SVU: Olivia Teaches Alex Poor Choices Leads To The Paddle.

Disclaimer: This story is fiction based loosely on the television show Law and Order SVU. I neither own the show or any of the characters in the show and I make no money from this writing. They belong to NBC and Dick Wolf Productions.

I have read with great interest the Law & Order SVU Spanking Stories. I have always felt there was a sexual tension between Olivia and Alex. I decided to write a story on one of my favorite television shows. Please let me know how you like it and possibly what part? Constructive Criticism is welcome.

Warning: Please do not read this if you under 18 years old or the subject matter disagrees with you. This is a discipline spanking for dangerous behavior. There is a brief rape description to frame the seriousness of Alex's behavior and the coinciding possible consequences.

College Bar near Columbia University:

Alex was in her "I don't care moods and thinking what was best for her health not to mention her physical safety. To make matters worse she was drinking a very dangerous new alcoholic beverage with14% Alcohol and highly laced with caffeine, known as "Liquid Cocaine on the college scene. Think Red Bull mixed with booze.

Later, the attractive long haired Blonde wasn't feeling very special. So when Columbia was playing Harvard on TV she decided to go to a Harvard Party near Columbia.

She felt old when she saw all the young college coeds of course drinking while watching the Ivy League Basketball Game. They were drinking a new kind of adult beverage and in her depressed state, she craved the buzz she saw the young ladies achieving.

"Laughter", Yells from the girls of "Bottoms Up"

Alex decides to investigate this hip new beverage, even trying to convince herself she needs to try one!

Here is what she did not know!

Columbia University's student health service website, says caffeine's stimulating effect can make people less aware of the effects of alcohol. That can cause them to take risks that that they otherwise might not take.

In addition, both caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, so mixing them can cause dehydration. A dehydrated body is slow to process alcohol, and that can interfere with "coordination, balance and ability to regulate body temperature."

Based Drinks, which have recently been in the news. She mouths off to Olivia she is a big girl and can take care of herself and swigs even more "Liquid Cocaine".

Crime Scene:

Meanwhile, Downtown in an apartment on Eighteenth Street in the Chelsea Area

Olivia and her partner Elliot walked into the bedroom and saw there next case.

Olivia and Elliot her partner walked past the uniform police into the rape murder crime scene, which they had been called to at apartment in Chelsea. The crime scene team had arrived and the flash of the photographer bathed the bedroom of the victim who appeared to a blonde with long hair and looked to be in her mid thirties. A shiver goes up her spine as she realizes the resemblance between there victim and Alex.

The victim like Alex was a pretty shapely blonde who had been found laying on her stomach, hogtied her short gray skirt pulled up to her waist, bikini panties pulled down, Strangely her black pantyhose remained on her bottom, although her posterior was bright and had bloody stripes across her cheeks. The crime scene tech told the detectives it looks like a beating with likely vaginal and possible anal penetration. Cause of death probable strangulation.

It was after midnight when Olivia checked out of the precinct.

As she drove home she thought of day and the reason she tackled the toughest cases.

The Special Victims (SVU) Unit reminded Olivia every day there were bad men out there and young ladies who made bad choices unfortunately were preyed on by these rapist.

The pretty ladies who dressed in the tight short skirts, showing lots of leg and the scanty blouses that showed half their breast partying at the clubs and especially bars.

Oh yes those damn bars. Women perched on tall stools late at night hoping for a hook up. She knew this view was a stereo type, but the SVU Cases she saw along with her own past rape experience, she wanted to warn the girls, hug them, no shake them and inspire them not to be in a bar in the middle of the night.

New York City could be a dangerous place at that time of night and there were perverts ready to pounce on unsuspecting women. She knew all to well there were men who looked gentle, but were not what they appeared, including Robert Chambers who strangled a girl during, so called "rough sex" in Central Park.

Olivia arrived home to find her girlfriend, Alex is not home yet. This concerned her because she should have been back from the Columbia vs. Harvard meet. Where is she?

Olivia tried to call Alex, but her cell phone went straight to voice mail.

Alex knew leaving the apartment without leaving her where abouts on the refrigerator was a blistered bottom offense. Olivia had expressed the importance with a stern spanking a couple of months ago. She looked on the refrigerator and to her great relief Alex had left the address on Amsterdam Avenue and 109th of the pub where she had gone for the game. Olivia quickly left for the Lions Head Tavern.

Alex drove as fast as traffic allowed. She was a little concerned, but Alex was probably just hanging out with some of her old Harvard Sorority Sisters, shooting the breeze and lost track of time. She arrived at the bar right near Columbia University, parked and walked to the front of the red brick with grey awning building with a sign with a lion on it hanging over the entrance into the Columbia Area Tavern.

Scanning the bar for Alex it was hard to see in the low lighting with the dark wood walls.

One corner, the other no sign of Alex, though there were pendants and pom poms in school colors adorning the wall. Olivia vowed to give Alex a good spanking for making her worry like this. It had been months since her last spanking for having ice cream, a whole quart for dinner.

Still there was no sign of Alex in the second room. Where was her Alex, Olivia pondered. Quickly she checked the billiards and darts game room. The room looked empty from the front of the room. Olivia decided to investigate further and check each of the booths in the game room.

Way-way back in the far corner lying face down on the booth's bench Olivia saw a woman in her mid thirties with shoulder length blonde hair, her flouncy gray print skirt up near around her waist and her white silk panty clad bottom on display. As Olivia reached the booth she could now see her legs were astray and she could see up her skirt and her panty crotch.

It was Alex and she wasn't moving.

End of Part One:

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