look at the dark-haired indigo-eyed boy in his arms, "I am sorry, little one. I know that I am being selfish, but I can't afford to seal the Kyuubi within my own daughter, Tokiko. I fear that that madman….Madara Uchiha will come at Tokiko's childbirth to take it, but it will be much harder to take if from you….Naruto."

Then Minato turned to look at the Kyuubi and said, "I am sorry, Kyuubi-san, but it is time to go back to where you belong! Shiki Fujin!" There was a brief flash of light and both Minato Namikaze and the Kyuubi no Kitsune were dead physically, but a piece of Minato's spirit along with the Kyuubi were sealed inside of the newly named Naruto.

As Naruto grew up, he became aware of the hatred surrounding him fairly quickly….for six years, he was forced to endure poisonings, beatings, hate-filled glares, attempted murder, vandalism of his apartment…most of them were organized by the ANBU Black Ops leading by Inu, the Uchiha clan, some of the chunin and the worst of them all, Kushina Namikaze.

On the eve of his seventh birthday, Naruto began to do his yearly running away from the mob. The boy had already suffered scars from his past mob attacks considering that they used everything that would keep the scars permanently. His prominent ones were the Roman numeral of the number nine scar just below his collarbone and the large cross scar on his abdomen.

"Hmph, idiots, can't seem to figure out the difference between a kunai and a scroll." Naruto thought as he ran away, "It is all that old man's fault; he just had to tell the damn civilian council, the ninja and especially the wife of the person who sealed the Kyuubi inside of me."

The boy dodged a thrown kunai that embedded itself into the wall he was previously at, the cries of 'Kyuubi' and 'Murderer' was heard behind him, increasingly getting closer and louder, ringing throughout the courtyard.

Hardly the ANBU helped his misfortune….only four of the ANBU he could trust…Kuma, Itachi, Neko and Ookami and unfortunately, they were led by their commander, Inu. It just so happened that they were on duty once again. "Damn it, they are getting smarter…. Bet Inu-teme told how to get past the maze, I need to…ugh." Naruto said as he panted hard. His monologue was stopped abruptly due to the fact that two kunai were thrown and lodged into Naruto's back, causing the young kid to fall to the ground hard.

"Argh…damn…."Naruto said as he reached behind him to yank out the kunai in his back and take out the tanto and kunai in his legs while the mob surrounded him. "Any last words, demon?" one of the chunin said with a sneer on his face.

Naruto backed up to the wall and replied, "Yeah, a few things…one, you all are idiots and two, I hope that you all rot in hell!" The chunin raised his kunai and Naruto watched as the kunai descended on him, but it bounced off with a loud clang.

"What?" the Chunin said as he tried again and again. This time Naruto peered and caught the outline of the thing protecting him. It was a weapon….a shield….he reached forward to grab it and then he noticed that there were lances and other weapons were surrounding him.

"It is the Kyuubi!"

The mob backed up as the Jinchuuriki thought to himself, "What….what power is this? Is this…the Kyuubi's power?" Naruto let go of the shield and it returned in place with the others as Naruto confirmed, "No...It is not the Kyuubi's power; if it was then the ANBU would be on me….it is my power and mine alone."

Naruto glared at the mob and shouted, "Now, moon, shine down…" Naruto was covered with a blue-green eerie light and his facial appearance became feral and as a result, he became manic and bestial.
"And now…..MOVE ASIDE!" The Jinchuuriki took the claymore and ran at the crowd with a loud cry, with great strength augmented by the moon; he was able to lift it and caused shockwaves of energy on the floor, gravelly injuring the ninjas and civilians alike. Screams of pain, agony and pleas of mercy were heard as Naruto watched the slaughter and blood ran from the alleyway.

Suddenly the Sandaime came to the scene, along with Inu, Neko and Itachi flanking him. "Naruto…" the old man began to say until Naruto interrupted in a cold voice, "You are late, old man….maybe you should retire if you are this slow at protecting people."

Inu growled out, "You show respect to the Hokage, you little brat!"

"Fuck you! I give respect to people who have earned it, only two of you here in front of me have done so. You nor the old geezer have not earned the respect to call you anything…to me, you are just dirt." The Jinchuuriki then turned to Neko and Itachi and smiled at them, "Hello, Neko-san, and Itachi-san, nice to meet you two again…although I wished that they were better circumstances."

Neko gave him a hug and said, "Nice to see you too again, Naruto….happy birthday, though I wish it was better." Naruto said, "Thanks…"

Sarutobi decided to kill the moment as he asked, "What was that in the alley, Naruto? Everyone here is dead except you…why is that?" Instantly Naruto lost his smile and glared at him, "It is none of your concern and why the sudden interest, Sarutobi? Is it the fact that I have shown an interesting ability that you will mention to the council in an effort to make me a breeding factory or to somehow control my actions as your personal weapon?"

Sarutobi flinched a bit at the ice in Naruto's voice and eyes as the boy continued, "I think not….from now on, I will defend myself and anyone who attacks me for no reason will be persecuted and disposed off on their family's doorsteps. If anyone can get away with attempted murder, then so can I."

"Naruto…" Sarutobi began, but Naruto interrupted him once again, "You have no right to call me like you know me so familiarly…from now on, my name is Rutaxon and you will tell the council to address me as this until I deem people worthy of calling me that. I don't see a Hokage or the God of Shinobi, I see a pathetic old man being bossed around by a weak council whose power have no jurisdiction over Shinobi Affairs."

Inu had enough and sprang at Naruto, only for the boy's hidden lances to appear to pierce every vital organ and surround the Hokage's head. "So this is how you did it…" Sarutobi thought to himself.

"That goes double for you, Inu….this is your first and only warning and if you don't follow it, then I will kill you and those precious to you before your very eyes without shedding a tear." Naruto growled out.
Inu bristled in anger as he slowly backed down and Naruto made his weapons disappear.

He picked up the two kunai and tanto that stabbed him and walked back to his apartment. Sarutobi sighed and Neko asked, "Permission to speak freely, Hokage-sama…." Sarutobi heard the laced venom in Neko's tone and replied, "Permission granted."

"Just goes to show that you and this villager have fucked up badly. The boy had no choice whatsoever in being the vessel of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and yet this village…his own village has tried to kill him many times since he could walk. Your idiocy of trying to make Naruto loyal to this damn village….was an utterly stupid move that you made, especially knowing that your jackass of an ANBU commander is one of the many people who hates the kid for the Kyuubi and enjoyed watching him suffer, foolishly believing that he is a demon."

Inu protested, "I have not…." WHAM! Inu was sent flying into the fence, courtesy of Itachi sending him a haymaker across the face with blinding speed. "That is some bullshit you pulled out of your ass….once you were aiming to kill the boy with that cheap knockoff of a Rasengan until Kuma stopped you and gave him that cross scar on his abdomen. On another note, I am ashamed of my own family especially the man that I call father…" the young man yelled out, which was a rare event for him since he was usually stoic.

Sarutobi said, "Itachi, stand…"

"No, Hokage-sama, I refuse to sit back any longer, knowing that this….monster, this demon will harm Naruto. I demand you will assign me as Naruto's guardians along with Ookami and Neko or I will withdraw myself from the ANBU program."

"You, ANBU! You will not demand me of anything at all; I am the Hokage, your superior."

Itachi took off his mask and threw it at his feet, "Then consider that my resignation as an ANBU captain, I am sick and tired of you not protecting the vessel, Yondaime-sama set the seal to keep the Kyuubi at bay and if you mess with it, I am pretty sure that you will release the demon and I will make sure that it destroys this village."

Inu said to Neko, "Stop him, Neko…."

"No….I agree with Itachi. Hokage-sama has been too lenient with these villagers, he need to take action against this injustice."

Sarutobi cursed inwardly, "Damn it, if I lose Itachi and Neko, then Kuma and Ookami will follow as well. Those four are the best at what they do and plus I need Itachi in case the Uchiha clan rebels against us. Damn it!" The Hokage conceded defeat and said, "Fine…you and Neko will be his guardians."

"Best decision you have ever made in your second reign so far…" Neko commented.

"But Hokage-sama…"

"Leave it be, Inu….he was serious with that threat of his and we can't afford to have any lives destroyed like tonight, plus those two are the only ones that he trusts now and also the fact that Naruto's rage and anger will release the Kyuubi to have his revenge on his village….get someone to clean this mess, dismissed!"

Later that night, Naruto sat on his bed, looking at his newfound power. There were some interesting weapons such as a two chakrams and two shining red clubs He also noticed that he had gained some more weapons as well. "I wonder what this power that I possess is?" Naruto said to himself.

Suddenly a voice said, "I can tell you…."

"What?" Suddenly Naruto's world grew dark and when he woke up a few minutes later, he found himself in a sewer. "Great, now I definitely killing the asshole who thought it was funny to throw me in here."

"Actually, Naruto-san, this is your mind."

Naruto looked up to see a gate and behind that gate, there was a fox which had nine tails. "Ah, so you are the Kyuubi no Kitsune…funny, I thought that you would be a bit bigger than that. Do you remember anything?"

"Yes, I remember that the Yondaime was the one who sealed me into your body, but I don't understand it….I thought that I would be sealed into his daughter."

"I am guessing that he didn't want to seal it inside of his own flesh and blood because of his selfishness….but I could understand seeing that his child would have been raped on top of my experiences with the damn villagers and ignorant ninjas along with Iwa. Now what is this power that I hold? Why did you attack this village and what is your true name?"

The Kyuubi replied, "That power is your Kekkei Genkai, the Nothingness. The previous wielders formed a group called Organization XIII and had no hearts, their essence was destroyed and wandered until they found your ancestor. As you progressed, you will be able to control darkness and light itself to you whim, as to why I attacked, I was forced to attack this village and regrettably I should have finished off this person after the first time he controlled me….his name is Madara Uchiha. His ambition is combine the Bijuu and create the Juubi to control the world as its Jinchuuriki and lastly my name is Tomomi."

"But that is impossible….Hashirama Senju fought Madara Uchiha and killed him…how did he survive?"

"He has the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, the ultimate form of the Uchiha clan's bloodline, the Sharingan. He took his brother's eyes and implanted them inside of his own…..somehow he has made himself immortal."

Naruto said, "Looks like I will have to thank him for making my life hell….now since you have been inhabiting my body for the last seven years, do you know the extent of my bloodline?"

"Yes, your bloodline will gain two more weapons at random as you kill up to a total of twenty people."

"Looks like I will have to become a ninja. Why are you so willing to help?"

"Because as much as I despise humans, I despise the ones who are stupid enough and find pleasure in attempting to murder an innocent child, plus I believe that you are the only one who is capable of killing Madara Uchiha."

"One last thing….can you change into your human form? It is kind of hard to look up at you without straining my neck."

"Of course…" She shifted with her chakra covering her body and shrank down to become a silver-haired woman with ruby-slitted eyes, wearing a warrior battle skirt. (A/N: Picture Inner Moka from Rosario+Vampire wearing the battle of Xena)

"Much better…now if I didn't know any better. The Yondaime put a fail-safe seal in case that I just so happen to try and release you, ne?"

Tomomi nodded, "Yes, but it is better to try to remove the seal outside of the villager than inside to cause a panic."

"Right, I will demand Sarutobi to leave this village or go into the Forest of Death…but first." Naruto said, then he closed his eyes and the sewer changed into a forest full of trees, a lake, and a small cottage. He also compressed the seal into a choker with a blue diamond at the end to appear around Tomomi's neck along with the make-shift replicas of the Yondaime and Madara

"There, much better than before." Naruto commented.

"Arigotou gozaimasu…." Tomomi replied as she looked in awe at the scenery.

"No problem, Tomomi, my mind was a little bit bleak to say the least. Now tomorrow, we will start to train, considering I believe that you know many styles in the art of kenjutsu."

And so Naruto 'Rutaxon' X was born, both Neko and Ookami took the boy from his apartment to live in their house and trained him in kenjutsu since that was going to be Naruto's forte. With much pull, Sarutobi was able to let Naruto enter the Academy to become a Genin and Naruto became more bitter at the village, especially when the incident known as the Uchiha Clan Massacre was known.

Only the woman, children and the elderly were spared and the one who had to carry out the deed was Itachi Uchiha, his mentor and former ANBU Itachi.

Flashback- Naruto entered the Academy with an emotionless look on his face, mastered and perfected with the help of Itachi by playing poker. Looking at the classmates, he noticed that most of them were clan heirs. His eyes narrowed as he saw a pink-haired girl strode in as he remembered when her mother and father would eagerly join in the annual mob attacks.

He sat in an empty seal in the back by the corner next to the window, staying quiet and with his eyes closed. Then a brown-haired man with a birth scar on the bridge of his nose along with a silver-haired man with a believable kind smile on his face walked inside the classroom.

"Good morning, class…I am Iruka Umino and this is my assistant, Mizuki. We will be your teacher for the next four years. Now stand up and state your name, age, hobbies, likes, dislikes and dreams."

"I'm Sakura Haruno, 8, my hobbies are picking flowers and brushing my hair, my likes are Sasuke-kun, my parents and my little brother, Takeshi; my dislikes are girls who think that they can get my Sasuke-kun. My dream is to become a great kunoichi and win Sasuke's heart."

"Choji Akimichi, 8, hobbies are helping in the kitchen and eating, my likes are my friend Shikamaru, food and BBQ chips, my dislikes are people who hurt others, people who makes fun of my weight, people who judge others before getting to know them properly and eating the last piece of meat. My dream is to become the clan head of the Akimichi clan."

"Ino Yamanaka,8, my hobbies are working in the flower shop, my likes are my family and Sasuke-kun, my dislikes are girls who try to steal Sasuke-kun away from me, my dream is to become the head of the Yamanaka clan, a great interrogator and marry Sasuke-kun."

"Yawn…troublesome, Shikamaru Nara, 8, my hobbies are playing shogi, sleeping and looking at clouds, my likes are my friend Choji, sleeping and looking at clouds, my dislikes are troublesome people and people who judge others by the cover of the book, my dream is to become a Jonin, marry an average girl and have two kids, a girl and a boy."

"Yahoo, Kiba Inuzuka, 8, my hobbies is playing with my dog, Akamaru, my likes are my mother and my clan as well as Akamaru, my dislikes are my older sister, my dream is to be the head of the Inuzuka clan and be the strongest."

"Shino Aburame, 8, my hobbies are collecting bugs and training, my likes are my colony, my clan and training, my dislikes are insults, arrogance and judgers. My dream is to be the head of my clan."

"Hinata Hyuga, 8, my hobbies are flower pressing, cooking and training, my likes are the moon and cinnamon buns, my dislikes are seals, judgers and arrogance. My dream is to be as strong as my father, but as kind as my mother."

"Sasuke Uchiha, 9, my hobbies are training with my brother, my likes are tomatoes, my brother, a certain girl, spicy food and my clan. My dislikes are sweets, fan girls and demons; my dream is to become stronger than my brother and father."

The class grew quiet after the fact that Iruka had to use his patented Big Head Jutsu to shut up the girls from squealing over Sasuke, overlooking the fact that he specifically said that he hated fan girls.

"Ami, 8, my hobbies are training, looking at the stars and dancing in the rain, my likes are chocolate and stargazing. My dislikes are girls who give kunoichi a bad name, arrogance, and people who judge others unknowingly. My dream is to become the strongest kunoichi ever."

"Tokiko Namikaze, 9, my hobbies are training and listening to storms, my likes are sweets and my family, my dislikes are the villagers and elders sucking up to me and my dream is to surpass my mother and father's legacy and shadow."

"Rutaxon, 9, my hobbies involve training, my likes are my friends, who I will not name. I despise this village, the Uchiha clan except a few people who will remain unknown, Kushina Namikaze, Homura Mitokado, Koharu Utatane, the Sandaime Hokage and most especially, the Yondaime. My dream is none of your concern."

Whispers and murmurs danced around the room after Naruto sat down. Sasuke glared at him as well as his fan girls, but Tokiko looked at Naruto with a bit of pity and sadness. She knew about the Kyuubi no Kitsune and while she was taught to hate and avoid him by her mother, she couldn't.

Due to the fact that her father left her a letter to find, explaining the whole situation in great detail that the Kyuubi and Naruto were separate entities and told her the true reason why the Kyuubi was not sealed inside of her to protect her innocence as well as the village and forgot to mention that his wife was the second Jinchuuriki, but he was pressed for time.

Naruto never knew about the looks that the people gave them and assumed they were all the same, so he never noticed Tokiko's look of sadness. "Well, then how about we do a bit of sparring." Iruka said. Everyone filed out of the room, the last one out was Naruto with Iruka and Mizuki behind him, watching him intently.

The class was eventually paired into groups of two and fortunately, Naruto was paired with Shino Aburame. The boy moved into his clan style taijutsu and Naruto moved into his stance with his left fist near his face while his right one was about six inches away from it in a boxing stance.

Shino decided to strike first and Naruto ducked as he tripped Shino, but the Aburame corrected himself and moved backwards. Shino then sent out a kick, but Naruto blocked it and sent out a punch. Only the Aburame caught it and flipped Naruto over to the side, but Naruto landed on his feet and swung Shino's arm to make the Aburame turn like a spin.

The Aburame was able to land on his other foot and did the same to Naruto. The two continued like this, neither of them gaining the upper hand until they separated. "You're good, Shino….but your taijutsu isn't effective without your kikaichu."

"You are correct, Rutaxon-san…."

"Would you like to use your bloodline?"

Shino raised an eyebrow at Naruto's question and replied, "But the senseis…."

Naruto interrupted, "A true shinobi uses everything at his disposal to win a battle. True, there are some honorable ninja in the world….but the majority follows the previous rule. That is how wars are fought and won….now leave the senseis to me, I will worry about them."

Shino reluctantly nodded and let his kikaichu slowly appear from his sleeves. Naruto looked at them in an interesting matter, "So the Aburame clan uses the kikaichu to co-exist in their bodies…" he murmured, "Tell me, are there any other clans that uses the same concept as you?"

"Yes, the Kamizuru clan from Iwagakure…"

Naruto nodded and said, "It's a shame that kids are afraid of you for that. I think you will go far with your bloodline, but remember…relying solely on your bloodline will cause dependency and hinder you in the near future.

Then a shimmer of glass flashed in front of Naruto and the Jinchuuriki said, "Koi!" Shino attacked by directing his kikaichu at Naruto, but the kikaichu were not able to get through. Mizuki came over and said, "Rutaxon, Shino…you are not supposed to be using advanced techniques in your sparring, I am afraid that I have to give you two detention."

"Actually, sensei…I was just having Shino demonstrate the true aspect of a ninja. A ninja will use every advantage that he or she has to win, am I correct, Mizuki-san?"

"Yes, but…"

"Therefore, though there are maybe honorable ninja, but there are most cases that ninja will retort to seduction, bloodlines, jutsu and weakness exploitation, which refute my statement."

The whispers came as Mizuki walked away in embarrassment, "I guess if you two are doing that, I can't give you detention on those grounds….V-Very good for you two to think a-about that scenario, c-carry on."

Shino turned to Naruto in surprise, who only winked at him. "If you are wondering why your kikaichu could not seem to reach me, here is the reason…" Naruto made his Nothingness bloodline to appear briefly.

"That was my bloodline, the Nothingness….I can use these unique weapons to shield me or attack with a simple command from my mind. I can also hold weapons to attack a person, levitate or even teleport much like the Hiraishin." Shino replied, "Impressive, Rutaxon…."

"Please, call me Naruto….I feel that I can trust you, Shino with my real name and my bloodline."


"Let's just say that I know what it feels like to have everyone avoid you for something different…"

Iruka said, "Ok, time to test your physical strength…you must run through this obstacle course." The class spent the day running through it. Naruto had the highest score due to his run-nins with the mob, much to Sasuke and Sakura's displeasure.

Then he strode home until he was stopped by Kuma. "Hey, Kuma-san, what do you need?"

"Sorry to bother you, Naruto-kun….but it appears that Hokage-sama has to decide to tell the esteemed councilabout your bloodline and they want to discuss it with you." Kuma spat out.

Naruto's eyes narrowed, "Well, then let's see if I can't cause a bit of chaos in the room…"

Kuma clutched Naruto's shoulder and did the Konoha Shunshin to reach the council. "So what do I owe the oh-so great and powerful council this wonderful visit?" Naruto said sarcastically. "We just so happen to hear that you have a bloodline…" Koharu said.

"And?" Naruto said.

"And why didn't you or the Hokage inform us about this?"

"Because it was none of your business and since when have you care about me? Less than half of you don't care and several of you tried to kill me in the past, so far none of you have succeeded and never will."

Kushina angrily shouted out, "You will respect this council, boy!"

Naruto retorted, "Hmph, like you respect your husband's last wish? Ha! This council has hardly done anything for me, yet you want respect. Like I said to Sarutobi a year ago, respect is earned, not given and you have not earned it."

The Namikaze bristled in anger, "Leave my husband out of this!"

"Former husband to be exact. It seems that I have struck a nerve, eh, Lady Namikaze? Maybe you have realized that your idiot of a husband sacrificed a random child's life instead of sealing it into his own, he never realized that you along with this whole village would have praised her for it…because of his stupidity…my life has been hell."

Kushina jumped over the table to strike at Naruto, but the Jinchuuriki allowed the kunai to clash against his shield of weapons. "What is that?" Fugaku asked, thinking of ways to get Naruto's bloodline to merge with Naruto's bloodline along with Uzumaki's life longevity and chakra capacity.

"It is none of your concern…" Naruto replied coldly.

Homura slammed his fist against the table, "You will tell us or…"

"Or what? Revoke me from being a ninja? I can just go to Iwa or Kumo to become one since I would be a civilian. You don't really need me at all…." The council's faces paled except the minor clan head and Hiashi at Naruto's statement.

The Jinchuuriki continued, "Unless….this happens, I get access to the ninja stores, food stores and get treatment like any respectable person. That last rule will be enforced by yours truly and him alone. This is the best deal I will and can offer you all."

The civilian side began to cry out in outrage along with Kushina and Fugaku. "Too bad, this is shinobi affairs and all of you owe me for holding the Kyuubi." The room grew still at Naruto's comment and Sarutobi stuttered, "H-How?"

"C'mon, I practically said it earlier when I mentioned the coward formerly known as the Yondaime Hokage. Yes, I know about the Kyuubi, it would kind of sink in considering the mob shouting, "Let's kill the demon fox' all of the damn time. Good thing I kill the last mob…."

Instantly Homura shouted, "You will be executed after we breed your bloodline."

"Try it….I could kill you in a blink of an eye, nobody but me can activate this bloodline, plus killing me means Kyuubi gets released. Now shut up and sit and spin on Koharu's dick, back to my deal…."

Hiashi then spoke up, "I agree with it…

Koharu hissed, "Hiashi…"

"Nar….I mean, Rutaxon-san is right, we all owe him our lives. Despite the fact that the sealing was not to his consent, we should all respect him as a human being. Furthermore, I believe that Rutaxon can be an asset to this village if he decides to stay."

Inoichi piped up, "The Yamanaka clan follows the Hyuga clan's statement."

"As do the Nara clan"

"As do the Akimichi clan."

"As do the Aburame clan."

"The Inuzuka clan is in favor of the pup's deal." Tsume said with a wolfishly grin.

Kushina said, "I can't believe this! How can you justify this unfair deal?"

"How can you justify your husband to be selfish? He could have used Tokiko-chan for the sealing and you would have fought tooth and nail to protect her along with Kakashi and all of Konoha would have protected her from even the Shinigami himself. Instead he chooses a random baby born on the same night as your daughter to seal the fox. In all, you should be shunned and Naruto should be revered, this deserves his vengeance against this village because of the crimes against him." Tsume retorted hotly.

Kushina replied, "But he is a dem…"

SHING! Instantly two lances appeared, aiming at her heart and forehead. "Finish that sentence! C'mon, one more syllable, give me the reason to make you join your fool of a husband in the nine levels of Makai!" Naruto growled out.

Wisely or out of sheer defiance, the Uzumaki-Namikaze matriarch shut her mouth and Naruto made his own weapons disappear.

"The Namikaze clan disagrees." Kushina said, staring at Naruto in his blue eyes.

"The Uchiha clan declines…"

"The Sarutobi clan declines…"

"Like it makes a difference," Naruto said, "Goodbye, esteemed council….pray that we don't meet again…well, except the shinobi clans excluding the bitch, bastard and old monkey. Later that night, Itachi came into Naruto's room and whispered, "Naruto…."

"Yes, Itachi-nii-san, what is it?"

Itachi replied, "I am afraid that is going to be the last time that I will see you or Yugao-chan again."

"What? Why? What has happened?"

"My father was planning a coup de etat; they also planned to use you as a weapon and breeder, so Homura, Koharu and Sarutobi have ordered me to kill them."

"What about Danzo?"

"He is good; he was able to spare the children, elderly and my mother. So stay strong and never give up, never back down. Watch over my stupid brother and try to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid, got it, Naruto-aniki…."

Naruto wiped away his tears and nodded, "Alright, Itachi-nii-san…"

Itachi gave Naruto his old tanto and said, "Also be careful and watch out for the council, I have left some incriminating evidence to help you against them along with your own."

"How did you…"

"I trained you….I know how you operate a bit, thanks for helping."

Naruto nodded silently and Itachi gave him a standard poke to the forehead and disappeared in a Kaen Shunshin. The last memory of Itachi in Naruto's mind was his soft smile….the only true smile that he showed to his brother, Naruto and Yugao.

Flashback Ends

The next day, Naruto returned to the academy and the latest gossip was what happened to Sasuke's family. "Did you hear what happened to the Uchiha clan last night?"

"No, what happened?"

"I heard that most of them were killed last night by Sasuke's own older brother."

"Really? Is Sasuke-kun alright?"

"Yeah, he is supposed to be in the hospital….I doubt that he would come to school after what happened to his dad. My dad said that there was nothing left to actually confirm that it was his body." Naruto inwardly smirked at that comment, "Thanks, Itachi-nii-san, for the early birthday present." He thought to himself as he looked up in the sky to see a raven fly by.

Soon everybody filed in the class, discussing the Uchiha Clan Massacre. Iruka said, "Okay, class, settle down…today…." Suddenly Sasuke Uchiha walked in along with his mother Mikoto and Mizuki. "Welcome back, Sasuke…." Iruka said.

"Hn…" Sasuke grunted, gone was his smile and replaced with an ever-present scowl on his face.

"Well, then take your seat." The brown haired Chunin said.

Sasuke strode to his desk and sat down with his fingers interlacing within each other, hiding his mouth. "Great, now who was the First Hokage?" Iruka asked.

Soon lunch came in and Naruto sat in his usual spot under the tree, eating his bento.

His ears perked up to someone silently crying and Naruto looked behind him to see that it was his old friend Tenten, who was a year older and in a higher year than him. "Hey, Bun-Bun, what are you crying for?" Naruto asked.

Tenten's body froze for a moment and she quickly rub her tears away to see a smirking Naruto. "Naruto-kun…"

"In the flesh, so how is life, Mouse-chan?"

"Fine, Number XIII…." Both Naruto and Tenten met each other at the orphanage and became friends when Tenten shared her lunch with him. Naruto had many nicknames for Tenten, but on the other hand, Tenten couldn't find a single one except Number XIII since he was always seem to be unlucky.

"Oh? Then why were you crying?" Naruto asked in a serious tone.

Tenten bowed her head and mumbled something to him, but Naruto replied, "Come on, Tenten, what is the matter?"

"Everyone seems to hate me in my class because I seem to have a knack at weapons…well, everyone except Ayane-san and Lee-san…"

"That is it? You are crying because of that? Just do what I do…ignore them. Just because you specialize in something doesn't mean that you have to cry about it, it means that they are jealous of you for your gift."

Tenten looked at Naruto and softly smiled, "Thanks, Naruto-kun….so you are in the Academy too?"

"Yeah, the old bastard managed to pull some strings to get me in."

Tenten asked hesitantly, "Are you still at the orphanage?"

"Nope, the old bitch threw me out when you left, but I am living in a house with a couple. They are really nice and I will be fine. Worse things have happened to me before, Tenten." Naruto said reassuringly.

Tenten silently nodded as she witnessed the caretaker beat Naruto mercilessly because Tenten got a scraped knee while playing on the swing set. "Looks like my class is returning for the physical matches. I will see you later, Mouse-chan." Naruto said with a smirk.

Tenten's face burned with embarrassment as Naruto left quickly, "Don't call me that!" she shouted after him. Then she sighed and smiled, "That Naruto-kun…."

Mizuki said, "Okay, Sasuke…you are up first…throw these shuriken at the targets…" The Uchiha nodded silently and threw them at the targets. Each of the stars had sunk into the bull's-eye, the fan girls cheered at his perfect score while some of the boys grumbled.

"Okay, Tokiko-chan, you are up next…." The Chunin said with a smile. Tokiko took her shuriken and threw it; most of them were off by a sliver of a margin from the bull's-eye. "Good job, Tokiko…" Mizuki said and the fan boys cheered while some of the girls glared or grumbled.

"Rutaxon, come forward."

Naruto noted Mizuki's hidden tone and inspected the shuriken to find it much heavier. The boy smirked and found Ami's eyes, he stared at her as he threw his shuriken one by one….all of them hitting the bull's-eye perfectly.

"Good job, Rutaxon…" Mizuki said with a forced smile.

One of the fan girls protested, "But sensei, nobody is better than Sasuke-kun. The mute must have cheated." Slowly, Naruto turned his eyes upon the idiotic girl and replied coldly, "This coming from an Uchiha fan girl who prefers to pop out babies than train? Hmph, foolish little girl, if you assume that I have cheated, then you better have a better argument that the fact that I beat Namikaze and tied with Uchiha."

The kids were surprised that Naruto had talked and the choice of words that flew out of his mouth, considering the boy had not said anything in months. Iruka said, "Alright, class, settle down….Ami, you are next."

"But sensei, aren't you going to punish Rutaxon for cheating?"

"First off, Aya, if Naruto had cheated, Mizuki-sensei or Iruka-sensei would have picked up on it. Second, Rutaxon trains constantly since he has nothing to do at all and third, why would he cheat, he is practically the strongest here." Surprisingly, this statement came from Tokiko Namikaze, but Naruto never heard her refute his statement, considering he left the arena.

Later that day, Naruto sat at his usual spot, under the cherry blossom tree, which was the only place that he felt at peace with himself and the world. Then he heard footsteps shuffling over to him, the Jinchuuriki cracked his eye open to see that Sasuke has stood before him along with his fan girls behind him.

"What do you want from me, Uchiha?"

"I think that you manipulated those shuriken to your advantage." Sasuke said boldly, "My father said that the Uchiha clan is always the best."

The Jinchuuriki chuckled as he replied, "I believe that the correct term is 'once said' seeing that your father is resting in pieces."

"Don't you dare…" Sasuke shouted.

"Fine, I won't dare mention you father unless you don't dare question my ability with weapons."Naruto cut in with a glare, "You may believe in the bigotry of the Uchiha that they are the so-called superior clan, but remember….even someone through enough guts can kill a superior, even someone who proclaims to be a god. Also if the Uchiha clan is the strongest, why are they dead? Why was your father not Hokage?"

Sasuke gritted his teeth in anger and said, "You know what? We will settle this….you will switch partners with me and I will show you the power of the Uchiha clan." Naruto raised an eyebrow, "And why should I stoop to your level to fight you?"

Naruto began to walk away until Sasuke said something that he would truly regret, "Because….I will make sure that Ayane will have a life of hell."

Hakureisaiga- Who is Ayane and how does Sasuke know about the friendship between the two of them? Looks like Sasuke will be beaten down for that threat…..next, the Nobody's Power